Keystone RV Problems

Premised in 1996, Keystone RV is the top producer of fifth-wheel camper vans in North America and a well-established producer of travel trailers.

Several problems that are troubling consumers for a long time are Sudden power loss, Creaking sounds in the floors, slide issues etc.

So, in this article, you will find the issues that the users face and a complete solution to those problems. So, Read the whole article.

Common Keystone RV Problems and Solutions

Power lossDo not link too many devices to the power
No CrankingTighten the loose wires or change the battery
Water LeakageFix the lines or replace the complete lines.
Issues with the slidesRoutinely clean the slides’ sensors
Electrical devices are not startingReset the tripped breaker and reduce the amount of electrical equipment.
Floor problemsCorrectly reinstall the planks and cover the damaged pipes.
Keystone RV Problems
Keystone RV

1. Power Loss

An essential component of an RV, electrical switches and fuses are typically to blame for the majority of electrical problems. A power loss may result from blown fuses and power breakers.

Besides, too many electronic items or electrical devices that are connected may result in power loss.

The Fix

In this case, you must shut off all electrical appliances. This is so that you can reset the energy breaker to its default settings without having to disconnect any electronic devices that are linked to it.

The next step is to open the plug socket and examine each fuse inside. Replace the damaged, blackened, or broken fuses with new ones that have an amperage rating equivalent to the original fuse that Keystone installed.

Make sure you don’t link that many electronic items after you’ve switched the circuit breaker and changed the fuse because doing so can raise the operating load and produce fusing problems.

2. No Cranking

Unless the RV is switching on but not cranking, the battery terminals are probably the cause, so check for deteriorated ends and/or loose connections.

Check the battery to see if there are any loose connectors on the negative and positive lines.

The Fix

It is necessary to strengthen the connection if there are any loose ground wires. It is advised that you straighten the wires from the engine block in conjunction with the battery.

Straightening the wires doesn’t resolve the issue, you must examine the connections for damage. This is due to the potential harm caused by corroded terminals on connectivity.

You can utilize a contact cleanser or a deoxidizer if there is corrosion. Try switching on the RV once again after tightening the cables and cleaning the terminal.  If none of these works, replace the battery to solve the issue.

3. Water Leakage

It is uncommon for the pipes and associated fittings to become loose while operating since Keystone RVs vibrate and move continuously for a long time. That starts the pipes from leaking.

On the contrary, the Keystone RV’s ceiling component could eventually become damaged, allowing raindrops to enter your car. Your possessions might get wet, which would be a major hassle.

The Fix

The displacement of fittings and pipes is the main cause of the water leak. As a result, you must fix the lines as early as possible. Additionally, focusing on the pipes constantly could lessen the hassle.

The leak could also be stopped by tightening the fittings. To prevent further tragedy, it is preferable to replace the complete line if the water leakage is significant.

4. Issues with the Slides

One of the main keystone RV issues is troublesome slides. You have got a sliding issue if you discover that your sliders aren’t operating properly or halt prior to opening or closing.

Typically, the issue arises whenever the sensors that tell them when and how to release or shut break. The slides’ performance is subpar, which leads to a chaotic environment.

The slides won’t operate if the engines are burned out because the slides are powered by motors. Thus, the slides stop moving when the motors stop functioning.

The Fix

One of the very first things you can do to solve this issue is to routinely clean the slides’ sensors until a problem arises.

The sensor must be substituted for a new one if it is destroyed, though. If the problem is with the motor, you must replace it right away.

5. Electrical Devices aren’t Starting

The outlets on Keystone RVs occasionally cease working, even when the units are plugged in. The GFI plug was popped; however, after being reset, it keeps popping for anytime between 10 and 45 seconds.

After switching the breaker on and off, the non-GFI outlets start to function but then stop.

The Fix

To guarantee an uninterrupted electric current flow, you can get entry to the circuit box and reset the tripped breaker.

Reduce the amount of electrical equipment you have linked to the power supply as well to prevent the circuit breaker from tripping due to an excessive load.  Verify the breaker connections as an additional solution.

Particularly if you haven’t connected many electrical items but the switch still trips, there’s a risk that the connections on the breaker are loose. Because of this, you must tighten up and inspect the wires that are attached to the breaker.

The batteries need to be checked. For 12V systems, batteries are crucial, and poor charging or poor water content in the battery might cause problems for the electrical items.

6. Floor Problems

The floor creaking in a Keystone RV is among the most frequently voiced issues. The heating system that is installed beneath your car is the major cause of the floor creaking from a particular spot. 

Another issue is that your RV’s flooring may have mushy planks as well. This carries a significant risk. You should carefully look for the source of any leaks in your car because there are several potential causes.

The Fix

The planks that were put over the heating apparatus should be taken out and correctly reinstalled. A few users have also mentioned that their creaking was resolved by firmly reattaching the nuts and nails.

To strengthen the base, you might need to put an additional tough plank in this location. This is particularly advantageous because squishy carpeting has the propensity to crack under intense pressure.

You can cover any faulty pipes in your RV with new fittings if necessary. Many businesses have developed fittings that need to be installed with glue or solder.

To be able to cover up any pipeline leaks, you might need to keep these items stocked in your car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Keystone travel trailer available?

2021 Passport 3401QD, 2021 Cougar 31MBS.

What are the various Keystone trailer levels?

Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheel RVs, Toyhaulers, and Destination Trailers.

Who builds the frames for Keystone RVs?

Thor Industries.


The largest manufacturer of fifth wheelers in North America is Keystone RV. Knowing who is behind the business and whether they are respectable is helpful if you’re thinking about buying Keystone RVs. 

Working with the appropriate RV dealer is crucial when choosing a new RV. Having approximately 1000 dealer locations across the United States and Canada, Keystone has you covered. Your neighbourhood Keystone RV dealer is always nearby.

With various issues and complications in the Keystone RVs, it is still far away from winning people’s trust.

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