Thor Motorcoach offers you the Compass RUV for touring in style and comfort. The four floorplans are less than 25 feet in length. The all-wheel drive system with AdvanceTrac with RSC control makes the Compass RV the favorite choice.

However, given their endless facilities, they are not out of problems. You’ll surely experience some issues with your RV at times.

Faulty water heater, toilet problems, and electrical issues – these are some of the common problems of Thor Compass.

In this article, I will be discussing the common Thor compass problems and how to deal with them.

A Quick Look at The Problems and The Solutions

Thor Compass Problems                             Solutions
Power outlet issuesSecuring the cords and plugs, taking professional help.
Water heater problemAdjustable water regulator
Heating issuesUV protective cover
Toilet problemsReplacing plastic commode
Sound problemsCareful about the door frame adjustments

Thor Compass Problems and The Solutions

Several problems will occur with this RV if you use this for a long period. Let’s expound over the problems that you are most likely to encounter.

1. Power outlet issues

Some of the owners mentioned that the power outlets hadn’t worked properly. To figure out the reason of the problem, you need to examine the plugs.

Sometimes, the lights or fans won’t turn on, sometimes you may notice spark, smoke or strange smell from the electrical system. Moreover, there can be serious electrical problems also.

The Fix

There are problems with wiring harness. Make sure all the cords and plugs are secure.  If the latter one happens, you should contact a professional instantly. Retro-fitting may be needed to solve the problems.

If you are not experienced with electrical works, you should always look for a professional instead of trying to solve these things on your own.

2. Heat issues

There were some owners who complaint about the skylight which was allowing too much heat building up. This made the interior too hot.

And it can be deadly when you are going on a trip during summer. So, the proper air conditioning is must. But the default one could not cover it.

You may notice the air conditioner is running well but the air is not cool. It occurs when the air vent filters are dirty or clogged. There can be problem with the thermostat also.

The fix

To reduce the heat, you can use some curtains or use black paper on the glass.

Keep the conditioner’s vents clean. Change them if necessary.

Again, another common problem is when the thermostat cannot communicate properly with the air conditioning unit.

An adjustment in the thermostat or replacement will solve this problem. You should take professional help to solve them.

There are also panel problems. The panels are not cut properly which leave big gaps between the edge of windows and the walls. So, you need to take measures to fill up the gaps by using heat absorbing materials.

3. Elements’ issues

The users have issues with the shower room. The commode is made with plastic which is not recommended. The floor in the shower is also not that sturdy. It needs to be firmer.

There can be some issues with Tankless water heater.

The Fix

The solution to these types of problems is mainly going for better technology and manufacturing. All the vehicles should be tested before sending to the sellers to sell.

The laser should be used to cut panel walls. The walls should be constructed of metal framing, not wood. If the seems are welded correctly, then there will be less gaps.

For repairing the heater, use adjustable water regulator. Set the regulator to 53psi. You can add some sumo springs to the rear and it will help with the side-to-side rocking.

4. Exterior storage space

The owners mentioned that the exterior storage compartments are not particularly deep or high. The Interiors are black and it makes difficult to see what one is doing when connecting the sewer hose.

The Fix

The Interiors and exterior should have proper illumination. You can keep some small wardrobes to carry your belongings.

5. Operation issues

One of the complaints was the amount of wind noise from the house entry door. Since the RVs are used for long journeys, the soundproof feature is important. This may happen for the wrong ratios of the frames.

The fix

You may not fix this problem alone. You should take the helps of professionals. The technicians recommended to correct the door frame adjustments.

What Majority Feels About Thor Compass?

Majority of the users had a very good experience with this RV.

Its interior design, technological equipment like digital-age charging ports, storage and lighting – all of these are quite praised.

It is also easy to drive, park and maneuver. It goes 75-80 mph gas mileage.  Hill-start assist helps you drive on an incline. The lane departure warning system, pre-collision assist with an emergency braking system, automatic high-beam headlights, and rain-sensing windshield wipers – all are quite praiseworthy.

However, there is a shortage of space. And water heater issue.

Ford has some 3.5 EcoBoost issues. Though they have solved the second-generation issues, there are other problems.

When it comes time for any maintenance, please use Ford OEM parts.

Final Words

Although some problems can appear occasionally, Thor compass is a very good RV for any trip. The problems are also easily solvable if you know the basic troubleshooting.

This article will help you to get all basic knowledge about solving these problems. Being familiar with these problems and knowing how to troubleshoot them will come in real handy at times.

Apart from these, if you want to prevent heating, you can cover the RV with a UV protective cover. The cover may be a bit expensive, but it will save you a lot of money.

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