Jayco Melbourne Prestige Problems

Jayco Melbourne Prestige is one of the most popular RVs among users. It is well known for its higher brand value along with its unique designs and exceptional facilities.

However, there are a few issues that are bothering users for a while. Those are Mudflap issues, awning issues, slide-out issues etc.

In this article, the issues in this RV have been discussed along with the solutions to those problems. Carefully read the whole article to know the issues and their solutions as well.

Common Jayco Melbourne Prestige Problems and Solutions

Mudflap issueReplace it with a new one
Slide issuesContact the company for the fix
Slide Out issuesEvery time you increase them, quickly check them over.
The slide is barely awningUse a WD-40 lubricant or change the motor
The furnace is not workingTroubleshooting.
Jayco Melbourne Prestige Problems
Jayco Melbourne Prestige

1. Mudflap Issue

After riding for some hours, the flap was shredded because the new mud flap rubbed against the tire. The mud flap is being gnawed up by the tires whenever it was put on the road due to the wind forcing it into the tires.

The mud flap’s improper mounting to the chassis at the base of the flap of the mud structure was the root of the issue.

Another reason could be that the iron piece holding the flap towards the edge broke and was driven into the tire by the camper’s forward movement, breaking the flap.

The Fix

In addition to adding a gap between the flap and the mudguard well and another screw to secure the top metal plate to the propane tank’s frame, the piece of iron was chopped off and then welded back together.

If that doesn’t help fix the issue then contact Jayco and inform them of the issue and they will send you a brand-new mud flap. Replacing the old mud flap with a new one is the ultimate choice.

2. Slide Issue

On Jayco Melbourne RVs, the slide occasionally remains stuck. It occasionally won’t move at all. When it eventually moves, it does so a little crookedly, moves 4-6 inches, and then hangs up.

Whenever the slide rolled in and out initially, the wheels underneath the bed produced a banging noise. The sliding support’s bolt heads were banging against the rollers.

The Fix

Try contacting the slide manufacturer directly. They can either help you or expedite the process.

Use this challenge as a chance to become more comfortable with the mechanism governing your slide. Learn how to physically put it into and out. You’ll benefit from this in the long run, I assure you. 

Knowledge is power, and things do happen. What appears like a complete failure to the untrained person may just cause a minor annoyance to someone who is familiar with their coach.

3. Slide-out Issues

The slideout problems are frequently reported by users of Jayco Melbourne RVs. The slideout halts operation. Although it functions flawlessly when Extended, users must reboot the double controllers to make it come back in.

A code with nine red and one green light is displayed. The phrase “hall power low to the basement” is code for it. This is typically a wiring issue, it explains.

They no longer protrude after expanding the slide after attaching tie wraps to the bundles and lightly tying things together beneath the dinette.

The Fix

The trailer must be level before being used. Besides, maintaining your slide properly is simple. As dirt appears, wipe it off and liberally lubricate your slides. 

Every time you increase them, quickly check them over. By following these easy steps, you can ensure that you identify problems as soon as they arise and stop them from happening again.

4. The Slide is Barely Awning

When people go camping, trash and garbage build up on the slide’s roof, causing the slide to get damaged when it is retracted.

The motorized awnings are there for your comfort, but a broken or defective motor can make the awning all but worthless. Sadly, aside from inspecting the regular damage, there isn’t much you can do to fix the entire motor.

The fuse may have broken if the engine is completely unresponsive. Examining the other electronic systems might be helpful if the fuse appears to be functioning normally.

The Fix

I strongly advise using WD-40. It works like a charm, and in most situations, just a little bit of grease is sufficient to lubricate the awnings’ wheels and restore their original functionality.

If the motor is burned, it cannot be repaired using it, but if it is struggling for some reason, a fast spray of WD-40 can not only clear any obstructions but also speed up the process.

Your owner’s manual should provide instructions regarding how to directly bypass the mechanism and retract the awning.  Typically, it involves two persons moving it by hand after cutting either screw close to the motor.

Before thinking about changing the motor, make sure to check the fuse.

5. Furnace is Not Working

The furnace in certain Melbourne Prestige RVs begins to blast cold air. The heat operates as it ought to for one cycle after which it turns off normally. This happens when the lid is lifted and the reset key is tapped.

However, the fan turns back on when the interior temperature reaches the trigger threshold, but the propane doesn’t light. 

When the reset button is pressed, the propane combustion can be audible and the air coming from the register is nice and warm until it shuts off. The propane tank is now at 50percentage points and plugged into shore power.

The Fix

Sometimes the problem is not with the switch. They just aren’t placed properly or slightly bend due to the ice. The sail button is nothing more than a tiny metal fin-equipped micro switch.

When the blower turns on, the air is directed to the switch’s fin into the open position, signalling to the furnace that it is okay to fire.

When you change the component, there have been ways to verify this. Even brand-new ones may require a minor adjustment before they function properly.

If the switch cycles on, off, and back on again, remove the switch and hold it on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many miles per gallon does a Jayco Melbourne get?

These RVs may get 15–18 MPG on average, which makes a huge difference when travelling a large distance.

Can a Jayco Melbourne tow a lot of weight?

Melbourne provides you with the assurance to face the road ahead thanks to its Triton V-10 305 HP engine, five-speed automatic transmission with overdrive and 5,000-pound towing hitch.

Do Jayco’s Class As exist?

Yes. The Class A RVs from Jayco are comfortable and opulent.


The Melbourne Prestige diesel RVs from Jayco, notably the class Cs, are constructed on a high-end Mercedes 3500 chassis including a 170-inch wheelbase to conveniently transport you about town after relaxingly travelling on the highway. 

A Jayco Melbourne Prestige Class C diesel camper will allow you to go to the destinations of your dreams when you’re ready for a more portable RV with opulent facilities.

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