Most Common Problems with Thor Motorhome (Solution Added)

Customers have reported several instances of minor faults with Thor motorhomes. Even if your possibilities are minimal, you may still have problems with the Thor motorhome. That is why you will learn about a few typical Thor motorhome problems and how to fix them.

However, some of the most common problems with Thor motorhomes are freezing problems, air conditioning problems, weak shock absorbers, leaking seals, and so on.

The reason behind the problems, the duration that you can run your motorhome with the problems, and the solutions to the problems will be discussed in the article. So, let’s get started!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problem with Thor MotorhomeSolutions
Freezing problemChecking electrical issues, repairing power supply
Air conditioning problemCleaning dust, repairing compressor.  
Weak shock absorbersUsing Sustainable Shock absorbers.
Leaking sealsInserting the screws externally, distributing the thermal adhesive.
Inferior partsUsing good quality parts.

Common Problems with Thor Motorhome and their Solutions:

The experience with Thor motorhome may deal with several types of problems. The reasons behind the problem and the solution will be discussed below.

1. Freezing Problem

A common complaint from consumers is that the refrigerator on the Thor motorhome does not operate. If you’re going on a long journey, your food will most likely spoil and you’ll have to buy it again.

Some users of Thor Ace motorhome said that the problem only occurs when the air conditioner is switched on, whereas others claimed that the refrigerator will not operate at all.

Sometimes, the refrigerator in the Thor Ace motorhome faces a hidden fuse problem.

Many customers do not know that there is a free amp inline fuse that gets blown up sometimes. It creates a voltage regulator problem and the refrigerator of your motorhome will stop working.

The Fix:

This problem is linked to electrical issues, which explains why your refrigerator of Thor Ace motorhome isn’t drawing enough electricity to keep your food cool. In this case, repairing it alone isn’t always the best solution.

Take your motorhome to the company’s customer service department. Explain the problem to a professional mechanic to examine your electrical system properly.

He will explain to you the specific reason why the motorhome fridge is not collecting enough electricity after a comprehensive analysis. By repairing the power supply, you’ll be able to use the fridge to keep your food chilled while on the road.

2. Air Conditioning Problem

It is a very pathetic problem for all users. The temperature adjuster within the vehicle might also fail at times; although if you run the AC on full blast, the temperature inside your motorhome will remain unchanged.

The rising temperature might be aggravating, and users won’t be able to experience the journey any longer. People cannot tolerate the heat in the interior in during summer. People cannot easily live and enjoy their trips due to the extreme heat.

During airflow passage, air filters are also included in the air conditioner. Meanwhile, the dust, grime, as well as other air pollutants come into touch with these filters.

These filters were blocked by dust as well as other pollutants, and the air passage was improper, resulting in insufficient cooling in the room.

The Fix:

Whenever you want your Thor motorhome’s air conditioner to start operating, you’ll need to double-check a few items. First and foremost, if you haven’t done so in a long time, clean your air conditioner. Dirt can sometimes obstruct the passage of cold air from the air conditioner.

Users must make sure that the room’s thermostat is set to the correct temperature for the air conditioner to perform properly.

Additionally, dust and debris should be removed from the coils and air filters. Check the compressor to make sure the refrigerants are already at the proper pressure.

If your Thor motor home’s air conditioner still doesn’t work after turning it on, examine the connections to verify that the air conditioner can take electricity from the system.

If the air conditioner cannot be repaired, you will need to bring the motorhome to a repair facility. A professional will examine your wiring and determine the root reason why your air conditioner isn’t operating properly.

3. Weak Shock absorbers

Every Thor motorhome needs shock absorbers to manage the unbalanced spring movement. It’s made to provide you with a clean and pleasant ride.

After several years, the Thor Ace’s shock absorbers begin to fail for a variety of causes. Failure of these absorbers may make driving miserable.

The shocks and springs are affected by constant exposure to rough or uneven roadways, such as potholes. Furthermore, when driving on dirt roads, pollutants build in the shock and impede its operation.

The Fix:

Since these absorbers of Thor motorhome are interchangeable and fixable, you should address the issue as needed.

Long periods of time should not be spent driving your Thor motorhome on uneven roads. It’s also a good idea to avoid driving on slippery roads or in locations with high air pressure.

If you notice cracking sounds and disturbances such as vibration coming from the steering wheel, you must repair the shock absorbers of your motorhome as soon as possible.

4. Leaking Seals

It’s a very irritating aspect of Thor motorhome. In Thor Freedom Elite Motorhome, the company put the molding on a warm area that kept falling out of the corners of the motorhome. They stretched the molding, and when it got cold, it would shrink.

Nevertheless, the molding can be loosened due to the heat, and the motorhome parts can be detached. It can cause accidents while traveling. Sometimes, the front cap of the driver’s seat gets loose because of heating, and it can cause rainwater to seep inside. Sometimes the front cap of the driver’s seat gets loosed because of heating.

The same problematic aspect of the Thor Ace Motorhome is that the seal breaches and water come inside. This issue has enraged all of the consumers who have reported it to Thor Industries.

However, the problem still exists, so in the earlier versions, there’s a chance of similar problems with the motorhome.

The Fix:

When you’re out on a vacation and it starts to rain, the windows, windshield, and roof may begin to leak. However, the solution to this problem is straightforward: simply replace or reinstall the glass seal.

You may heat the seals with a blower and then distribute the thermal adhesive to cover all of your window’s corners. You can insert the screws externally. This ensures that no water enters the vehicle while traveling.

It would be preferable if you could hire someone who is an expert to do it for you. Following this, the job will be completed more quickly, and you won’t be worried about water pouring into your motorhome.

The seal is inexpensive, so you won’t have to pay a lot of money to replace it. As a result, bear that possibility in mind.

The Common Experience Between the Users

Users most claim about the inferior parts of Thor motorhome. Drawers do not seem to close properly in Thor Four Wind 24F after a period time of usage.

The panel door’s bottom frame has just one screw when it should have three. A seam separates the vinyl flooring.

Sometimes, even after a delayed repair by the dealer, the problem persists. In addition, the bottom of the storage cabinet over the bed is separating. It’s held together with inexpensive, light staples.

Aside from that, black and gray water gauges are useless. The gauge still displays 2/3 full after emptying the black tank.

Final Thoughts

During my research, I have found many problems with Thor motorhome. It is better for you to invest your money in a better motor home.

For decades, the Thor Motorhome has brought family fun and adventure. However, it’s critical to remain on top of any potential concerns with your Thor motorhome type. Ultimately, it turns out to be very costly in the occasion of its maintenances.

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