7 Western Alpine Coach Problems You Should Know

The Western Alpine Coach was first produced in 1998. These are Class A recreational vehicles featuring conveniences such as a full-sized refrigerator, custom wooden cabinets, and a full entertainment center.

Cracked windshields, water pump leaking, dirty roof surface, radiator issue, seal rupturing, foggy windows, and power steering leakage are the 7 7 most common Western Alpine Coach problems.

I will discuss all of these issues with this RV in this article. So, let’s look at the possible reasons and the most efficient solution to each of these problems.

Common Western Alpine Coach Problems and Solutions

Problems with Western Alpine CoachSolutions
Cracked WindshieldFix the frame or change the windshield.
Water Pump LeakingTighten up the connections.
Dirty Roof SurfaceClean with soapy water and a scrubber.
Internal IssuesCarry premixed antifreeze.
Seal RupturingApply heat and reshape the sealing.
Foggy WindowsApply anti-fog solution.
Power Steering LeakageRepair or rebuild the steering gear.
Western Alpine Coach Problems
Western Alpine Coach

1. Windshield Popping Out

The windshield is a crucial component of the Western Alpine Coach’s framework. While driving the coach, the structure or frame of it bends and flexes.

If the flex is too much, the windshield can crack or be broken. The windshield also can crack if it is too old or by a sudden accident.

The Fix

Firstly, the frame must have to be strong, so that it will have less flex or bend. If the frame is not an issue and the windshield cracks anyway, there are also reliable solutions.

Windshields can be changed, but make sure you go to a dealer who is aware of some of the difficulties in changing coach windshields.

2. Water Pump Leaking

An essential piece of gear for Western Alpine Coach is a water pump. The coach’s freshwater pump provides water.

The water pump sometimes leaks from the housing. There may be several causes for this.

For the coach, the leakage might be a serious issue. The water leak could harm internal materials.

The Fix

For fixing, you can just tighten up the connections. There are numerous threads for a coach’s water line. You can replace it where the leaks appear.

For a lesser cost, a push fitting or push valve will quickly and effectively remedy the issue. Simply cut the line and adjust the tool into the line where it is needed.

Patching up a pipe thread to the water pump also can stop the leakage of water.

3. Dirty Roof Surface

The Western Alpine Coach’s roof is made of fiberglass and fillers. These elements work together to create a seamless roof. The sun’s heat, inclement weather, or iced weather can cause the roof to get dirty.

The dirty roof of a Western Alpine Coach is a very common issue. The dirt should be cleaned often. Or, it may cause permanent damage to the roof surface.

The Fix

The roof is fiberglass; you can safely walk on it. The cleaning can be done perfectly with some soapy water and vigorous scrubbing.

When the cleaning is done, wax the roof. The waxing will prevent staining and keep it in good condition.

4. Internal Issues

Some people are having problems with smart bed hydraulics. There is no articulating bed; it is simply a mattress. It is equipped with a Hydro-Hot system.

Recent coaches are equipped with Hydro-Hot systems, which have been known to save owners significant amounts of money when a malfunction occurs.

The Fix

You can install a Hydro-hot system for your RV if needed.

Without making minor plumbing adjustments, the Silverleaf, tank sensor, and auto-fill interface can malfunction and prevent you from filling your water tank.

Sometimes if it is leaking, carry premixed antifreeze. This maybe will solve the issue.

5. Seal Rupturing

The seals no longer work correctly after years of use. The sealant may begin to peel off as well.

If the sealant got damaged, water or dust will start to enter your coach which can be a bigger problem later.

The Fix

To prevent rainfall from entering, seal the openings. So re-sealing the roof, window, or door is necessary.

If the shape of the seal is changed or peeled off, you can fix it by applying a little heat. For the heat, the seals will become softer, as a result, making it possible for you to reposition them.

To permanently solve the issue, you must remove the old, damaged sealant and replace it with a new, solid sealant.

6. Foggy Windows

Depending on the temperature swings inside and outside of the coach, you will have foggy windows. The foggy window is a rare problem for the Western Alpine coach.

The foggy window is a problem for see-through. Also, it can be the cause of permanent glass failure.

The Fix

The best and most affordable method is to use an anti-fog solution. Apply the solution to both sides of the window.

Another option is to drill holes in the glass of the window. The tiny holes are there to let moisture out of the space between the glass panes.

7. Power Steering Leakage

The hydraulic system operates the power steering. It also operates the cooling fan and the hydra boost for the hydraulic brakes.

Sometimes the power steering leaks fluid although it is a rare problem.

The Fix

The solution can be found by ordering a seal kit. However, you may want a rebuilt component or the TRW steering box.

You can buy new or rebuilt steering gear from a truck shop.

User Feedback on Western Alpine Coach

The Western Alpine Coach is a well-known recreational vehicle. It has a large number of owners who are content with its performance.

In a review on RV Insider, people have praised Western Alpine Coach by saying easy to drive, has comfortable ride-on airbags, adjustable captain’s chair.

If you look at this forum, you will notice some users have bad reviews as well. One user has a Western Alpine Coach with a cracked exhaust manifold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the Western Alpine Coach Floor?

34, 36, 38, and 40 feet long.

What is the Western Alpine Coach’s Hydraulic System?

Four-Point Hydraulic System.

What does Western Alpine Coach’s Warranty Provide?

3 Years/3600 Miles.

What Kind Of Fuel Does Western Alpine Coach Use?



I have discoursed the problems and solutions for Western Alpine Coach. Even though these problems are solvable, there are still some which need regular maintenance.

Keep my recommendations in mind and be cautious if any of these issues occur.

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