Thor Motor Coach Slide Problems

Many of the most recognizable Class A, Class C, and Camper Van brands in the world are represented in Thor Motor Coach’s extensive product selection.

The issues that often are seen in this thor motor coach side are very much fixable. The issues are jamming slides, slides not retracting, sliding out etc.

This article discusses the problems that can arise while using the Thor motor coach slide as well as the fixes for those concerns.

Common Thor Motor Coach Slide Problems and Solutions

The slide will not retractChange the motor
The slide will not come inRemove each wire entirely, then reattach it
Slide-out is stuckSync the motors and straighten the slide
Hall effect errorSwitch the controller to the emergency mood
Slide out motor will not workunplug the final two wires and insert the probes into each wire for a solid connection.
Thor Motor Coach Slide Problems
Thor Motor Coach Slide

1. Slide will Not Retract

Many thor camper users face retracting issues with the slide. Some of them noticed that when they tried to retract the passenger slide, only the front part of the slide was retracting.

This issue often happens due to a bad motor or a failure of the motor. The motor fails when it does have a loose wire.

The Fix

The most likely way to solve this issue is to change the old motor with a brand new one.

Besides, the slide will also be simpler to insert if the motors can be taken out, but you will require a sliding lock to maintain its position with the motors out.

If the motors function at all, overriding the controller should allow you to retract. Also, push the slide in after unplugging the motor lines from the slide controller.

2. The Slide will Not Come in

The slides not coming in was a problem for several customers. Even after attempting to draw the slide in, it only does so a few inches before stopping. It will eventually resurface and reopen.

Even after starting the generator by connecting it to a 110 outlet, nothing changed.

When attempting to open slides, the button must be pressed several times before the motor is audibly engaged. It would move just one inch before stopping.

The Fix

First, completely detach each wire before reinserting it (each wire separately.) A proper connection will be restored after a small amount of cleaning of the contact surfaces.

Also, change the motor if needed. Try re-levelling the area where you are and possibly fine-tuning it such that it slopes in the direction that the slide requires to go to the store. 

3. Slide-out is Stuck

Slideout issue first appeared when it only extended a few inches and one side appeared to become stuck.

Even after attempting to get two slides to sync by moving “back and forth” as instructed in the handbook.

The issue has only become worse resulting in the slide getting halfway out rather than virtually all the way in due to the worsening angle.

The Fix

You should straighten the slide first. Have someone run the slide switch while you push the side that is nearest to you out as the switch is moved to extend and the side that is farthest from you in as the switch is moved to Backpedal.

Once straight, you might be able to keep using this technique to make it recede once more. You might attempt the Lippert method of pushing the controller in while disconnecting the motor cables from the controller.

You will need to anchor the slide with certain 2x4s at the top, sandwiched between the slide ledges and the wall, so it can’t come back out while it’s moving.

4. Hall Effect Error

When the slide is opened, cleaned, and then reinstalled, the RV is then moved for a week of storage to keep it covered. After packing the motorhome on batteries and returning to the house, the power connection was lost.

The slide can now only be inserted one inch at once. The connected slide will still only advance an inch before coming to a standstill. We slowly retreated to storage and installed fresh batteries in the house. Still, the same problem, in or out, 1 inch at once.

An electrical cable for a motor that is rubbing against one of the frames of the slide is the typical source of a problem. Additionally, a motor sensor failure is a possibility. 

The Fix

This problem is known as a hall error effect. There is a hall effect sensor on each sliding motor. The controller maintains synchronization of the slide’s motors by utilizing the difference between the two signals.

The motors can still function even if there is a Hall effect problem, but only if the controller is switched to emergency mode.

Keep in mind that using the emergency mode, which disables each of the operator’s safety features, should only be done as a last option.

5. Slide out Motor Stops Working

The slide occasionally stops functioning unexpectedly. It appears to have two motors that synchronize to operate each end of the slide when the extend or retract button is pressed. 

The next thing that happened was that one of the two available motors failed. The instructions for the Thor RV do not include a picture of the circuit for the motors in the fuse panel.

The Fix

If you find the motor, unplug the final two wires that touch it using a multimeter and insert the probes into each wire to ensure a solid connection. 

When the meter is set and the switch on the slider is turned, everything is fine from that point on. If not, work backwards. The answer is positive if the reading is 12 or 14 volts. Additionally, look for binding.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t the slide on my RV open?

It can be a power problem, a motor issue, or a mechanical issue with the slide. Analyze the problems to identify their root, then choose your course of action.

Are RV Slideouts Reliable?

Slideouts are typically highly trustworthy. To work properly, they must be fitted and adjusted properly.

When the slide is out, can I drive my RV?

You can but you never should.  Without a doubt. Only in extreme cases should driving be done with a slide fully extended. So, when slides are closed, the majority of RVs are as broad as they can be on our roadways legally.


This Thor Motor Coach’s full-wall slide-out gives you lots of room for entertainment. You’ll adore the fact that the bed is integrated into the slide in the master bedroom, giving you more space on the floor.

A bunk over the driver’s seat and a roomy queen bed.  A walk-in shower on board and the full bathroom makes stopping for the night while travelling to your destination simple is remarkable and appreciated. 

However, it has numerous problems that prevent anyone from using it frequently and that must be fixed in a shop, but the manufacturer doesn’t give much attention once the van is sold.

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