The FR3 RV from Forest River Incorporation comes with three fantastic floor designs to select from. The motorhome is built on a Ford F53 chassis.

The vacuum bonded structure of the floor, walls, and roof is extremely durable. You will also receive an outdoor entertainment center with marine-grade speakers and a Television. However, you might expect certain downsides from the coaching.

Some typical FR3 RV problems include TV antenna not working, latches corroding, uncontrollable steering, entry steps remaining extended, generator not starting, faulty leveling system, and deteriorating rooftop.

In this post, I’ll go through some of the most prevalent FR3 RV problems. Have a look at the table below for a quick summary.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with FR3 RVSolutions
TV Antenna Not WorkingInspect cables, wall plate, and antenna head
Storage Latches CorrodingInstalled and clean waterproof latches
Uncontrollable SteeringInstall sway and Tru Trac bars
Entry Steps Refuses to ExtendExamine the battery control box fuse
Generator Refusing to StartLevel the RV properly
Faulty Leveling SystemFix or replace leveling jacks
Deterioration of the RooftopReplace the sealant or roof

7 Common Problems with FR3 RV and Their Possible Solutions:

These mentioned issues mostly affect FR3 motorhomes. I gathered the data from several blogs, websites, forums, and videos. Continue reading to discover more about the issues and their solutions.

1. TV Antenna Not Working

If the TV is not receiving a signal, the antenna may be damaged. The coaxial wires have the potential to cause the antenna to fail. These cables may corrode. Furthermore, the lead may not be intact and of sufficient length.

Some consumers have also expressed faults in the wall plate. It might become defective over time. If the board on the wall plate delivers accurate readings on the multi-meter, the issue might be with the antenna amplifier or antenna head.

The Fix:

To commence, use a functional multi-meter to examine the coaxial wires of the TV antenna. If you do not receive a 12-volt reading, the wires must be replaced.

Next, examine the wall plate and obtain a reading from the board. Inspect the antenna amplifier in the antenna head as well.

Now, detach the antenna head and turn on the wall plate. If the antenna light is illuminated, the antenna head has failed. The component will need to be replaced.

When checking the wires and the wall plate, wear non-conductive gloves. Check that the lead is the correct length and is securely attached.

2. Storage Latches Corroding

There are storage compartments beneath the FR3 RV. Despite the large storage capacity, the locks corrode with time. This is because of rainwater. The outside dirt and debris from the road also harm the latches.

If these are substantially damaged, the storage system may be compromised. Outsiders can simply get entry to the storage container. The latches also occasionally fail to function properly.

The Fix:

The storage unit’s latches are not waterproof. If you reside in a wet environment, I strongly suggest you install waterproof locks. If dirt or tiny objects become lodged on the latches, they might be damaged as well.

Inspect the latches regularly for dirt accumulation. They should be cleaned on a constant schedule. You should also use caution when opening and shutting the latches since they might be physically harmed.

3. Uncontrollable Steering

You may feel uneasy when driving the coach. You may occasionally suffer extreme swaying. As a result, maintaining the RV in its lane may become challenging.

This issue is caused by the coaches’ lack of an anti-sway bar. The FR3 struggles to maintain stability on the road. In many circumstances, this might lead to a dangerous accident.

Heavy vehicles driving by your FR3 may potentially cause the vehicle to lose control.

The Fix:

On the back of the RV, you need to add a sway bar. Install a Tru Trac bar in front of the vehicle on the front end. These will stop the wandering and severe axle side swaying.

You will be able to drive the vehicle safely. There will be no vibrations if any heavy trucks pass you. Installing sumo springs on both ends of your FR3 can improve its stability.

4. Entry Steps Refuses to Extend

The entry step of the front door may occasionally refuse to extract entirely. This occurs when you wish to extend the stairs while outside.

When the switch is turned off, the steps should be extended. However, even if the switch is switched off, it may insert and extract automatically.

The Fix:

When not utilizing the steps, remove the inline fuse as a temporary repair. They are positioned at the bottom of the stairs.

To permanently resolve the problem, look inside the battery control center box. It’s near the coach batteries.

There is a fuse that provides logic to the step controller. When the step switch is turned on, the stairs remain extended.

5. Generator Refusing to Start

The generator often refuses to start if the RV is not leveled while parked. Parking on uneven terrain aggravates the situation. The generator’s sensor must be in contact with the oil in the tank.

Because of the slope, the sensor may not detect any oil inside if the RV is not leveled.

The Fix:

The remedy is to level your RV once it has been parked. Your FR3 motor home is equipped with an auto-leveling system. So, use it strategically to maintain your RV level on flat terrain.

If you need to use the generator, avoid parking your RV on uneven terrain. If you must park there, adjust the RV’s level accordingly.

6. Faulty Leveling System

The FR3 RV’s leveling mechanism is also prone to failure over time. When the system fails, the RV loses pressure. As a result, the RV is unable to remain level with the ground.

This issue is also the cause of the previously described issue. As a consequence, you may encounter many water leakage concerns.

The Fix:

You must examine the leveling jacks. They can develop flaws. If you see any obvious damage, try to fix it.

However, most of the time, the FR3 RV’s leveling mechanism requires replacing. If you wish to replace the system, get expert assistance.

7. Deterioration of the Rooftop

The FR3 RV’s roofing has been reported damaged. The roof collects water inside and deforms.

As a result, the water cannot be simply drained. If water accumulates over an extended period, leaks will appear all over the roof of your motorhome.

The Fix:

You must first prevent this problem. Check that the roof is adequately sealed. Apply fresh sealant if any sealant has fallen off.

If the problem is already present, you may need to replace the entire roof. This will cost you a lot of money.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The FR3 RVs have received both negative and positive reviews on various forums and websites. It has got 3.6 out of 5 from 44 reviews on the RV Insider website.

Final Thoughts

I’ve included the majority of the usual issues that you could face if you own an FR3 RV.

If you want a proper solution, carefully follow my directions. Preserve your coach as well if you do not want to experience any of these issues in the future.

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