6 Travel Supreme RV Problems and Their Solutions

The Travel Supreme RV is a luxurious holiday vehicle with a variety of amenities. The famous company was unexpectedly sold in 2008 due to a bad year in the RV business.

Windshield popping out, automatic retractable stairs failure, damaged roof surface, busted water line, roof or seals leaking, and no customer service are the problems that most Travel Supreme users face.

In this post, I’ll go over all of these problems with this RV. Let’s examine each of these issues’ best course of action as well as any potential causes.

Common Travel Supreme RV Problems and Solutions

Problems with Travel Supreme RVSolutions
Windshield Popping OutPut X-Bracing on the frame
Automatic Retractable Stairs FailureChange the Solenoid
Damaged Roof SurfaceUse roof repair tape
Busted Water LineAttach Pex Push fitting and valve
RV Roof or Seals LeakingApply new Sealant or waterproof tape
No Customer ServiceFor warranty contact with the dealer
Travel Supreme RV Problems
Travel Supreme RV

1. Windshield Popping Out

Popping out the windshield is a common problem for Travel Supreme RV users. The windshield pops out or breaks so often for this RV. The main reason behind this problem is the frame of Travel Supreme RV is not strong.

When you drive the motorhome, it bends and flexes. For the Travel Supreme RV, it is known to flex too much because the frame is not strong enough.

The Fix

As the frame is not sturdy enough, the first thing you have to do is to support the frame. So it can reduce its bending and flexing.

The best way to fix this problem is to put X – Bracing on the frame. So it can support the frame. The bracing can be attached by welding metal and connecting to the two frames in an X-Brace style.

2. Automatic Retractable Stairs Failure

When you close and open the door, the stairs get in and out. It works with a magnetic sensor. Sometimes it can stop working for the solenoid failure of the battery.

The door works with the step power. But when you turn off the main power, the step power also gets turned off. That is why the stair doesn’t work.

The Fix

Fixing the main power will solve the stairs problem. So you have to simply remove the faulty solenoid.

The new solenoid will turn on the battery as well as the main power. So the door sensor can work and the stairs will get in when you close the RV and get out when you open the door.

3. Damaged Roof Surface

The front roof of the RV is incorporated into fiberglass and fillers. A combination of these makes the roof seamless.

Carbon glass is a brittle material. So it can’t bend very effortlessly. Harsh weather, especially the sun’s heat, and cold weather can cause damage to this carbon glass.

The Fix

There is no proper solution to this problem. You can just cheap the cracked carbon glass off and see if it is just going to be cosmetic.

You can also fix this temporarily with the roof repair tape. This will not solve your problem completely, but it can reduce the damage.

To permanently fix the roof, you might have to repair the entire insulation system or replace the whole roof.

4. Busted Water Line

If the pipes are old enough, sometimes from any external force or thrust the lines can be broken or cracked. A busted water line is extremely problematic and intimidating.

The busted line can leak water and make everything messed up inside the RV. Also, it can be the cause of waste of the water as well.

The Fix

A couple of small tools can fix the busted lines problem. Pex push fitting or Pex push valve will solve the problem easily and completely.

You just have to cut the busted place of the line and attach the tool to the line by simple pushing. This will solve the problem.

Moreover, you can have some advantages out of it too. If there is a switch on the Pex fitting, you can simply shut off or turn back on the line as you want.

5. RV Roof or Seals Leaking

Leaks can be a vital problem for an RV user. Some potential areas can have leaks. The roof or any of the seals around windows or doors may need to be resealed.

After years of use, the seals don’t function properly anymore. And because of this the rainwater can come inside easily and drench everything within a minute.

The Fix

Fixing leaks is a very important task for RV. There are a couple of ways you can tackle a project like this.

When you are already on a trip, you can stop the leaking temporarily by sticking towels on the roof or window where the leak appears.

To solve the problem permanently, you have to cut away the previous sealant that was cracked and apply a new and good sealant.

Waterproof sealant tape is also a solution.

6. No Customer Service

The customer service of Travel Supreme RV is not satisfactory. Because the RV manufacturer ‘Travel Supreme’ is now out of their business.

Travel Supreme sold the company in 2008. So basically there is no official customer support or troubleshooting possible for this RV.

The Fix

The customer care team of Travel Supremes is not open. Therefore, you should discuss your issue with your dealer; they will help you in finding a solution.

If you need warranty assistance, you can also buy from another company and contact the maker of the precise broken product.

User Feedback on Travel Supreme RV

Travel Supreme RV is a well-known RV for traveling. Many users own it and they are sufficiently satisfied with its service.

In a review on RV Insider, people have praised Travel Supreme by saying that it is made with quality materials and has a very livable and enjoyable accommodation.

If you look at this forum, you will notice some users have bad reviews as well. One user has a bad alternator voltage in his RV. Though that was the first time he had faced this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much engine power does the latest Travel Supreme have?

500 HP.

How many slides does the latest Travel Supreme have?

Quad Slide.

What is the Travel Supreme size range?

Travel Supreme trailers range in sizes from 28 – 41 feet.

Which class a Travel Supreme RV is?

Class A.

Which kind of RV is the Travel Supreme?

Luxury Oriented.


I’ve already discussed the issues and solutions for Travel Supreme RV. Therefore, while these issues are addressable, there are simply too many small ones to deal with throughout a cruise.

If any of these problems arise, be cautious to adhere to my suggestions.

Despite the frequency of some of these problems, you can prevent them by being responsible and taking good care of your RV. Proper maintenance is the key to keeping an RV in good condition over time.

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