KZ Durango Problems

All the premium essentials are reasonably priced in Durango. A bundle of all-weather insulation in Durango has been certified for permanent habitation.

All the premium features too have not been able to keep this RV from issues. It has also various issues such as slide-out problems, rear kitchen problems, leaky roofs and so on.

Common KZ Durango Problems and Solutions

Slide-out issuesRegular lubrication of the slide-out arms and make sure it has 12.0 volts power
Rear kitchen issuesCall the company to fix it.
Faulty internal speakerRoutinely maintain and have contraception
Graphic peeling offCover your RV up and change the old graphic
Water leakageYour RV should be covered with a new coating.
KZ Durango Problems
KZ Durango

1. Slide-out Issues

Whenever the slide-out command switch is turned on, the motor or pump is audibly working but the slide-out does not really lift at all.

The motor or gear system may also be the source of the problem. The system will come to a stop if the engine malfunctions, making it impossible for your RV slide-out to move in or out.

The pins in your slide-out may shear if it experiences a significant amount of tension or pressure. Your slide-out gear pins may be destroyed by these shearing forces, rendering the entire slide inoperable.

The Fix

Your RV slide-out wings will last longer if you lubricate them; doing so will also stop them from leaking. Therefore, be sure to stock up on WD-40 and sealant.

Inspect your switch or command hub to ensure it is running properly and then check if you have a typical power problem. To be sure there are no problems, check the fuses and breakers in your power center.

Assess your current battery status of the charge and ensure sure that it exceeds 12.0 volts if your slide requires 12-volt energy and you’re not using grid electricity or a generator. In order to assure effective operation, it must be higher than 12.4 volts.

2. Rear Kitchen Issue

The axels nearly operate as a fulcrum between the heavier components of the kitchen and the kingpin, which causes the entire kitchen to bounce a lot when it moves.

You will need to clean out your refrigerator because when we stopped in Tejon Ranch in California because of the bouncing, all of our shelves had blown out and food was all over the place. It even destroyed a frame for the shelves that can not be used anymore.

The water lines appear to be excessively long; we’ve always had poor hydrostatic pressure in the kitchen, which I believe is just a result of the water being too far away to maintain pressure.

It is freezing because the sole fire warmers are in the living area and bedroom, and the RV’s rear kitchen is kept extremely cold.

The Fix

If you have a warranty then you can contact the company to fix what you are facing. And there might be a leak in the RV and that is why the fluctuations in temperature are felt.

3. Awning Issues

It is really terrible that so many KZ RV customers complain that their awning is incredibly unsteady.

Many of them claimed that two weeks after purchase, their awning had been destroyed. And because of all the complaints, the RV dealer that sold it has decided to stop selling KZ RVs.

The Fix

It is simpler to fix a ripped camping awning. However, it is unfortunate that the just purchased awning is destroyed in less than two weeks. Here are some procedures for fixing a damaged awning:

Look at the Damage. Repair any little tears and holes in the awning before removing it, and then fix any bigger ones. Awning back to the camper.

4. Graphic Peeling Off

One of the main issues with RVs is vinyl graphics that are peeling off. It looks bad when your RV’s graphics start to peel off. You’ll want to address this problem as quickly as you can.

The Fix

The bad news is that once these vinyl graphics start peeling off of an RV, there is little you have to do to fix them. You can only install a fresh graphic on the outside.

The new visuals can be easily installed. The surface of the place in which the new graphics will be implemented must be well-cleaned before installation. This is the most crucial thing to keep in mind.

You must protect the new vinyl graphics from damage now that they have been applied to your RV.

5. Water Leakage

RV travellers almost always experience water leaks. Even the toughest, most advanced, most well-built RV will eventually give in to the elements.

Unfortunately, your motorhome could suffer catastrophic water damage. It can corrode metal fixtures, damage delicate moving parts, and even result in dangerous short circuits in your RV’s interior electrical system.

The Fix

To reduce the risk of water damage, preventative maintenance is essential. Constantly maintain your RV covered (preferably inside), reapply RV roof varnish once a year, and watch for signs of water damage.

By seeing the warning signs early and taking action, you can keep your rig from suffering further damage.

User Feedback on KZ Durango

There are numerous positive aspects of KZ RVs and few negative ones. KZ durango would be a great place to start for anyone seeking for a reliable RV in the travel trailers category.

The fit and finish is remarkable, according to a user. The leaky water pump and toilet were the only issues. After traveling or living it for a time, it’s always a smart option to tighten the water pump. It has a fantastic layout and a ton of storage. 

All of your clothing can be stored in KZ Durango’s bedside closets, which are spacious. Even a linen cabinet for towels is accessible. You have all the space to move around thanks to the slide in the living space. The pass-through storage chambers will provide you with room to store your camping equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is KZ a reliable brand of RV?

The company is a reliable option for a camper builder at different pricing ranges.

How does the KZ climate package work?

With the Climate Package, you can extend the camping season by adding insulation. The underbelly is completely enclosed, heated, and insulated to preserve tanks and lines (R-9* sidewalls, R-20* roof, and R-24* floor).

Who makes KZ Durango?

THOR Industries.

What country produces KZ travel trailers?

The travel trailers made by KZ are produced in Shipshewana, Indiana. Since the company’s founding in 1972, it has been producing its RVs.


KZ runs a successful company. KZ is committed to making high-quality RVs that we would want for ourselves and our families.

The ideal setting is presented by Durango. If you need space and luxury features but the highway calls, Durango can accommodate you. 

The electric auto-leveling system makes setup simple, and the all-season insulation bundle makes you comfortable no matter the weather. 

The impact of this approach has permeated every stage of the manufacturing process. It is hardly surprising that KZ has one of the highest ratings for customer and dealer satisfaction. However, nothing in our world is completely faultless.

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