Sunseeker Slide Out Common Problems

The Forest River Forester motorhome series is paramount to the Sunseeker RV. Although they essentially share the same camper, the Sunseeker range has a wider dealer network due to its long existence.

There are a few issues with the sunseeker slide-out that trouble users quite often. The issues are retracting issues, motor clutch issues, gear off track problems and a few more.

So, in this article, you will find the issues that the users face and a complete solutions to those problems.

Common Sunseeker Slide-out Problems and Solutions

Slideout motor clutch issueContact the dealer or warranty department
The slide will not go back inUse a standard ratchet wrench or take it to the shop for the entire check
Slide-out is not workingWhile an individual is pressing the in switch, move the slide in.
Gear off-track problemLift the slideout by one or two inches
Slideout causing sidewall to flexTake to the factory for a more thorough repair.
The slide will not closeActivate the generator to charge the residence batteries and try unplugging data wires to reset the slide controller.
Sunseeker Slide Out Common Problems
Sunseeker Slide Out

1. Slideout Motor Clutch Issue

When the slide-out (or slide-in) button is pressed, the motor appears to run, but nothing happens. Suddenly, the traction returns and the slide-out resumes functioning.

It is determined that the two gears and the gear regulating them are not stopped at all when this issue occurs after removing the interior cover. The “clutch” or the motor, therefore, appears to be the problem.

Another indication that there is a problem is that the motor spins freely, once again without any traction, when the pop-out reaches its maximum (either in or out).

The Fix

Take a close look underneath the couch slide as well. Lift the rubber flap and take off the bottom couch cover; there may be rubbish there.

More debris might well have clogged the mechanism and stopped the slide from working, so vacuum up everything else. It might be simple to fix.

If that still doesn’t work then contact the FR warranty division. Service can be performed by FR employees who are not connected to a dealer and who will treat you fairly.

2. The Slide Will Not Go Back in

The Sunseeker’s descent frequently begins to stall. There are some noticeable pops and noises. There are no obstacles detected despite looking for them. But even after sliding the slide into and out, loud popping could still be heard. 

Once the slide is re-exposed for troubleshooting, it is discovered that the rack grooves appear to contain metal gear teeth. That gear’s teeth, which are lodged in the rack, are the metal fragments.

The Fix

Make sure your engine is rotating by performing another check. If the primary drive gear is not turning while it is spinning, your half-moon key may have been severed. appears to be a bolted-down tunnel. 

Instead of a particular tool, just uses a standard ratchet wrench. I hope that was helpful. It should disengage when you move it to the left so you can manually push it in. Return the knob to lock it after entering.

If that doesn’t help then contact the dealer and that will solve the case.

3. Slide-Out is Not Working

While the Sunseeker’s slide-out is open, users are unable to move it inside. The engine is running, but the slider will not retract.

This issue happens when one of the motors has an issue. The motor might have been burned out. As a result, the slide stops working and is not retracting.

The Fix

While someone is pressing the switch, you can slide the slide in. The upper left motor is located in the rear and the top right motor is located in the back if your slide is a huge slide.

Lippert(Schwintek) slides are those that feature two horizontally oriented aluminium rails that are visible whenever the slide is open and have spaces in them for serrated gear to drive them.

4. Gear off-Track Problem

The screw that secures the gear towards the engine shaft was removed and is now missing. On the slide out, the gear jumped off the track.

Gear off-track Problem

The Fix

To move the gear back to the position it engages with the track, it appears that you simply need to lift the slide-out by one or two inches. You should start with a sturdy bench and a little bottle jack.

To balance the weight and lift the slide just high enough to move the gear, place a wooden block on top of the jack piston.  Put some blue Locktite on the screws to stop them from backing out once more.

To move the gear back further into the track, you simply need to elevate the slide just a little bit. The floor might be protected by a wide crescent wrench with a wooden piece underneath it.

Then attempt to lift the slide just high enough to allow the gear to move. Possibly in need of second aid.

5. Slideout Causing Sidewall to Flex

In the sunseeker, there is frequently a complaint with the slideout generating a cracking noise and flexing the RV’s sidewall. It’s a major problem. Perhaps an unwanted object or broken component.

The popping sound could indicate that the mechanism is being restrained because it is trying to push or pull the slide. Then it gets through whatever is in the way, and POP Flexing the wall is an indication of some limitations.

The Fix

Bring it to a trustworthy RV. They are able to identify the issue and resolve it. You should bring it to the manufacturers for a more thorough repair if it doesn’t work.

6. Slide Will Not Close

Many users report having trouble getting the slide to retract. Some of them saw that only the front portion of the passenger slide was retracting when they attempted to do so.

When it pounces to go in, the slide moves unevenly and eventually won’t retract or close.

The Fix

Make sure none of the fuses has tripped by checking them all. Even though no breakers are visibly tripped, if you do, repair the blown fuse and investigate the circuit breaker box. Don’t be scared to reset all of the breakers.

Ensure that your batteries have sufficient power. Turn on your generator to charge the residence batteries if they are low. Attempt to shut the slides when you’ve recharged.

Try unplugging your slide controller’s power and/or data wires to reset it if you have one. Always wait a few seconds after disconnecting something to plug it back in so that all power has drained.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a slide out stop functioning?

The real chance is the electrical supply is malfunctioning due to a blown fuse, poor connections, or a poor battery.

Where is the fuse that slides out?

You can notice a small arch on this 30 amp fuse between those two bars. That portion of the fuse will burn, deal with it.

Can a slide out be manually pushed in?

Yes. RV slides out can be manually pushed in.


When you travel in one of the Sunseeker RVs that is manufactured by Forest Rover during the spring camping season, you’ll have the comfort and amenities you need to make the most of your getaways.

The remarkable split-level design of the Sunseeker Classic allows customers ample headroom in the interior quarters while yet providing pass-through space on every layout.

Additionally, all Sunseeker Classic Motorhomes, particularly the class Cs are “Certified Green” by TRA Certification. They actively engage with customers after the sale to not only improve users’ experience, but also to use their feedbacks to develop a better product. 

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