Wolf Pup 16BHS Problems

The Wolf Pup 16BHS is a family-friendly trailer that can contain upto 5 people in a journey comfortably. This RV features a 13,500 BTU AC and 20,000 BTU furnace.

Some of the most prevalent difficulties are malfunctioning trailer brakes, fast-drained battery, cracked bed frame, hard to open the door, bubbles in wallpaper, and leakage in the roof.

I’ll discuss each of these problems causes and solutions. Discover more about the problems and worries associated with the Wolf Pup 16BHS by having a look at the table below.

Common Wolf Pup 16BHS Problems and Solutions

Problems with Wolf Pup 16BHSSolutions
Trailer Brakes Doesn’t WorkClean the region and check the wires.
Battery Gets Drained FastAvoid charging the battery too much or too little; else, replace the battery.
Disintegrating Bed FrameSecure the bed frame with L frame brackets and screw
Hard to Open the DoorPut on excess lubricant and replace the hinges.
Wallpaper Appears to BubbleInject gum with a syringe into the bubble, then push.
Leaky RoofUse rubber patches.
Wolf Pup 16BHS Problems
Wolf Pup 16BHS

1. Trailer Brakes Doesn’t Work

A few customers complained that the RV’s trailer brake wasn’t working properly. On occasion, while traveling, the trailer brake fails. Even the brake cables on the passenger compartment might burn out infrequently.

The circuit box might have a defect as the cause. Alcohol or other beverages that spill accidentally may occasionally land there and harm the brakes.

The Fix

First, determine the potential cause of this problem. next, after cleaning the brake area, test the circuit to see if it is operating properly.

If you still have power, keep applying the brakes, but inspect the wires leading to the brake assembly for any weak spots.

Ensure that the assembly magnets have two wires, one of which should be grounded to the frame and the other of which should be linked to the brake output wire.

2. Battery Gets Drained Fast

The battery is rapidly depleted while the RV is parked. It is challenging for the other components of the RV to operate if the battery isn’t working.

Not charging the battery enough might be the cause of this issue. Such problems are caused by the battery’s lack of maintenance. Overloading the batteries accelerates the rate of battery draining.

The Fix

If you decide to purchase this RV, you must first keep a close watch on the appropriate maintenance of the battery.

Do not add excessive load to the battery early on, and do not overuse the battery. Keep in mind to timely and properly recharge the battery. Don’t overcharge or undercharge the battery because doing so can quickly damage it.

Moreover, if it has already sustained damage, use your warranty or change the battery.

3. Disintegrating Bed Frame

After prolonged usage of the RV, the bed structure frequently starts to fall apart. If you neglect to inspect this area of the RV, you can discover some fractures in the center.

Sometimes they utilize wood that is not suitable for prolonged usage or does not use well enough wood to make the bed in the RV.

The Fix

Attempt to secure the area with a screw if the crack is small. It is preferable to utilize L brackets there with screws to effectively fix the frame.

Don’t forget to inspect the wood used to make the bed before making your purchase. If you decide that’s not appropriate for longer usage, you may have the wood customized by speaking with the dealer.

4. Hard to Open the Door

Some consumers have complained that they have trouble opening the entrance door. Additionally, all three hinges failed and did not assist in opening the door, which is quite rare.

Given that they were designed to be flexible to open and close the door, the problem may be caused by malfunctioning hinges. Perhaps there wasn’t enough lube applied to the hinges.

The Fix

Try lubricating the hinges so that they will become flexible and aid in opening the door.

If the front door and wall frame are not damaged, you will most likely need to pull harder to open the door so the hinges may be replaced.

5. Wallpaper Appears to Bubble

There are instances when the wallpaper appears to bubble, which is unsettling. The manufacturer of the RV may haven’t pay careful attention while installing the wallpaper.

Additionally, strange weather variations and temperature differences may cause these disturbing problems.

The Fix

Using a syringe and some gum, you can solve this type of problem on your own. Cut the bubble, place the gum in the syringe, inject the gum, and then push the bubble against the wall.

Remember to bring these items with you if you are traveling in terrible weather so that you can deal with problems of this nature.

6. Leaky Roof

Sometimes the roof might be noticeably leaking. An unanticipated accident may be the cause of this.

Destruction of the roof itself is one of the most probable causes of RV roof leaks. The roof may become worn out over time.

The Fix

Find the leaking spot and apply tape to provide temporary support for a solution.

Almost every kind of RV roof can be repaired using rubber patches. For short-term usage, they are reasonably priced and useful.

Apply sealant for a long-lasting solution. Alternatively, if you have a warranty, apply it.

User Feedback on Wolf Pup 16BHS

Due to its several intriguing features, the Wolf Pup 16BHS is a popular recreational vehicle. You get a lot of value for your buck when purchasing this camper.

You can read a thorough evaluation on RV Travel, where they laud the Wolf Pup 16BHS camper for being simple to operate and packed with exceptional features for the money.

You can see that users have left negative evaluations on this forum. One customer spoke about the issues he had using RV Detailed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum capacity of the Wolf Pup 16BHS camper?

Perfect for five people.

What volume of gray and black water can the Wolf Pup 16BHS RV hold?

It has a 23gallon capacity for both gray and black water.

What are the Wolf Pup 16BHS RV’s exterior dimensions in width and height?

84″x10′ 6″.

What is the Wolf Pup 16BHS RV’s refrigerator specification?

Double door refrigerator with 10.3 cubic feet.


I discussed the issues and my recommendations for Wolf Pup 16BHS RV. Even though many issues may be resolved, some still require ongoing upkeep.

If any of these problems arise, bear in mind my suggestions and proceed with caution.

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