The Montana High Country fifth wheels from Keystone are built to last. These come in a range of family-friendly floorplans. You may confront certain drawbacks in addition to all of the benefits.

Some of the most typical issues with these RVs include the kitchen slider being stuck, light and insects around the bed frame, poor temperature control, faulty slide rails, furnace halting unexpectedly, refrigerator leaking ammonia, and windshield wiper failure.

In this article, I’ll go through some of the most frequent issues that you may encounter in your Montana High Country. I will also tell you how you can fix them.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Montana High Country ProblemsSolution
Kitchen Slider Getting StuckInstall strengthened metal mount to the slide
Light and Insect Around Bed FrameInstall black panels and keep the back door closed
Poor Temperature ManagementUpgrade the ACs and the furnace
Damaged Slide RailsInstall better rails and inspect regularly
Furnace Stopping SuddenlyChange the old thermostat
Refrigerator Leaking AmmoniaUse coffee grinds and replace the refrigerator
Windshield Wiper FailureReplace the motor or the wipers

Montana High Country Problems and the Solutions:

Now that we know the problems and the quick solutions, let’s dive into it further.

1. Kitchen Slider Getting Stuck:

This problem was introduced with the Montana High Country 352 RL. After a few months of use, the kitchen slider would become caught quite a few times while sliding.

A fractured weld is the cause of the jamming. In addition, the bolt head that connects the wall to the floor loosens. This is a common manufacturing flaw with Montana High Country fifth wheels.

The Fix:

The internal wall may shatter owing to the fractured weld if this problem is not addressed soon. To correct this, solder the wall post to the floor.

Install a robust metal strengthened mount to the kitchen slider to ensure it does not break again. If you have a new model, examine it for flaws and install a metal plate as soon as possible.

2. Light and Insect Around Bed Frame:

You may utilize the garage under your bedroom as a storage room in the Montana High Country. However, there are several holes around the frame of the bed.

Through these cracks, the light gets inside the bedroom. Many small insects, such as cockroaches and ants, also crawl onto the bed. The temperature in the bedroom is also affected by hot and cold air in different seasons.

The Fix:

With its newest versions, Montana has addressed this issue. If you have an older one, though, you may need to repair it yourself. Ensure that the garage door is constantly closed and completely shut.

Install black panels beneath the bedroom floor if there is too much light. The light will be restricted using this strategy. You may also put panels if there are any openings to keep insects out.

3. Poor Temperature Management:

In the large High Country fifth wheels, there are just two air conditioners. These air conditioners are inadequate in comparison to the size of the RV. They’re also positioned on opposite sides of the car.

Because the furnace is in front of the television, you can’t get warm enough in the winter. The heat doesn’t get into the bedroom or the driver’s seat.

The Fix:

In hot weather, getting larger and more powerful air conditioners is the solution. However, replacing both of them will be costly. Another air conditioner can be installed in the RV’s midsection.

To keep the living room warm and comfortable, you must close the door. You may also upgrade your furnace to provide extra heat. Aside from that, apply a sealant to prevent any unwanted airflow.

4. Damaged Slide Rails:

A rail system is used on the slides in your Montana High Country. The rails will ultimately be damaged if the slides are used often. The slides will be more difficult to move if the rain becomes twisted.

The rails that were utilized to construct this RV slide are of low quality. The slide may become stuck permanently. Another worrisome issue with this fifth wheel is the slide losing its alignment and drooping.

The Fix:

Even if you don’t use the slide frequently, it might twist or bend. As a result, you should replace the rails with a metal of higher grade.

It’s also a good idea to lubricate the mechanism from time to time. If any stones or other hard particles become lodged inside the rail, it may be severely damaged. So, examine the area regularly and keep it clean.

5. Furnace Stopping Suddenly:

The furnace is more important than ever in the winter. However, the Montana High Country furnace has a habit of unexpectedly shutting down. It may also begin automatically after a while.

This problem is most likely to occur if your thermostat malfunctions. Many Montana HC customers have complained about this issue with the 2019 versions.

The Fix:

This problem may be quickly resolved by replacing the thermostat. The exact thermostat model is available through your dealer or online.

Disconnect the connections on the old thermostat and remove it. You should use a multimeter to check the voltage after installing the new thermostat. If everything is in order, your furnace should start up and run smoothly again.

6. Refrigerator Leaking Ammonia:

It’s because of the ammonia leak from your refrigerator that your High Country smells like sweat or urine. Ammonia enters the RV from a leak in the cooling unit of your refrigerator.

Opening the refrigerator is one thing you should avoid at all costs if this happens. Ammonia is extremely poisonous and can cause serious harm. Yellow stains can also be found on the inside of your refrigerator.

A whirling sound may also be heard from the rear of the refrigerator after it has been turned on. This means that ammonia is seeping.

The Fix:

If you smell ammonia, you should open all of your windows and doors. For a temporary remedy, fill several bowls with coffee grinds to filter the ammonia.

The next step is to replace the air conditioning unit. However, this procedure is quite expensive. In this instance, replacing the refrigerator is a preferable alternative. Because the replacement operation necessitates the use of expert tools, you should contact your dealer.

7. Windshield Wiper Failure:

If you drive in the rain throughout the rainy season, you will be reliant on your windshield wiper. However, the wipers may fail. The wiper motor failure is the primary cause of the failure.

There will be no noise if the motor has fully failed. Wipers that are damaged or bent are another concern. This can happen as a result of aging or foreign items being lodged under the wipers.

The Fix:

If the problem is with the motor, you should get it replaced. The Cardone Wiper Motor is a great choice if you are buying online.

If the wiper has become bent and fails to remove water, you should get new ones. You can easily install new wipers or get professional help from your dealer.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

The layout of these fifth wheels is appealing to the consumers. However, because it is so lengthy, the temperature issue is the most prevalent among users.

Many positive and negative reviews may be found on RV Insiders. The negative feedback is primarily due to the RV getting excessively hot in warm temperatures.

One user from the I RV 2 forum has said that his trailer was slightly dropping on the driver’s side. This issue is caused by the axles.

Final Thoughts

Keystone has a reputation for offering high-quality floorplans. The RVs are also quite maneuverable.

You will ultimately run against some of the issues I’ve discussed on your long journey. If you do, follow the instructions carefully and you will be free of these problems.

Hopefully, my advice will be useful to you in the future.

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