Shockwave Toy Hauler Problems

Shockwave toy hauler is one of the most popular RVs. It has some great features with numerous facilities that are attractive to consumers.

This camper has also some issues that might be inconvenient for the users. Those issues are awning issues, problems in the fuel system and some more.

Common Shockwave Toy Hauler Problems and Solutions

Fuel issuesReplace the whole fuel system
No battery powerCheck the voltage measurement regularly.
Damaged frameHave a new frame setup
Awning issuesChange the screws
Shockwave Toy Hauler Problems
Shockwave Toy Hauler

1. Fuel Issues

The fuel station’s fasteners have loosened, and it is now hanging on a thread. Even after adding new screws, it continued to malfunction because it became loose. The fuel system motor is frequently the underlying source of this problem.

If an RV fuel tank is functioning properly, it should hum. However, you may tell there is an issue when the hum turns into a whine. The issue could be caused by low gasoline levels, pump problems, or tainted fuel. 

The Fix

Purchase a replacement fuel pump and have a technician repair it for you. You can travel without any problems after doing this, which will undoubtedly solve your issue. 

2. No Battery Power

Users occasionally experience zero battery power for the coach. No radio, water pump, light, or water pump, no light, not even the contents of the black and grey tanks could be observed.

A GFCI outlet that has tripped is another cause of the RV getting plugged in yet having no electricity. Besides, your breakers or fuses will trip or blow due to any type of wire overload, interrupting the circuit.

The circuit breaker is an additional factor. Perhaps they were overburdened. Your breakers might also have shorted out. Numerous things, including broken cables and worn-out equipment, might contribute to this.

Basically, any damage to the breakers could result in a short circuit, which would harm everything from your microwave to your batteries.

The Fix

By monitoring the voltage of your system when utilizing appliances, you may avoid this. Find out how many AMPs each of the components in your setup uses, and be careful not to stack them too high.

Simply checking the voltage measurement can prevent your breakers from tripping frequently and requires less than a second.

It will be necessary to reset the circuit breaker if it has tripped in order to restore electricity. Consult the owner’s manual for your RV if you’re unsure how to restore the circuit breaker.

The power cord is another thing you can examine. Ensure that all of the connections are secure and that the power supply is fully plugged in. You must replace the cord if it appears to be broken in any manner.

If everything above does not work then you need to replace the battery. This is the ultimate solution.

3. Damaged Frame

The damaged frame in this camper van is really hitting on the nerves of the users nowadays. The problem starts with the front right side of the RV having a small seam separation in one of the side panels.

The divide was only apparent after getting married. As time went on, the distance grew wider. Although it is much harder to notice, it also appears as if a weld had cracked. The issue is that you can’t determine for sure without removing the skin.

The Fix

Using 2 × 2 boxed steel, the frame underneath the trailer was enclosed. Both the front composite leaf hanger and the rear hanger are 8″ past and 8″ behind the 2 × 2.

The bottom of the current frame was given triangular gussets, and the box 2×2 was welded to all of the inner leaf hangers.

added 2×2 cross bracing that connects to the additional 2×2 that was added and is soldered between the two front leaf hangers. A similar cross bracing was used to join the back leaves.

For the purpose of strengthening and plating the edge of the frame, slice the flat iron into 4″ portions. All of these stitches were welded into place. 

4. Awning Issue

The top rail of the awning on this Camper frequently begins to pull away from the rear of the trailer. When it was moved away from the rubber strip, the screws holding this object in place simply dropped out.

There was no metallic supporting strip underneath the fibreglass; these screws were merely being fastened into the fibreglass.

The Fix

The awning issue has just only one solution. Everyone should have their screws checked and/or replaced before this issue occurs or, worse, while they are on the road.

User Feedback on Shockwave Toy Hauler

One of the most common and popular campers comes with very special features and facilities that will satisfy any user. Although it has some issues those are easily fixable.

According to a user, The putty behind the trim covering the junction of the front and sides solidifies and enables water to leak in behind, indicating poor craftsmanship on this item. The inexpensive luan hardwood that is a part of the skin then splits from the fibreglass skin as a result of water.

The Forest River Shockwave toy hauler travel trailer features a small 27-foot trailer with a 16-foot cargo area. It has a retractable roof ladder and a black tank flash. It has a very easy-to-tow feature so that all of your bulky outdoor toys may be moved and stored with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best toy hauler?

Heartland Torque 281 and Forest River No Boundaries 19.1.

What toy transporter is the shortest available?

The shortest size toy transporter is the Dune Sport Firestorm MM Mini, which is currently ranked 9 on the list.

Are toy haulers suitable for permanent habitation?

Some contemporary versions are ideal, especially if you purchase a four-season toy transporter.


You require a Shockwave travel trailer or travel trailer toy hauler by Forest River for the best RVing experience. You will enjoy these models even more if you already adore the Sierra toy hauler range.

Each model has a broad body so you can bring your preferred ride-on toys along, and the motorized awning will provide you a wonderful outside living area.

The Sport Series mobile homes come with several amenities, including 1,200 lb. tie-down-downs attached to the metal and customized Sport Series furnishings for your comfort.

Regardless of the model you select, Forest River’s Shockwave travel trailers and fifth-wheel toy haulers are prepared to move whenever you are. Though it is not free from the issues of every camper, it is one of the best fifth-wheelers.

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