5 Common Intech Sol Horizon Problems (Solutions Included)

With excellent design and specifications for its RVs and trailers, inTech RV launched in 2010. Although they have certain problems with their cars, customers still buy them because of the aluminium cage on the outside.

Some common problems associated with this camper are largely bad, AC issues, less storage space etc.

In this section, the issues associated with the inTech sol horizon have been discussed along with the solutions. So, hang in there and learn about how to solve those issues and many more.

Common Intech Sol Horizon Problems and Solutions

Extremely large bedReplace the larger bed with a smaller one
Poor InsulationPlace the pillow everywhere around the walls
Fewer storage optionsPut additional wheels and tires under the bed for emergency.
Broken window blindsClose the window when the sun is at its peak or change it
Sounds of AC fansMaintain cleanliness.
Intech Sol Horizon Problems
Intech Sol Horizon

1. Extremely Large Bed

The issue is that royal beds in campers take up more room. Additionally, these cars had small interiors and uncomfortable beds for passengers.

When you can’t walk properly inside the camper and therefore only 2 to 3 people can live there comfortably, it’s quite difficult.

Due to the fact that there is just one partition on the bathroom side, people also struggle to get out of bed. This huge bed makes it difficult to arrange additional furniture in a tight space. 

When people get out of bed, they frequently whine that their feet hurt. Additionally, the side tables that are stacked on top of each other take up extra room.

The Fix

This problem can be solved by switching out the bed for a smaller one that properly fits the interior design.

Removing the stacked tables on the window border can also correct this issue. Additionally, using floor mattresses and rugs rather than a big bed frame will be preferable.

2. Poor Insulation

The main issue on the inside is the walls’ inadequate insulation throughout the winter. People can’t survive in the winter, so it will result in a problem.

Some of my known people who have travelled in this camper have complained that it makes them feel too cold.  Due to inadequate insulation, the walls are unable to raise and sustain the temperature throughout the winter.

Propane heaters that are used frequently stop operating on chilly days. Another complaint is that they do not feel warmer at night, which keeps them from sleeping.

The Fix

Pillows should be placed everywhere around the walls to address this problem and stop the cold from coming from them.

It is appropriate to cover them in a layer of fiberglass to stop heat loss and keep the temperature consistent with the outside temperature.

3. Fewer Storage Options

The inTech trailers’ compact interiors and lack of cabinets make storage a constant problem. Additionally, you need to bring a lot of baggage on vacations, and you can even bring camping equipment.

Adjusting these travel packs for two to three persons is challenging. It also has fewer cabinets, making it harder for people to store their clothes.

It also has fewer cabinets, making it harder for people to store their clothes. The lodging of this baggage on the ground will also be a problem if individuals can’t hang their clothing and other items in the cabinets.

The Fix

These tires as well as other construction materials are not properly stored in a box. You can fix this problem, though, by putting additional wheels and tire chocks under the beds.

By employing enhancers to hold more than one cloth, you can modify the available area for the arrangement of garments.

4. Broken Window Blinds

Windows must have shades to block off extra heat and light from the outside. When you frequently use their string up and down, they may break, which will reduce their durability and strength.

Additionally, these blinds give your camper a calm and elegant appearance. Many individuals lament the fact that their window coverings begin to deteriorate after five to six months.

Additionally, if they are constructed of poor-quality materials, which are unable to last for a long time, they will break after a while.

Because of prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun, blinds on windows that receive direct sunlight can malfunction after a few months.

The Fix

Introducing additional window blinds when they inevitably deteriorate will solve this problem.

You could use bolts to repair a shattered slat or slats if there are one or two of them. You should not, however, open and shut them continuously all at once.

Additionally, it will be preferable to close them when the sun is producing an excessive amount of light and heat.

5. Sound of AC Fans

RVs must have air conditioners because it is impossible to endure hot weather without one for an extended period of time. Since the motor fan is not functioning properly, the air conditioner makes uneven noise at night.

You cannot ignore the noise generation because doing so will eventually harm your AC. It is an indication that there is a problem with this machinery’s interior components.

Whenever the air compressor is not operating properly to produce warm air in cold weather conditions, it will also make strange noises.

InTech RVs occasionally develop noisy air conditioners that are quite uncomfortable for people, especially at night.

The Fix

If you don’t keep it clean, dust particles will start to build up in the condenser coils and air filters, which will also cause them to rattle. So, routinely clean the dust particles to keep them noise free.

When you hear these noises, inspect each component of your air conditioner to determine the cause of the problem. Examine the refrigerant leak coming from the compressor coils.

Additionally, you may view the blower motor’s operation to ensure that the fan is functioning properly to maintain the interior’s temperature based on the outside temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can you actually power only with batteries?

You can run your trailer for two whole days using only the house batteries. You can extend that further if you are wise with your energy use.

Whether you utilize the onboard tank or beach water, is the hot water inline?

Yes, whether you are tied up to shore power or using your onboard clean water tank if you turn the hot water tank on, it will heat the water in your RV.

How can you prevent water from entering your clean water reservoir when you are connected to shore water?

Therefore, because the two are connected independently if you’re connected to shore water through your RV’s outside potable water hose hookup, fresh water won’t enter your internal clean water tank. 


Within the Sol Horizon, there seem to be subtle touches everywhere you look that show the designers paid close attention to campers’ needs. The placement of hangers, elastic cables on the shelves, USB ports, and lights.

Intech RVs’ sleek, contemporary, and modern interiors add to their importance. Manufacturers may refer to it as having “Euro styling,” yet from the outside, it has a contemporary look that fits well with 21st-century living.

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