Grand Design Momentum 376th Problems

The very popular and great customer support provider Grand Design momentum 376th is one of the best in the V industry.

However, it is not free from issues, water hook-up compartment leaks, furnace making a squealing noise, refrigerator not closing properly, awning issues, and shower door jams are common.

So, in this article, you will find the issues that the users face and a complete solution to those problems. So, Read the whole article.

Common Grand Design Momentum 376th Problems and Solutions

Quick overview of the problems and solutions:

Water Hook Up Compartment Leaksp-trap must be taken out, the drain must be unscrewed, and the putty must be redone
Furnace Making Squealing NoiseTurn on the stovetop and make sure all the air is gone
Refrigerator Not Closing ProperlyUse a latch on the problematic place
Awning issueUse bigger screws and tighten them
Shower door jamCut a two-inch chunk of clear silicone from the top of either end of the rail with a razor blade to repair the door jam
Grand Design Momentum 376th Problems
Grand Design Momentum 376th

1. Water Hook Up Compartment Leaks

The Grand Design Monument’s exterior water hookup chamber sometimes leaks into the basement. It seems to be coming from the area behind the valves in the warehouse, though its origin is unclear.

However, the phenomenon disappears when the pump is employed directly rather than through a hose. There is no moisture on the back side of the valves or in the surrounding pipes.

The Fix

Try looking for hard water stains on appliances and other equipment. On one of the factory-installed valves, you can have a weep. You may locate it by looking for the water stain and then waiting a few minutes to observe a drop of water form.

The p-trap must be taken out, the drain must be unscrewed, and the putty must be redone for the problem to be fixed. Looks easy, but getting there is a pain.

2. Furnace Making Squealing Noise

The Grand Design Monument’s furnace emits noises. The furnace emits noise even when it is not operating. It begins to create a whirring and clicking sound that repeats continually.

The only way to stop it was to turn on the furnace and raise the thermostat setting. The furnace may attempt to operate, but it would not likely ignite.

The Fix

Verify that the propane tank is completely full. Turn on the stovetop and make sure all the air is gone. Don’t forget to clear the area above your furnace’s vents. Check the exhaust pipe for blockage.

If a fuse has to be replaced, it can be found in the panel. Maintain a clear path to the grill for the air to return. Take out anything that could obstruct the air vents in the furnace.

Make sure the heat is turned on and that the registers are open and not blocked. In order to determine if the issue has been resolved, you need to verify that 12-volt power is available. when the problem remains speak with a dealer, call them.

3. Refrigerator Not Closing Properly

The refrigerator in this RV doesn’t work properly. The door to the refrigerator won’t remain shut. In reality, it won’t close or latch, thus it’ll pop open on the road. The latch hook won’t correctly seat and the door won’t stay closed during transit until you press down on it as you push the door shut, which could be due to a flaw in the design or a lack of adjustment.

The Fix

You might be able to fix the problem by utilizing the “latch” that came with your product from the factory. The piece of molded plastic is about 10 inches long and fits over the top of the two doors.

The layout has some flaws.

Although the doors can be pulled away from the refrigerator box to some extent, breaking the seal, it is better than nothing and keeps food from spilling out.

Holding the door shut will be a lot easier with this. I won’t have to squish my lunch beneath the slide any longer!

4. Awning Issue

Momentum 337th has troubles with their awnings. Common Grand Design awning issues include the awning breaking loose, coming off, or awning pulling away.

The awning’s frequent dislodgement is the most annoying flaw. Issues with the screws can be to blame for this.

Loose awning
Loose awning

Awning fabric pulling away from track is another issue that has headache to many users. The plastic retainer for the awning needs to be secured in place with a screw during installation.

If the screw doesn’t reach the plastic tube, or if the installation is incomplete, the tube can slide in one direction, and the other end can become dislodged.

The Fix

Using bigger screws may help you solve the loose awning problem. To prevent the tube from extending any farther, a screw should be inserted into the opposite end of the awning track.

Trim the protruding section and affix it to the slack end of the awning to secure it once again. To prevent the fix from coming loose again, secure it with a small screw.

You can also try to reinstall the missing section of a tube using a wooden dowell that has been trimmed to size if you are unsuccessful.

5. Shower Door Jam

There is an issue with the Momentum 376th camper’s shower door. Somehow the roller wheel on the center door broke loose (which apparently screwed to the door) and none of the doors can be opened.

It’s possible you’ll get lost trying to figure out how to disconnect these doors from their rails. The central door’s tracks are made of plastic. It all comes crashing down on them.

The Fix

Cut a two-inch chunk of clear silicone from the top of either end of the rail with a razor blade to repair the door jam. Use a square bit to remove the sheet metal screws from the upper rail’s end caps.

This rail must be raised using considerable strength. then help prop the doors open by holding them steady on the central rail as the elevator moves up and down.

Softly slide the doors to a partially open position to reveal the two screws that connect the outer and inner doors. Tighten two screws using a screwdriver. Gently sandwich the shower doors shut.

Reinstall the door’s top, by lifting the top rail and placing it on the shower frame while I positioned the bottom doors in their proper sliding tracks. With a screwdriver, fasten the door assembly to the top rail and the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is a momentum 376th?

41′ 3″

Where is Grand Design made?

Middlebury, Indiana.

Is Grand Design a good camper?

Yes. It is a very reliable camper.

What is the difference between momentum and momentum M-class?

The basic Momentum is heavier than the M-Class Toy Hauler.


The renowned manufacturers of RVs in the industry are the Grand Design.  Working with the appropriate RV dealer is crucial when choosing a new RV.

Although they offer the highest quality, most features, finest designs, and unparalleled customer support the Grand Design Momentum 376th have many issues that may cause you problems.

I hope this article will help you to identify the common problems of Grand Design Momentum 376th before you make any buying decision.

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