Tiffin Motorhomes introduced the first Allegro model in 1981. Since then, the firm has enhanced its game as well as its RV model. The vehicle is quite roomy and comfortable.

However, the Allegro Breeze 28BR is not without drawbacks. Some of the most typical issues with these RVs are faulty hydraulic brakes, motor heating in the back bedroom, uneven air level, retracting steps getting stuck, transmission slipping, and uninsulated header caps.

Each problem, as well as the resolution to the individual problem, is shown below.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Tiffin Allegro Breeze 28BR ProblemsSolution
Faulty Hydraulic BrakesApply oil to the brake pins and apply pressure to the brakes
Motor Heats the Back BedroomOpen up  the windows or turn on the air conditioning system
Uneven Air LevelInspect and repair the airbags
Retracting Steps Getting StuckExamine the connections, switch, motor, and the control board
Transmission SlippingChange the transmission fluid or replace the shifting solenoid
Uninsulated Header CapApply insulation product

Tiffin Allegro Breeze 28BR Problems and the Solutions

Let’s take a look at all of these problems that I have mentioned in detail.

1. Faulty Hydraulic Brakes:

This problem has been reported with the Allegro Breeze 28BR. The hydraulic brake might abruptly discontinue working. This is caused by a lack of hydraulic braking fluid pressure.

When you drive through water or dirt, your brake pads become wet. As a result, the friction is reduced. Corrosion can also occur as a result of this.

The rear brakes can also be locked. A defective hydraulic brake might also be caused by overheating or broken rotors.

The Fix:

If the brakes become stuck, apply oil to the pins. Between the pushrod and the slack adjuster, you can find the pins. Lubricate the carrier as well.

Try to put pressure on the brakes as well. Repeat this process a few times to get the desired outcome.

You may also try continually pressing the brakes until it unlocks. This strategy is just intended to be a temporary solution until you get to a safe location. If you want a long-term solution, you should replace the brakes.

2. Motor Heats the Back Bedroom:

The Tiffin Allegro Breeze 28BR has a motor on the backside of the RV. The problem with this motor is that it gets really hot. As a result, the bedroom on the RV’s rear becomes unlivable.

You can’t enter the room when the engine is operating in hot weather because of the heat and the heavy noise.

The temperature also remains high for several hours. So you have to forget for a few hours that your RV has a rear bedroom.

The Fix:

The temperature of the engine may increase over 230 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, it heated up, and the heat is trapped in the bedroom.

To build a manual ventilation system, you must open all of the windows. You may also turn on your air conditioner and set the temperature to the lowest setting to help the heat dissipate faster.

Another option is to replace the motor. However, you cannot adjust the motor’s position. Hopefully, Tiffin RVs will move the motor location so that the insides do not get too hot.

3. Uneven Air Level:

Your Allegro Breeze 28BR has airbags in the air leveling system valves. These bags might be leaky. As a result, the side with the leak will descend.

It may be difficult to detect at first. Most of the time, the issue becomes apparent when you park your vehicle. If one of the sides appears to be stooping excessively low, the air levels in these airbags are also low.

If the stairs stoop low, the steps may come into contact with the ground. This can severely harm your exterior.

The Fix:

You are capable of resolving the problem on your own. You must first raise the level of the lower corner. To begin, fill a spray bottle with hot soapy water. Then, spray it on the firewall where the hoses are located.

If any bubbles appear, it indicates that there is a leak. Inside the RV, go to the house battery compartment under the top step. Unscrew the two bolts that keep the unit together.

Then, lower it to get access to the backside. Unscrewing them will let all of the air out of the bags. Wrap them with insulation tape to prevent leaks and screw them back in.

The auto-leveling mechanism should now function flawlessly.

4. Retracting Steps Getting Stuck:

The Allegro Breeze 28BR includes electric entrance steps that open automatically. When you open the door, the stairs expand and retract automatically. However, even with the power button switched on, the stairs may refuse to move at times.

The stairs may also produce noise when attempting to move and then failing to do so. There might also be a problem with the switch, motor, or control board.

If the stairs cannot be retracted, they may collide with any bumps in the road. So, do not drive with the steps out.

The Fix:

When the steps fail to move, make sure you check the switch. The cables may be rusted or snapped. Change the connections and inspect the stairs.

If the problem persists, examine the motor that controls the automated steps. You can find it at the top of the steps. If the motor isn’t operating, it should be fixed or replaced.

Another option is to inspect the control board. Check that the plugs are correctly attached to the switch and motor. Also, examine the control board’s power supply with a voltmeter.

5. Transmission Slipping:

This problem is caused mostly by faulty shift solenoids. If you’ve been driving your Allegro Breeze for a long time, the shift solenoids may become worn.

The transmission might slide if the transmission fluid has not been replaced in a long period. The fuel will be burnt and turn reddish or black.

This problem might potentially be caused by a low amount of transmission fluid.

The Fix:

First and foremost, check the Allegro Breeze 28BR’s transmission fluid level. If the fluid is red or black, it should be changed immediately.

You should also think about adjusting the filter. Fill it with extra fluid if you see a decrease in the volume of fluid.

If the shifting solenoids are broken, you must replace them as well to repair the transmission slippage.

6. Uninsulated Header Cap:

In front of the Allegro Breeze windscreen, there is a header cap. There is no insulation in the fiberglass header cap. As a result, the RV is vulnerable to water leaks of any type.

In addition, moisture gets trapped on top of the windscreen, which is distracting. In addition, there is no insulation on the rear cap.

The Fix:

The company should adequately insulate these areas. However, because they aren’t, you must do it yourself. Simply get some decent insulation or sealing material.

Apply the product to the areas that are lacking in insulation. Also, use them in areas where there is moisture or dampness.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Tiffin Motorhomes is known to listen to its customers. The users are also happy with the customer support and the hospitality of the company. But sometimes, their RVs may show severe problems.

One customer from the I RV 2 forum has said that he owned a Tiffin Allegro Breeze 28BR. It did not have enough weight on the front axle. So he was considering buying a 32BR.

Another customer from this forum has said that he had been fighting with steering problems in his 28BR. His vehicle wandered from side to side at 70 mph.

Although the model may have some issues, the RV Insider website shows that the customers are fairly happy with this model. It has got an overall 4.4 stars out of 5.

Final Thoughts

The Allegro Breeze is powered by a 6.7 liter sin-cylinder turbocharged Cummins diesel engine. There is lots of space and pleasant furnishings. The recreational vehicle is both well-equipped and reasonably priced.

However, the car may have the troubles I outlined above from time to time. If you encounter any of these issues, simply follow the guidelines to receive a quick solution.

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