Winnebago Solis Problems

The Winnebago Solis is a class B camper RV that can adapt for you in any place. With flexible prices, Winnebago Solis is a perfectly designed RV to go for a family adventure for a while.

Propane problem, shower pan leaks, pop-top canvas issue, winter issue, seal coming off, and exterior issue are the 6 most common Winnebago Solis problems.

Because your Winnebago Solis may have one of these problems at any time, you should be able to solve them. Let’s examine the most effective answers to these issues.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Winnebago SolisSolutions
Propane ProblemFix the pressure regulator.
Shower Pan LeaksBuy necessary replacement tools.
Pop-top canvas IssueRepair or replace the canvas.
Winter IssueUse RV Antifreeze.
Seal Coming OffHeat the sealant and repair, or apply new sealant.
Exterior IssueRegular maintenance.
Winnebago Solis Problems
Winnebago Solis

Common Winnebago Solis Problems and Solutions

1. Propane Problem

The propane problem is a common problem for Winnebago Solis. Firstly, this problem can happen from the propane source. Most commonly, the pressure regulator at the propane tank can fail.

The tank can leak and spill propane out of it. Also, another problem is, the regulator doesn’t supply as much propane as needed. It does not allow the proper amount of propane for the appliances.

Sometimes, there can be an issue with the stove or water heater which can cause the propane problem.

The Fix

For fixing, start from the pressure regulator. The pressure regulator often can be damaged. And it easily can be replaced.

When you replace it, make sure you get the proper type of compound or propane tape for the seals. Fixing the propane regulator problem is quite easy. Use pipe fittings or sealants if needed.

If there are problems with any of the appliances related to propane. Repair or replace them.

2. Shower Pan Leaks

Shower Pan leaks are a common problem for Winnebago Solis. Leaks are very bad and harmful to an RV’s interior. It can damage plywood materials, refrigerators, or carpets.

When the shower pan leaks, the cassette compartment underneath can be filled with water. So from here the water can overflow and make a huge mess.

The Fix

Fixing the water leaks problem is an immediate task for an RV owner. If this problem arises, you have to find the solution as soon as possible or it will be a bigger problem later.

The issue here is not a cassette toilet. Apply silicon sealant twice around the toilet base and other questionable locations if the caulking job in the shower is quite shoddy.

3. Pop-top Canvas Issue

One of the special features of Winnebago Solis is the pop-top bed. It gives you an extra bed as well as extra space.

The problem here is, the sides of the pop-top are made of canvas. So it can leak or be damaged even from a little external force. Or by sharp material.

The Fix

There is no good solution to this problem. Repair the canvas whenever damage appears.

For a permanent solution, replace the canvas with a sprinter base. This may cost more, but a permanent solution.

4. Winter Issue

Winnebago Solis is good in Winter. Moreover, there can be some serious insulation problems.

You maybe have to remove the rear and side door panels to reveal a ragged-cut rectangular piece of foam insulation. So this is a serious case.

The Fix

To prevent the water in the drain line from freezing in low temperatures, open the valve and add RV antifreeze.

However, there are no guarantees that the valve handle will operate if it is covered with frozen gunk.

Use caution when attempting to press the handle because it has plastic parts.

5. Seal Coming Off 

Rupturing sealant is a common issue for Winnebago Solis. Sealing is a very important material for an RV. It interrupts the rainwater or cold to come in.

The most typical problem is when seals on the windows and doors start to come off. After years of service, the seals are no longer functionally sound.

There could be leaks in a few different places. But the harm is severe. It could be necessary to replace the roof seal or any window or door seal.

The Fix

Apply heat to the damaged sealant. The seals will soften and become more pliable as a result of the heat, enabling you to move them.

To effectively fix the issue, you must remove the old, damaged sealant and replace it with a new one.

Check to see if the roof and window seals have been replaced. The best way to deal with this problem is to use durable, waterproof seals.

6. Exterior Issues

Winnebago Solis is specially made for travel to any rough place or through hot weather. So the exterior is quite durable.

Still, there can be damage on the exterior by external force or thrust, water damage from rain or snow, chipped paint, etc.

The Fix

Clean the exterior regularly. Do proper maintenance.

If the damage is too big, contact a repair company or the dealer so that they can give a better solution.

User Feedback on Winnebago Solis

The Winnebago Solis is a small RV specially made for cold weather. Many of its owners are pleased with its easy-to-carry advantage.

In a review on a forum, people praised Winnebago Solis by saying that buying Winnebago Solis is one of the best moves in their 50 years. They use it daily for the convenience of having a comfortable ride, a bathroom handy, and bringing along a meal.

If you look at this post from Winnie Owners, you will see that a user has been facing some problems with the stove. It shoots flames dangerously through the opening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Class is the Winnebago Solis?

Class B.

What is Winnebago Solis’s starting price?


What is the fuel capacity of Winnebago Solis?

24 gal.

What colors are available for Winnebago Solis?

Deep Cherry Red, Bright Silver, and Bright White.

Which chassis does the Winnebago Solis use?

Ram ProMaster chassis 2500 Series.


Winnebago Solis’s drawbacks have been in this article. Make sure you follow my recommendations if any of these issues come up.

Even though some of these issues are frequent, you can avoid them by being careful and taking good care of your van. Take proper care of the parts of the mentioned problems for a longer lifetime of your RV.

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