Opus Camper Problems

An Opus Camper is the solution if you wish to combine comfort, toughness, and quick setup capabilities. It provides a wonderful inside atmosphere with plush upholstery, sufficient headroom, and a simple setup.

Opus Campers, like all excellent things, have certain drawbacks. They are short beds, limited space, very little space for a kitchen and a few more.

In this article, some of the problems that the users face while using the Opus Camper have been discussed along with the solutions to those issues. So, read the whole article.

Common Opus Camper Problems and Solutions

Short interior spaceRework on the lunge and change the smaller bed
Cold shower and toilet compartmentReplace the toilet and install a hot water system
Small kitchen work areaReposition the interiors
Power lossCall the company to have good look into this
Opus Camper Problems
Opus Camper

1. Short Interior Space

On each side of the camper, the opus has beds that are a reasonable size. These beds are cosy, however, they are a tiny bit smaller. The airbag’s design is what causes the shortness. They have a small drawback. As a result, if you are taller, your legs may protrude into the interior of the screen.

It’s challenging to even have additional legroom in this lounge because a table is located directly in the centre of it. While using the table, you would have to be content with the available space.

Accessing the bed behind would require climbing over the lounge because it takes up the entire width. To assist you to store any items and appliances you want to bring, there are storage spaces under the lounge sofa, which is not convenient.

The Fix

If you are taller than the bed, you can swap it out for a longer bed that is your size. This problem might be readily fixed by removing the table while not in use, or by collapsing the table to make the couch into a bed.

Besides, you can rearrange and rework on the lounge if you need to use the storage frequently. Also, you can reposition the bed to avoid any inconvenience. 

2. Cold Shower and Toilet Compartment

There is a bathroom inside and outside of the Opus Camper. The restroom has a compartment and is comparatively undersized. Where there might have been a cupboard, the compartment now occupies the space.

While using this portable toilet while camping with kids is a great idea, most customers prefer to utilize other restroom facilities rather than the Opus Camper’s “small” toilet.

It does have an exterior shower and a shower tent that may be rented separately. Its disadvantage is that it only offers cold water. It might be a little inconvenient.

The Fix

Usually this doesn’t have fix except replacing the whole bathroom. Campers and trailers are easier to understand. A brand-new toilet can be rather expensive.

However, since they are rather simple to install, there shouldn’t be any labor expenditures. Service providers and RV dealers will have advice to share.

Besides, you can have an additional water heating system to have warm water. In that case, a combined water heater is the best option. It heats up the fresh water alongside passes the warm air to the whole cabin.

3. A Small Kitchen Work Area

There is not a lot of space available during cooking. Either the pull-out refrigerator or the sink has space available.

Since the fridge is top-loading, using the top as a countertop is quite impractical. This implies that since the fridge opens upwards, you would need to spend a while cleaning everything off of it before opening it.

If you enjoy grilling when camping, you will be unhappy that the kitchen does not have a grill. However, you may carry a tall tool along to aid with this.

The Fix

To access the fridge, burners, and sink, slide right it out on the exterior. The Opus Camper’s kitchen was moved from the interior to make room for more storage in the newer models.

As it is easy to rearrange the interiors, so you can just reposition according to your convenience to have the necessary space to work in the kitchen room. This will help you a lot.

4. Power Loss

Electrical issues are quite typical in campers and RVs. Your parked RV’s power source may have issues if it varies, delivers too many or too little power, is improperly grounded, or has rusted connectors.

In an overcrowded campsite with an overburdened supply, for example, the insufficient current might cause lighting to dim. Excessive current may lead devices or lights to malfunction or blow out, and it can melt wires or plugs.

Additionally, the onboard or external generator may stop operating if your car’s fuel tank is much less than 1/4 filled.

The Fix

Most RVs feature a master switch that may be used to turn off the power while the RV is being stored. It is a little switch that is frequently located inside the door. To acquire power, it must be turned on.

The operator of your campground is responsible for delivering sufficient power at the advertised level, whether that be 30 or 50 amps.

To find out what is going on, speak to your campground neighbors or request that management look into it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Opus campers do well?

The Opus range of campers continues to demonstrate that it is capable of doing the task of offering a distinctive, useful, and practical camper trailer.

Are air conditioners provided for Opus campers?

Heating, cooling, and hot water are all offered as standard.

Where are air Opus tents manufactured?

Australian-market the galvanized chassis and draw-bar assembly of Air Opus camper trailers, which are manufactured in China, support an aluminum-framed, composite sheet body.


The Opus Camper provides you elegance in a variety of configurations, from the internal decor to the metal kitchen.  It is an RV that is supposed to stick out, but it might not be useful for long-term living or camping.

Having saying that, you will be amazed at how quick and simple the setup is. Additionally, you are less stressed because it deflates just as effortlessly as it inflates.

Although the price may appear to be a drawback, the longevity of the opus means that you may not need to buy another one for a while.

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