5 Most Common Problems with Dynamax Isata 3 and Fixes

The Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter Chassis is used by Dynamax Isata 3. It has a dark-tinted entry door with a frameless window and an integrated shade. Premium Vinyl Flooring and a Soft-Touch Padded Vinyl Ceiling can be found throughout the RV.

At Dynamax, they claim that exceeding expectations isn’t a choice; it’s a tradition. They also claim to be extremely customer-oriented.

Despite all of the wonderful features, there are a few concerns with the RV that you should be aware of. Some of the most prevalent difficulties are roof leaks, malfunctioning sliders, tire blowouts, furnace fume, and window shade sealant drying.

I’ll explain the symptoms, and solutions to these problems. Continue reading to learn more about the Dynamax Isata 3.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Problems with Dynamax Isata 3Solutions
Roof LeakApply sealant to the roof’s joints.
Malfunctioning SliderKeep the slides clean and use professional help
Tire BlowoutsDo not load up and always inspect the tires
Furnace FumeClean the furnace and open the window for airflow
Window Shade Sealant DryingUse a sharp pen to reinstall or use sealant

Common Problems with Dynamax Isata 3 and the Solutions

Here are the 5 most common problems with the RV. Follow the instructions for a proper solution.

1. Roof  Leak

The roof leak is the most concerning issue with this RV. It’s very usual for a leak to go undetected until it’s too late to prevent further harm.

This is a problem that RVs experience when they sustain unforeseen damage or are exposed to extreme weather.

After a rain, open the overhead cabinets and look for any discoloration in the upper corners where the walls meet the ceiling.

The Fix:

It is preferable to apply sealant on the joints for longer usage. This will safeguard the roof for one or two seasons.

It’s advisable to have a roof emergency kit on hand in case something goes wrong while you’re on the road.

When your RV roof is damaged in an accident, your insurance provider will cover the cost of a new roof. A collision with a tree, a building, a sign, or any other low-hanging barrier is possible.

2. Malfunctional Slider

Some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the RV’s sliders, claiming that they do not function properly.

The slides moved without being touched. They had to unplug this for safety concerns since they were afraid it would fall out while driving.

This condition might be caused by an unexpectedly rocky ride. This can also occur as a result of a faulty power supply.

There is likely a problem with the power source, such as a blown fuse, poor wiring, or a low battery. The slide will not work properly if there is insufficient electricity.

The Fix:

To begin, verify the electronic problem to see if the connection is still operational. If this is the case, you should seek the advice of a professional.

Weight distribution issues can lead to balance issues, which can lead to turnovers. This happens especially when the road and weather conditions are poor.

All moving parts should also be cleaned. Dirt and dirt may wreak havoc on the slide’s performance, so keep them under control.

The slide’s imbalance is a severe problem. Any type of accident can occur as a result of this. It would be great if you asked for advice from a professional RV technician.

3. Tire Blowouts

Sometimes, the tire can blow up unexpectedly. This can be caused by insufficient wheel pressure.

Blowouts can also be caused by temperature changes and ordinary wear and tear on worn tires.

Many trailer tire blowouts are caused by excessive heat, which causes the tire to fail. Overloading the trailer and/or under-inflated tires are two of the most common causes of excessive heat build-up.

Under-inflation can also lead to tire blowouts. When a tire is underinflated, the side of the tire flexes more, generating heat. The heat is what causes the blowout.

The Fix:

Every time make sure your tires are inflated evenly before going on a journey. Always inspect your tires for bulges and cracks and keep an eye on their tread life.

In the event of a blowout, all you have to do is replace the old tires. On a lengthy journey, avoid loading your RV with heavy items.

This might result in tire blowouts and kill your time on the road. Always remember to have additional tires and tools with you on the trip.

4. Furnace Fuming

If your heater smells like it’s burning, it’s an indication that it needs to be cleaned.

It might be anything as simple as a clogged filter, or it could be something more severe, such as an electrical component failure.

Another reason is that if the furnace is not used for a season, a lot of dust accumulates on the heat exchanger.

When you turned on the gadget, the dust began to burn, emitting a strange odor that seemed like something had been burned.

The Fix:

It’s nothing to be concerned about; all you need to do is open your vehicle’s doors and windows after turning on the furnace. Then leave it running for around 30 minutes.

This should allow the car sufficient time to clear out all of the unwanted gases, and your furnace should now be operational. Allow plenty of time to clean the furnace.

Some apertures in the RV may allow exhaust vapors to enter. For example, may have corrosion that has ruined body metal panels.

If the corrosion holes are close to the furnace, gasses will be released when the heating system is turned on.

5. Window Shade Sealant Drying

Magnetic strips are used on the windows of the Dynamax Isata 3. These keep the shades in the cab sections closed and won’t open even if your car shakes a lot.

This feature is amazing, you don’t want them to fall off, but they do occasionally. Sealants are used to hold these thin strips in place in the gaps, but they might dry up and break apart over time.

The Fix:

You can generally reinstall the strip with a sharp tool such as a pen, and it should stay in place without issue.

If they continue to come off, a little quantity of sealant can be used to keep them in place. Don’t use too much since it will cover the magnet and prevent it from working.

So, be sure to double-check the amount of sealant you’re applying. In this scenario, sealant tape can also be used.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

In RV Insider, the Dynamax Isata 3 has a 3.7 average rating. Before you buy this, you should be aware of some criticism. Here are some reviews you can check and rethink before investing.

In the RV Insider forum, Peggy Applebaum from Colorado gave it a 2.00 rating and commented:

“This has been the worst purchase we have ever made. We have owned our Isata 3 for 3 months and have yet to be able to use it.”

Another delighted client stated in the Forest River Forums:

“We spent several months comparing all the different MBS chassis units in the end the Dynamax was the obvious way to go for us.”

Most of the customers are happy with the RV. Because some minor issues are to be expected.

Final Thoughts

I’ve outlined all of the issues you could face after getting Dynamax Isata 3.

If you think you’ll be able to handle the challenges and succeed, this is the one for you. Just keep in mind to seek out the treatments I suggested.

If you believe you need to replace any equipment in the RV, utilize your warranty card and contact the dealer.

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