Forest River’s Wolf Pack fifth wheel toy hauler camper is a Cherokee with six floorplans. The wheeler is described as a premium Cherokee by the manufacturer. They’re promoted as the most cost-effective and flexible full-featured toy hauler bunkhouse available. But are they?

Some of the most common Wolfpack Toy Hauler problems are furnace problems and cold issues, slide-out leaks, engineering/structural issues, cheap flooring and tires, water overflow, and other miscellaneous problems.

How do you troubleshoot these problems? Should you buy the vehicle? Read this article and find out!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Problems with Wolfpack Toy HaulerSolutions
Furnace Problems and Cold IssuesConsult dealer.
Slide Out LeakConsult dealer.
Engineering/Structural IssuesSelf-troubleshoot or consult dealer.
Cheap Flooring and TiresConsult dealer.
Water OverflowInstall valves.
Miscellaneous ProblemsConsult dealer.

Common Problems with Wolfpack Toy Hauler and the Solutions

The 2021 models have had some real assembly issues. The problems start within a 3-6 month time frame of purchase or earlier. I am briefly discussing some common Wolfpack Toy Hauler problems below.

1. Furnace Problems and Cold Issues:

The problem seems to start after 30-45 days of purchase. A 30-second run of the blower motor fails to ignite the igniter. When reported, the dealer suggests you to turn off the thermostat and shore power then turn it back on, followed by connecting the battery. The furnace starts up, but the blower runs for 30 seconds before shutting down.

The walls appear to be completely devoid of insulation, according to users. On top of that, the furnace continues to malfunction. Sometimes, it won’t turn on at all. When it does, it has a hard time keeping it warm at night.

The back area only has one heat duct. Moreover, the Wolf Pack’s battery won’t last even half of the night. So, you’ll have to run the generator all night to keep the furnace fan spinning.

There is a reset switch in the far back of the basement, hidden by a maze of ductwork and water pipes. So any troubleshooting is pointless.

The Fix:

You can’t do much except take the camper to the dealer. You may also have some blown fuses that you can try replacing.

2. Slide Out Leak:

This is a very common issue with these campers. Slide outs below the seat tend to leak. When it rains, water leaks and collects on the floor.

The slide-out roof caulk may be failing, causing this problem. Sometimes, the leak may speedily come out of the sunroof.

The water rain gutters dump water, which can exit and get through the slideout openings. In this case, the rubber sweeps won’t be much of a help. Moreover, the fender well slide’s seal is not secure enough either.

The Fix:

You can take it to the dealer and leave it to him to fix it.

3. Engineering/Structural Issues:

There are very severe engineering flaws in the camper. Users reported their power awning appearing to be set too low, rubbing against the door. The kitchen countertop may be warped, pulling away from the cabinets. The floor may also have squeaks.

The propane tanks on the tongue, as well as the generator rack, are a severe issue. Making tight corners will be tough with their structure.

The rack is too low to the ground, which is a huge issue. It can be stripped on gravel roads or at the summit of a mountain.

On the tongue, the breakaway switch is placed too far back. Another issue is that sometimes, the cable snaps while turning into a parking area.

The Fix:

You can now turn the camper by removing the generator rack and turning the tank 90 degrees. Also, install two stabilizer jacks to the front at the same time.

Different people may get different design issues. Unless you are planning to replace anything anyway, you will have to maintain frequent repairs and consultations with the dealer.

4. Cheap Flooring and Tires:

The floor is inadequately supported with frame cross members. You can feel it sag if you stand in one area and have someone pass past you relatively close. The floor should be a lot stiffer than that to allow for machine loading.

Moreover, the tires are China manufactured. And therefore, lack quality. You always end up having to replace them.

The Fix:

The flooring problem needs to be concerned with the dealer. But it is a design problem. Depending on the fix, it can potentially cost more than the Camper itself.

Replace all the tires as soon as you get the Camper.

5. Water Overflow:

Due to an issue called the “siphon effect”, your water pipes may overflow. You may be filling the tank and immediately after filling it would go down to 1/3rd of the tank.

The water will start pouring from the overflow line when your tank is full. It can generate a siphon and continue to drain your tank while you’re going.

The Fix:

If it continues to deplete the tank, you may want to install a valve. Make sure it’s open when you’re filling the tank so you don’t overflow it and have the water wind up in the camper somewhere.

6. Miscellaneous Problems:

Most of my camper mates can relate to these issues. People have reported their camper being in for repair for more than half of their purchase time because of these frequent issues.

They include issues with:

  • Decals,
  • Water heater element,
  • Garage floor,
  • Cabinets (needing rebuilding),
  • The refrigerator door,
  • Entrance doors (complete replacements necessary),
  • Large cubby door,
  • Bad rim (tire wouldn’t hold air) etc.

A user reported having found a nail on the roof. The vent cap on the roof had to be repaired as a result. Not to mention the water damage. Wallboards seem to be retaped, LED strip lights needing to be replaced are some issues.

Sometimes the water pipes can leak.  It may be due to one of the Metal crimp fittings that hold the pipes.

Moreover, bad light switches, carpet pad in the bedroom, wallboard by the thermostat (delamination), slide-out actuator, slide-out misalignment issues persist.

The Fix:

The fix is nothing short of replacements. Sometimes the repair workers from the factory make cuts to the vehicle too. This is a shady act and cheap troubleshooting. Long story short, the camper sits in the repair for a long time.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Users have had nightmare-ish experiences with this camper. They’ve reported missing parts coming with the purchase. The customer service is unhelpful too.

And after suffering from the coldness of the company to the issues, when you choose to layer up, they bring the worst corporate lawyers possible to bag the case.

This being said, your camper may end up spending most of the time in repair. New issues keep showing up. It’s the fireplace one day, or the underbelly cut the next day. Most people will suggest against the so-called ‘luxury’ camper. 

Final Thoughts

Wolfpack Toy Hauler problems seem to be endless. The 25pack12 is hefty. Make sure the WD hitch is properly configured, and the stock tires have been replaced. Get a tow vehicle sized appropriately to pull it. Keep these in check if you still want to buy one.

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