Wolf Pup RVs are thin and compact, making them easy to tow. Cherokee’s Wolf Pup RVs are more self-contained than other RVs in their class.

Nevertheless, users’ alternatives are restricted, and they may run into difficulties with Wolf Pup RVs, which have various concerns.

However, the most common problems with Wolf Pup RV are deficiency of the storage, issues with wheels, hub, slides, passenger brake, and so on.

Let’s get started by knowing about the causes of the problems, the length of time you may travel your RV with the issues, and the fixes to the problems addressed in this post. Take a look on the screen to the very conclusion!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Deficiency of the storageExtending and enhancing the storage capacity
 Wheels problemsChanging the axle system
Hub problemsMilling two access slots behind the race and installing grease
Slides problemsUpgrading the slides
Passenger brake problemsClicking out the star wheel as quickly as possible

Most Common Problems with Wolf Pup RV and the Solutions

Your experience with Wolf Pup RV might deal with several types of problems. The reasons behind the problem and the most probable solution will be described below.

1. Deficiency of the Storage

Several users feel that the cabinets of Wolf Pup 16BHS RV do not have enough space to put their clothes, blankets, or supplies of sorts and the cabinets get filled up very fast.

There are no pull-out drawers which is kind of annoying for the users as they are not given the facility of storing tools. It also does not have a cabinet for hanging clothes.

The RV is very narrow that the dinette gets difficult to use. The dinette gets a tight squeeze to sit for four to five people at a time.

The Fix:

To solve the entire issue, you can reach out to the company’s customer care department. Their expert technicians can help you extend and enhance the storage capacity of your RV.

The organization has a lot of expertise in fitting each and every square inch of extra storage into small spaces like bedrooms. They collaborate with their clients to come up with innovative ways to keep your clothes, tools, and other materials in a way that you can get them quickly.

You can also buy a portable cabinet for storing your regular using tools that may cost around 60 to 70 USD. (Click here to buy)

2. Problems with Wheels

The problem affects a large number of users. The 17B Wolf Pup RV is equipped with two axles and a unit of tires. The users are extremely dissatisfied with Forest River and the dealer from whom they purchased the trailer, as well as the lack of communication they have had from them.

The difficulty is that the axle was designated below the dry weight even after removing the trailer’s hook-up weight. On the first journey out, the axle cracked.

Another disadvantage is having wheels on the outside of the box. It is rarely seen in other equivalents RVs.

The Fix:

If you face this problem, you can change the axle system which may cost around 70 to 78 USD. The interchange should be conducted by professional RV mechanics.

It is also suggested for you drive your Wolf Pup RV at the usual speed from the first trip so that the axle alongside the wheels would not be cracked quickly at an unexpected time.

Since there are wheels beyond the trailer box region of the RV, you should always keep in mind that you are about a foot and a half bigger on every side than the large box in the rereview mirror.

3. Problems with Hub

With the Wolf Pup 16PFBL RV, many users suffer problems with the hub due to poor greasing. The hub is not adequately greased on many occasions.

There was very little lubricant in the bearings on both sides. The hub’s core was made of raw cast iron. The seal had dried up, leaving a black stain on the spindle’s surface.

The small amount of lubricant left in the bearings was almost black. As a result, red stains may be found across the region due to the issue.

The Fix:

Sometimes you figure that changing the bearings and races by you would not be such a bad idea since you had gotten this far. You can fix it yourself if you do not have access from the back to drive it to the company’s customer care.

When you don’t have access to a welder but do have access to a milling machine, you may be one by milling two access slots behind the race. You should also clean the spindle grease and zerk and lubricate the hub center.

Install the grease and then pump it until it starts to push out the front. But it is preferable to fix the issue with professional mechanics.

4. Problems with Slides

Many users find the issue of slides with their Wolf Pup 18TO RV and Wolf Pup 17JG RV.  When stretching and retracting the slides, these stall out. Although many of them know that this is a rather significant out, they are unsure if they are missing something.

This is why, sometimes unintentionally, users ensure that they are perfectly level and have no excess weight on that section, yet the problem continues to worsen.

Rough driving on uneven roads may cause the issue. The slide may also get loosened due to shakiness while driving.

The Fix:

To solve the issue, check the size of the slides. It may be shorter than the slide frame. You can change the slides which is a very cheap cost.

You can be able to fix this on your own. YouTube videos or several websites would be really suggested to help you for fixing the issue.  

It will be more efficient for you if you can take it in for warranty work to the company’s service department. They will examine the problem and fix it with their expert mechanics.

5. Problems with Passenger Brake

It is a very risky problem when users have their Trip with Wolf Pup 16PFBL RV. It seems that the brake on the passenger side did not appear to be engaged.

Furthermore, when customers checked the temperature on the driver’s side cylinder during journey pauses, it was constantly around 140-150F, which is too risky to have mechanical error while driving.

The passenger side was never hotter than the tire/rim temperature, around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The issue may occur due to the poor cabling or sudden failure of the cylinder underneath the seat of the driver.

The Fix:

If you have this problem, click out the star wheel as quickly as possible, and then close to five clicks before the tire becomes difficult to turn. Also, make an effort to resemble the driver’s side.

You always should have checked the cylinder temperature gauge while driving your particular model of Wolf Pup RV. Its scale warns you before the cylinder gets unusually hot.

If, you could park your distinct RV safely somehow, take it to a professional mechanic who will fix this severe problem by examining it accurately.

How Do The Majority Of Users Feel about Wolf Pup RV?

Numerous consumers consider the Wolf Pup RV to be the ideal RV, but after only a few days of use, they become dissatisfied.

Problems begin to appear shortly after purchase. This begins with troubles with the hub, slides, and water system. Obviously, due to wheels and braking faults that may cause accidents when tripping, they must resist the harsh ride they get on the most dangerous highways.

A problem like insufficient storage is permanent from the beginning that forces you to fix it without hesitating.


After assuming my research, I found so many issues with Wolf Pup RV. It is better for you to try out other RVs at the same price.

Although it is a cheap cost to purchase, the frequent issues will be irritating for you to keep its maintenance.

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