Every Pleasure-Way RV includes two 100 amp-hour lithium iron phosphate Eco-Ion coach batteries as standard equipment. They provide high-quality mobile homes at a reasonable cost.

They do, however, have some issues with them as a result of all of this. And I believe that everyone should be informed of the issues with RVs before purchasing or renting one.

Some of the most prevalent difficulties are door latches sticking, gas leaking, loose electrical connection, poor quality air condition, and small size of the RV.

I’ll go through the indications and resolutions to these issues. Continue reading to understand more about the concerns and drawbacks of the Pleasure-Way RV.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Problems with Pleasure Way RVSolutions
Door Latches StickingExamine the screws or bolts and adjust the alignments
Gas LeakRemove the connections and let the air circulate
Loose Electrical ConnectionSecure all connections to the fuse and breaker box
Poor Quality Air ConditionerClean the inside components regularly
Small SizeLook for other RVs of bigger size

Common Problems with Pleasure Way RV and the Solutions

The following are some of the flaws with this RV, as well as suggested fixes:

1. Door Latches Sticking

Broken internal mechanics jammed strike plates, and misaligned strike plates can cause door latches to stick.

Sometimes it’s merely a matter of adjusting the seals or a smack with a plank on the door or frame could work. The most prevalent cause of this problem is too tight stabilizers.

The Fix:

First, examine your door thoroughly to see where it is stuck. Examine the screws and bolts used to secure the latch to the door frame. With time and travel on rough roads, they might become loose.

If the door is out of alignment, you may need to adjust the door hinge so that the strike plate or bolt and the catch in the door’s lock are correctly aligned.

If you are unable to repair the door latches, you might consider replacing them. You can change the latch on your own. The finest recommendation for a longer usage is to switch to keyless access, which is well worth the investment.

2. Gas Leak

The gas does not always leak from the Pleasure-Way motorhome. If your luck is awful, this might happen due to the manufacturer. It’s easy to detect the gas leak in your RV.

A damaged propane line or a cracked and loose connection on your refrigerator, stove, water heater, or any other RV device that connects to the gas line might cause an RV propane leak.

Another sign is dead or dying indoor plants, as well as a hissing sound. If the propane tank is too old or has any cracks or scratches, the gas may leak.

The most evident indicator is to smell the propane, even though it has no odor. The odor is like rotten eggs.

The Fix:

Leaking gas is a serious situation that must be handled as soon as feasible.

To begin, turn off all the exposed flames and remove all sources of fire, but do not turn on or off any electrical switches. Then, to diffuse the gas, open all of the windows.

Disconnect the cylinder and move it to open space. Allowing your RV to air out can take something from fifteen minutes to a few hours, depending on the severity of the leak and the wind conditions in your location.

3. Loose Electrical Connection

The electrical connection might become slack at times. This type of issue might arise if the RVs shake while traveling or if the journey is bumpy. Electrical connections might be shaken away by these vibrations.

A little spark will occur at the loose connection when the RV’s electricity is switched off.

The fuses might have a loose connection issue. The fuses may appear to be in good condition, but they may be burned out.

The Fix:

Check the connections to the fuse or breaker box for loose connections, if the fuse or breaker is tripped or not, and whether the fuse is loose regularly.

If you find a defective glass fuse, you may test it in the same way by touching the tip to the metal component and checking both sides. Examine the batteries to ensure they aren’t damaged or otherwise inoperable.

It’s better if you learn about these common RV electrical issues before going on a trip and how to remedy them while on the road.

4. Poor Quality Air Conditioner

The temperature will rise alarmingly inside your RV if the Pleasure-Way RV air conditioner begins leaking water or the RV fans won’t even spin.

Inside the Pleasure-Way RV, domestic air conditioning is used. For RVs, domestic air conditioners are not the best.

If your RV air conditioner is not carefully maintained throughout the winter season, it may leak. Also, the manufacturer may have supplied you with a malfunctioning air conditioner.

A blocked drain pan is another typical source of leakage from your air conditioner into your RV.

The Fix:

As soon as you discover the leak, turn off the device. If you continue to use your air conditioner after discovering the leak, it may break down due to water accumulation.

The evaporator and fan coils on the inside, as well as the condenser coil on the outside, need to be cleaned.

If you still can’t get your air conditioner to work after all of this, contact a professional air conditioner service for help.

Check to verify whether your air conditioner is broken from the start and if so, go ahead and file a warranty claim.

5. Small Size

Pleasure-Way RVs are often smaller than other RV brands. The average length of this motorhome is 693 cm. It’s a big difference from many RVs.

The Pleasure-Way RV is designed for two adults and one child. This implies that if you have a three-person family, you may not have any storage issues unless you load your RV with too many items.

The Fix:

If you’re searching for a large RV, these aren’t the ones for you. The interior, on the other end, is perfectly sized.

The cabinet sizes are suitable for those who do not have a large number of dishes to store. If you have a bigger family, look for bigger ones.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

On the RV Insider website, Maggie Tuttle gave the RV a 5.00 rating and enthusiastically stated:

“I wanted something smaller, yet with a full bath/shower. The bathroom is as elegant in an R.V. that I’ve seen for one this length.”

Angel Pollan also expressed their delight about this motorhome:

“I loved our RV it felt like home away from home wherever we traveled to. I liked the privacy of our bedroom & the spaciousness of the RV.”

Though, another consumer from Nevada, Jack Baker, has complained to RV Insider:

“They claim they need all of their Domestic refer stock for units in production. I have lost all respect for Pleasure-Way and do not expect decent service for any future warranty claims if any.”

Though there is some controversy over the customer service of these RVs, there are many positive ratings on the forums for this budget.

Final Thoughts

I’ve listed all of the issues you’ll have to cope with after purchasing their RV. It is preferable to investigate all of them before making any further decisions.

If you have any difficulties with your RV, the solutions are here. And if you have any more complications, you should call an expert.

So, if you want something smaller and more homely than other recreational vehicles, their coaches are the prime choice for you on a budget.

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