The Northstar Campers are available in either Hardwall or pop-up truck campers. Pop-up trucks include 600SS, TC650 etc. And the Hardwall camper includes the Northstar Liberty and Laredo SC.

So many variations, so many features. Does it also mean many Northstar Camper problems? Unfortunately, yes.

Lack of battery power, electrical problems, roof not being on level, leaks and dirt, and missing power outlets are some of the issues with Northstar Campers.

In this article, I have taken care of all of the research work for you. After reading this, you will have a better understanding of the Northstar Campers. Additionally, you will be able to gain further insight into your purchase decision.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Northstar Camper ProblemsSolutions
Lack of Battery PowerReplace battery.
Electrical ProblemsRepair faulty wiring or battery cell.
Roof Not LevelChange roof material.
Leaks and DirtTroubleshoot for leaks; dirtproof the windows or doors.
Missing Power OutletsInstall new power outlets.

Northstar Camper Problems and the Solutions

You may have noticed that Northstar Camper problems consist mainly of energy availability or powering issues for the camper. But other problems also exist. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Lack of Battery Power:

The problem with these batteries is they tend to lose power. The battery life is not too long either.

You may notice the battery draining faster when running appliances on the DC setting. For example, the refrigerator is a big energy hog.

A battery isolator is a blessing for the camper. The battery isolator will prevent the truck battery from falling below a set voltage, allowing your vehicle to start.

But battery isolators malfunction over time too. The voltage settings get mediocre too. This empties your truck battery and makes it impossible to start over a period of time.

The Fix:

Charge the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery before starting the journey. Minimize running various appliances on DC power.

As of 2021, the news is that Northstar is going to shift to Lithium batteries. This can increase the performance of the Camper.

Another thing to do is to install some durable, powerful solar panels. If you get some sunlight, it will do you good and supply extra power source. 

2. Electrical Problems:

The Northstar camper is more sophisticated, having various electric devices such as a refrigerator and air conditioning. Northstar operates on either propane or 15 AMP shore electricity. Propane is responsible for the stove, 3-way Dometic fridge, water heater etc and the Atwood furnace, lights, water pump, fantastic fans etc are taken care of by the shore electricity.

Due to the low battery power issues discussed earlier, various appliances do not work. The first problem is the furnace. When turning it on, it does not heat the air. Rather blows cold air.

Sometimes the fridge only works on propane. It does not work on solar power. Sometimes there is no power to anything. All electric components including the lights do not turn on.

Ideally, charging on the converter, the voltmeter would read between 13 and 14 volts. The voltage should be slightly greater when powered by the battery and solar.

The Fix:

Check to see if the battery has water. One or more of the battery’s cells may be defective. Disconnect the battery and see if it works without the converter. Battery voltages below 10 volts indicate a problem.

There is also some problem with the wiring layout of the Camper. Due to this, electricity can often be not supplied to electric appliances. Sometimes short-circuiting also occurs. Resolve this by replacing the faulty wires.

3. Roof Not Level:

Rubber is used to make the roof of the Northstar truck camper. It is less durable and strong than aluminum, and as a result, it can lose its structure over time owing to a variety of circumstances. This is most likely the source of poor alignment issues of the roof.

Regular exposure to sunlight causes the integrity of its structure to deteriorate. Bad alignment of roof slides can also cause poor alignment issues.

The Fix:

Get a fiberglass or aluminum roof that is more durable.

4. Leaks and Dirt:

Water leaks can be pretty common in these campers. Some common leaks come from the roof, running lights and electric connections.

The front side of the roof tends to endure delamination and rots. The other three sides stay pretty strong. Leaks are also frequent from the running lights.

In this area, leaks occur frequently and are difficult to notice until they have caused significant damage. Window leaks may manifest as pinhole leaks around the windows.

Happijack electric connections tend to have leaks. Leaks begin to appear in the caulk surrounding the electrical cable. Water steadily seeps into the camper’s lower right corner as it travels down the line and into the connector. It may cause wood rotting around that area.

Driving at high speed in dust-prone areas catches more dust inside the camper. The floor of the camper gets attached to the dirt and forms a dusty situation.

The Fix:

For roof leaks, you may need to replace the roof entirely due to delamination. Window leaks can be temporarily fixed with the help of duct tape. Happijact connections need to be tended more sophisticatedly and the rotten wood must be replaced.

For dirt, try dirt-proofing your windows and doors. Also, keep the doors and windows closed when driving through dirt-prone areas. Make use of a carpet.

5. Missing Power Outlets:

There are not enough 30 and 15 amp power outlets in this camper. When you use a certain outlet, the breakers trip off mainly due to improper voltage or power supply.

The Fix:

This is a bad conduct from Northstar. The dealers also advise that the owners spend their own money on setting up an outlet with the help of electricians. You can also use a Y splitter cable.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

People really like how adaptable this truck camper is. It is suitable for practically any campsite or distant location. Because it can be parked in any place.

Moreover, the camper is fully off grid enabled with solar power and a generator. With the help of four independent electric jacks, it is simple to remove from the vehicle and level.

This camper has been well crafted and is excellent for working order. However, after purchasing this camper, you may not get enough customer support. Other than the problems I discussed in the previous section, people complain mostly about the customer service.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the camper receives mostly positive reviews. Looking at the features, I can suggest you to compromise with the Northstar Camper problems. Hope you got the necessary information you needed from this article. Happy venturing!

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