Airstream Nest

Airstream nest is a well-built camper van and has the unique designs and luxurious facilities of all campers.

Airstream Nest has a lot of issues. Some of them that are worth discussing are floor adhesion, poor insulation, Mud wasp issue etc.

Common Airstream Nest Problems and Solutions

Floor adhesion issueAdd a slip at the cabinet or seating
Mud wasp issueKill the colony
Plywood subfloor issueChange the floor or put a cover on top of the floor
Poor insulationAdd fresh caulk and replace the weather stripping.
Airstream Nest
Airstream Nest

1. Floor Adhesion Issue

The issue affects both levels and the top floor plate. When moisture testing is done, it comes back at 2% with no concerns.

When the edge of the compartment is also raised, the adhesive seems to be quite similar to rolled 3M commercial grade.

The Fix

A few inches of vinyl flooring and the elevated dinette floor are visible beneath the seats. In order to replace or repair the flooring, it is necessary to remove a significant amount of cabinetry or seating and a split at the cabinets or seating.

Given that the manufacturer has tested the goods for a longer warranty period, it is crucial to adhere to their specifications. However, the warranty is nullified if the installation does not follow their instructions.

2. Mud Wasp Issue

Mud dobber, wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket nests are among the most prevalent reason for refrigerator, AC and water heater malfunctions in recreational vehicles. These annoyances can be a real pain.

The Fix

To free the nest and remove any nest debris from inside the burner tube, use a wire coat hanger. Reinstall any components that you might have had to remove, and don’t forget to reinstall the moisture drip tube that you initially pulled through your refer panel.

Bee scientists say that wasps and bees could only be scouting if they are flying near a vent. You already possess a nest to demolish if they are buzzing in and out constantly.

Insects may initially flee if you apply insecticide on a duct or entrance. But after the spray fades or the rain wipes it away, everything will be as it was before. When the wasps are in the colony and far less likely to attack you, spray some kinds immediately after sunset.

3. Plywood Subfloor Issue

The primary problem here is that the floor will eventually deteriorate. If there was no significant water occurrence, if you are buying new, your floor may last for about ten years prior to this becoming a problem.

Those wishing to buy used one, should carefully search for soft spots and rot on the front and rear of the trailers, the toilet floor, underneath the kitchen, around the wheel wells, and at the main door.

All trailers suffer from this problem, but those built in the 1980s, when the OSB board was used for the subfloor, are more susceptible. As a result, switching back to plywood was really a good improvement.

Airstream could choose to utilize a carbon fibre like Coosa Board or an aluminium floor, but they chose not, for some reason. Users assume that they are unwilling to raise production costs.

The Fix

Your only choice, when faced with significant damage, is surgery. The broken floor component will need to be removed and replaced with a new one. Even while it may seem difficult, it is possible with the right equipment and information.

You should seek the assistance of a reputable RV repair business if you discover that even more than 15-20% of the subfloor has significant damage. 

This is due to damage of the such kind that may affect your camper’s structural integrity. The damage will typically be minor, and you’ll be able to complete this on your own.

Water is a troublesome animal, so be sure you are aware of the severity of the leak. It will saunter anywhere it can, including behind your dressers, refrigerator, and cabinets. 

To remedy your subfloor damage properly, you must be certain of the starting and ending points of the damage. And also stop the leak, this one should be obvious, but you still need to identify the leak’s root cause and stop it.

To repair minor subfloor damage, all you need to do is use flooring putty. Your floor will be levelled and strengthened where needed by the putty. Donald Durham’s Rockhard Water Putty is advised to use.

4. Poor Insulation

Four-season trailers are different from AS travel trailers. There would still be effective heat transfer from the aluminum external surface via the aluminium ribs to the aluminium inner skin even if AS installed stronger insulation in the sidewalls. They just use a few more inches of pink fiberglass-type.

The Fix

Add fresh caulk. Over time, the caulking around the windows and doors of your RV may begin to peel or split, allowing the outside air to enter your camper. 

You can stop the hot air from coming in by caulking your RV windows again. Every several years or when you feel a draft within your camper, you should apply fresh window caulking.

Additionally, replace the weather stripping. It may deteriorate over time and cease to be insulating. Examine it on your RV for any gaps, fractures, or holes, and replace it if necessary.

By obstructing the sun’s rays, reflective insulation helps keep your camper cool. Your RV’s windows should be lined with reflective insulation sheets that are taped in place.

A door snake, a tried-and-true technique for preventing drafts, is just a tube of cloth or foam that lays throughout the bottom of your doorway to do the trick. Use a piece of fabric packed with dried rice, beans, or lentils to create your own door snake.

Try placing the plastic insulating film on your RV windows if a draft is still coming in. To create an airtight seal, you can cover the windows with this sticky film.

User Feedback on Airstream Nest

The 16-foot trailer is easy to haul, requires little maintenance, and has a nice appearance. It falls between the company’s diminutive Basecamp and more traditional Sport.

the Nest’s design is a bit more user-friendly for an Airstream in some subtle but significant aspects. The door can be placed at the extreme back of the cabin, allowing all the equipment and cupboards to be moved to both sides to maximize space. Due to its large windows on both sides, it enjoys more sunlight. 

One of the more expensive, but better-made, RV brands is Airstream. The Nest is an extraordinarily well-designed travel trailer that matches with its brand image. The interior is practical, well-planned, and beautifully designed, while the exterior is gorgeous.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Airstream getting rid of the nest?

In 2018, the Airstream Nest was introduced, and the firm only made it for just over two years. The Nest was phased out by 2021.

Are Airstreams soundproof?

The Airstream offers a fantastic view of Lake Bastrop and a practically soundproof barrier from outside sounds.

In the rain, how loud are airstreams?

Airstreams do make noise when it rains.


The travel trailers made by Airstream are as legendary as a product can get. They have those slender curves, that sizable window up front, and most importantly a glistening metal skin that gives them a dual appearance of a happier time and a better present.

In addition, the purpose of a small camper van like the Nest is to assist you to get closer to the environment by providing a secure, comfortable location for handling the aspects of modern life that you wish to leave behind.

Although the majority of people have probably never entered one, they can still recognize them at a glance from the outside.

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