4 Common Problems With Tab 320 and Their Solutions

The TAB 320 is a well-known teardrop trailer that pioneered compact camping without skimping on the necessities. It has one of the best features of all campers. 

Though it has some quite good features, it has also some issues. Some of them are Quality control issues, leakage in AC, Water dripping etc.

Common Tab 320 Problems and Solutions

Quality control issuesTighten your RV’s wheel lug nuts and check the pneumatic pressure before each trip
AC leakGlue the cracks
Water dripping from the water barrier and undercarriagePut some accessible foam behind the holes that were drilled
The trailer’s battery is not workingAvoid using multiple devices or avoid charging multiple devices at a time.
Tab 320 Problems

1. Quality Control Issues

It is discovered that the nut-less screw-locked all the nuts on the step when the Boondock step is pushed out and a bolt and washer fell to the ground, as some of the nuts might have met the same fate.

On the passenger side, the wiring for the hydraulic brakes was virtually in contact with the tire. The wire will be wrapped when you re-insert it into the grommet to prevent the tire from rubbing against it.

Unsafe lug nut usage can result in a wheel coming off the vehicle and falling to the ground.

The Fix

To maintain your road safety, tighten your RV’s wheel lug nuts and check the pneumatic pressure before each trip. Verify the lug nuts on the wheels to make sure they weren’t ever loosened on a previous trip or while being stored. 

You must also check the tire pressure on your RV because overinflated tires can blow out and harm the vehicle. Uninflated tires are frequently harmful since they cause control issues and more road resistance, both of which reduce your gas mileage.

If your RV has been resting all winter, your tire pressure has likely fallen significantly, making for a risky and fuel-consuming journey as the temperatures rise and fall.

Also, call the company to replace the nuts in case those constantly become loose after tightening.

2. AC Leak

Because of a fracture in the lightweight condensate pan for the air conditioner. Water accumulates in the wall cavity below the solar controller, between the bathroom area and the wiring area.

The Fix

Use a clear flex shot from a can to glue the cracks and bond the aluminium frame’s perimeter with the plastic pan’s bottom. Use Flex tape to reinforce the damaged corner where the wall meets the floor.

You can also create a 3D-printed insert that can drain and connect to the factory tray. This should prevent any leakage at the corners by caulking the top and bottom of the aluminium body that is located within the bottom of the tray.

3. Water Dripping from The Water Barrier and Undercarriage

The front wheel and water start to drain out from behind the metal trim next to the spare tire positioned on the back as the stabilizer jacks are raised.

The 6–8 ounce water pool on the pavement and the downstream water drop accumulating on the trim are shown in the accompanying photo. A tiny quantity of water dribbled from the trim next to each stabilizer jack, but the majority of the water drained from this area. 

It appears that the water is accumulating underneath the black water-resistant that covers the underside because the water only began to trickle once the tongue was lifted from its level position.

The Fix

Water Dripping from the Water Barrier and Undercarriage

A river begins to flow down the driveway once you level the tongue. There was a lake there when the back trim piece with the license plate holder was removed. Water could gather due to the moulding’s form and the angle at which the Tab was parked.

Put some accessible foam behind the holes that were drilled. This will lessen the entry of road spray.

The camper’s rear is disassembled, the interior panel of stained plywood is changed, and it is then put back together using the proper adhesive. This too will function.

4. Trailer Battery is Not Working

This is a pretty typical issue that could lead to problems throughout your RV. It’s not uncommon for an electrical problem in your RV to take you down numerous rabbit holes before you realize it was a power problem.

The lot of things in your RV that are linked to your battery and take power from it while they don’t have to are known as parasitic loads.

When you turn off your engine, the alternator stops working, and everything that needs power will draw it from the RV’s battery.

Battery self-discharging is a problem that all batteries have. This is more of an attribute of all batteries than it is a problem or flaw. 

But keep in mind that bad battery handling can cause self-discharge, and the consequences are long-lasting. The self-discharge of a cell will grow with age, cycling, and high temperatures.

The Fix

Self-discharging is inevitable and cannot be entirely avoided. However, you can contribute to reducing the self-discharge that occurs in your battery.

To identify the parasitic loads that are truly drained your battery, you must utilize trial and error. To determine which component of your RV is consuming the most battery power, take turns removing the fuses on several components.

On your battery, you won’t be able to completely avoid parasitic loads, but you can get rid of the biggest ones.

Another thing you can do is to avoid using multiple devices or avoid charging multiple devices at a time.

User Feedback on Tab 320

Excellent driveability and build quality. extremely maneuverable to be towed by a smaller car. The sun is effective. The heater is first-rate. It would be ideal for going off the grid for some time.

With a front window and a portal window for good daylight, electric brakes, and a tongue-mounted, each is constructed with a distinct teardrop shape on a single axle. extra tire The S model’s interior features a wet bath, a split bed that can be expanded, and kitchen amenities.

It has all the unique designs from the outside to the inside.  One-of-a-kind features include the front’s huge diamond plate LP/battery storage, alloy wheels, and Nautilus water management system.

Cobblestone quality fabric, soft-closed cabinetry, an air conditioner, and numerous other comforts and conveniences can be found inside.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I clean the air conditioner filter?

With a little force, some folks can peel it from the side. The filter will slip out easily if you remove the trim held in place by the square-headed bolts if you are unable to force it out.

Why does the front driver’s side of my Tab have water underneath it?

To save the infrastructure in your apartment, employ a water pressure valve anytime you connect to municipal water. A pipe can be broken by using too much force. A pressure regulator with a 50 PSI rating should be used.

What source do I have for more Alde fluid?

You may either buy it from a Tab dealer or from Amazon.

What does the wall switch next to the Alde control panel do?

This activates the fan, which aids in air conditioner ventilation.


Whether you like to plan ahead or take spontaneous travels, this trailer has everything you need for the ideal weekend.

You will find everything you need, including an inside kitchen, a wet bathroom, and a U-shaped dinette with two sleeping arrangements. 

With the twin 110/USB outlets, you can charge your electronics, set up a complete bed or split beds, prepare warm meals on the two-burner glass-top stove, and keep cold stuff in the 12-volt refrigerator. 

Additionally, while camping, the outdoor shower or wet bath will keep you fresh and energized.

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