Winnebago Vita Problems

Winnebago’s Vita is a Class C motorhome which has a starting price of $136,072. It has 2 floorplans which feature 4 sleeps with a length of 24 foot and 5 inches.

Slide problems, too loud generator, malfunctioning television, issues with microwave oven, AC not working, and loose window seals are some of the most common Winnebago Vita problems.

Now that we know about the problems, let’s look at the solutions below in the table. I will further discuss the solutions in more detail.

Winnebago Vita Problems
Winnebago Vita

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Winnebago VitaSolutions
Slide IssueVerify the slide alignment and see if anything is blocking the route.
Too Loud GeneratorPut it far away or use a baffle box.
Faulty TelevisionCheck all the connections and the antenna.
Microwave ProblemsTest the outlets properly to check the connection.
AC Does Not WorkReset the system and clean the dirty coils thoroughly.
Loose Window SealsReplace the seal or run a blow dryer on it.

Common Winnebago Vita Problems and Solutions

1. Slide Issues

Customers have reported several complaints concerning the slide out of this RV. The slide frequently stops working after just three in-and-out operations mostly.

The switch control board may be the source of the issue. Any defective switch might be the origin of these sorts of issues.

There might be a problem with the electricity system, such as blown fuses, poor wiring, or an insufficient battery. A blockage or misalignment of the slide is another potential issue.

The Fix

First, verify the slide’s alignment and look into whether anything is obstructing the slide’s path.

Check the switchboard thoroughly to see if the switches are operating as intended. Try to speak with a specialist about this if you don’t know much about the changeover.

2. Too Loud Generator

The engine, cooling fan, alternator, and engine all contribute to this noise.

Mechanical noise can also be produced by alternator winding fluctuations and structural component vibration. People can be injured by excessive loudness, and it is not very pleasant. This makes travel incredibly challenging.

Additionally, this can make passengers feel off-balance, and using it for an extended time harms the environment.

The Fix

To make your generator operate and cause less trouble, you may relocate it farther away or set it down on a soft surface.

For the generator, you may utilize a baffle box, which will also assist you to decrease the issue.

Fig 1: Baffle Box

A bigger muffler can be installed to silence the generator. The purpose of a muffler is to reduce the noise produced by exhaust pipes connected to a generator’s motor.

3. Faulty Television

The bad connection can be the most likely cause of the TV’s malfunction. Connectors connecting the antenna, RV, and TV may grow loose or even separate as you drive.

An antenna might be the origin of this in rare cases. A bad antenna prevents the TV from operating correctly.

The Fix

Verify that all connections are connected and tight before proceeding with further investigation.

Turn on your TV and raise your antenna. Run a channel scan, taking note of where the antenna base plate is located. Once the scan is finished, tune to a station, and the TV will start to function once more.

4. Microwave Problems

Because of the poor installation, the microwave does not function often. If it is firmly plugged in, there is no possibility that the microwave will operate, and it might potentially cause harm to the appliance.

The power for the microwave may be coming from an external source, which might be the cause.

The Fix  

Verify that the plug is firmly attached to the outlet. Make sure the oven is connected properly since a loose connection with the outlet might damage it.

To determine if the problem is being caused by the outlet or not, check the outlet into which your microwave is plugged.

Call the dealer right away to get the issue fixed and take advantage of your warranty if a bad installation is to blame.

5. AC Does Not Work

If your air conditioner isn’t working, the circuit breaker might have a fault. The breaker has frequently tripped, making it difficult for your air conditioner to function.

Sometimes insufficient energy supply causes the ac to not operate. Additionally, the unclean coils or fins frequently prevent it from working. The aircon may fail to chill the room if the coils are blocked with dirt.

The Fix

Finding the circuit board and resetting the system are fast fixes to get the air conditioner to function. The AC begins to function mostly by resetting the system.

Thoroughly clean the AC unit’s coils. To properly clean all the challenging areas, use a little brush. You’ll be able to tell the difference for yourself after the aircon has been cleaned inside.

6. Loosen Window Seals

Over time, the window seals wore out. Most often, incorrect seal installation on the window is to blame for the loose seals.

Temperature changes and exposure to direct sunlight frequently cause these rubber seals to dry up over time or degrade, which may lead them to shrink up.

When the window seals on a relatively new RV start to shrink, it could have been installed incorrectly.

The Fix

Take the cracked seal off the window and liberally spray it with 303 Protectant Spray. Then reapply the seal after stretching it out.

Additionally, dry the seal using your blow dryer, but not excessively. Replace the window seal or make use of your warranty.

User Feedback on Winnebago Vita

Winnebago Vita is a popular recreational vehicle. Many owners are happy with its performance.

People have commented on the RV Insider that the Winnebago Vita RV by claiming that it is simple to drive, has a comfortable interior, and is straightforward to operate.

If you look at this forum, you will notice some users have left a negative comment as well. One user had to replace all the components of the camper to make it better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the capacity of the Winnebago Vita RV for sleeping?

Four people can sleep easily.

What is the Winnebago Vita RV’s fuel capacity?

24.5 Gallon.

What are the Winnebago Vita RV’s exterior dimensions for width, height, and length?

The exterior width, height, and length are 7’6″, 11’7″, and 24’5″ respectively.

What is the Winnebago Vita RV’s fresh water tank capacity?

37 Gallon.


I discussed the issues and solutions related to the Winnebago Vita camper. Even though many issues may be resolved, some still require ongoing upkeep.

Keep in mind that regular maintenance may keep your RV in fantastic condition for a very long period.

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