Dynamax is a division of the Forest River Incorporation. The Dynamax DX3 features a Detroit DD8 7.7L engine with 375 HP. The motorhome also comes with a Freightliner M2 106 and 4-floor plans with variations. This RV, however, has some flaws.

Slide-out fault code, null point resetting, suspension air pressure issue, faulty awning retract, leaking water tanks, and airbags deflating are some common Dynamax DX3 issues.

Let’s take a brief look at all of the issues and potential solutions.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Problems with Dynamax DX3Solutions
Slide-Out Fault CodeFollow the instructions properly
Auto Level Null Point ResettingRecalibrate the auto level null point
No Air Pressure to SuspensionTighten and upgrade the U bolts
Faulty Awning Auto RetractInstall a bigger rod
Leaking Water TanksInspect and fix any cracks
Air Bags DeflatingExamine leaks and replace the airbags

Common Problems with Dynamax DX3 and the Solutions

I will go over each of these issues in-depth explaining the symptoms, causes, and fixes.

1. Slide-Out Fault Code

There may be occasions when pressing the slide-out button does nothing. The flashing fault code on the Dynamax DX3 is a common problem. This problem is primarily caused by low voltage.

If your RV has been in storage for an extended period, the batteries may be depleted. As a result, the low battery will cause the slide-out to display a fault code.

If the flashing alternates between green and red light, the sliding stop may have failed.

The Fix:

Check that you are connected with power. Then start the chassis engine or generator. Then you must remove the wall-mounted panel. Then, take the panel from the wall.

The set stops button is located in the bottom left corner. Hold it for no more than one second or it will be reset.

Press and hold the set stops button for five seconds to halt the red and green flashes. The flashing will then be limited to green, and the red LED will be illuminated. Set the in stop first, then the out stop.

Hold down the slide-out motor buttons until they are fully retracted. Then, to correctly reset it, push and release the set stops button. Then, while holding down both motor buttons, hit the out key and the set stops button.

2. Auto Level Null Point Resetting

There is a null point in the auto level system. You may store the settings for all of the legs to a null point state. Although the level is already established at the factory, operating in low voltage circumstances may cause the null point to be wiped.

As a result, the auto-leveling system will behave unpredictably. This is most probably the cause of the auto level not working but you can still control the jacks manually.

The Fix:

To calibrate the null point, you must first ensure that the coach is leveled. The front, back, left, and right buttons on the panel can be used to manually set the level.

Then, hold down the auto level button. Now, while holding the auto level button, hit the power button. When you hear a beeping sound, release the button.

This will appropriately reset your null point. Finally, press the power button once more and you’re ready to go.

3. No Air Pressure to Suspension

This is a minor complaint about the Dynamax DX3. This problem has been reported by a large number of users. The loosening of the U bolt causes this problem.

The axle U bolts attach the vehicle’s axles to the suspension’s leaf springs. However, if the air brakes are not correctly tightened, they might get separated.

The Fix:

When purchasing the RV, have the mechanic double-check the U bolts below the coach. Every two to three months, you should also examine the U bolts.

Tighten the U bolt if it has become loose. This might happen as a result of vibration. Also, if the U bolts are broken due to poor connection, replace them with higher quality ones.

4. Faulty Awning Auto Retract

Some Dynamax DX3 awnings are known to auto rebound for no apparent reason. This is a highly inconvenient problem since the awning can retract automatically at any time.

The primary cause of this problem is a manufacturing fault. A rod is placed through the awning. It is a little too short for the auto rebound system to work. As a result, the mechanism fails.

The Fix:

To resolve this issue, you must replace the rod within the awning. It is difficult to find at local shops or marketplaces.

If you contact your dealer, they might be able to help you. You can also contact Dynamax to address the issue to get it fixed by the warranty.

5. Leaking Water Tanks

Your Dynamax DX3 has three water tanks. The fresh, grey or black water tanks may all leak. Sometimes the leak is caused by using too much force with a pipe wrench or a channel lock.

As a result of this, the fitting may crack. It might not be obvious at first. However, water will leak through the gaps.

The Fix:

This is also a manufacturing flaw that affects many Dynamax DX3s. You may easily identify the problem if you test all of the water tanks before purchasing the RV.

If the fitting is cracked, it may need to be replaced. As a result, it is preferable to get it changed at the dealer rather than spend your own money.

If you find a leak or crack while driving, cease all water supply and seek expert assistance as soon as possible.

6. Air Bags Deflating

After you have completed your ride on the Dynamax DX3, the airbags can collapse in a matter of hours. The air is manually let out by the valves on either side.

Dust particles can accumulate on these. The airbags are also capable of leaking. As a result, they will rapidly lose air pressure.

The Fix:

When the air pressure is at its peak, turn off the engine and listen attentively. You may notice the sound of losing air.

When you press the dump button, you can see which valve is releasing the air. It is located near the rear differential. Then, apply some soapy water to it. It is leaking if you observe any bubbles.

To avoid the leak, you should replace it. You may move the valve around to allow some air to escape and clean it. As a temporary measure, the airbags may remain inflated for a few days.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The Dynamax DX3 has gotten many positive feedbacks on many forums and websites. It has received 4.1 out of 5 on the RV Insider website.

Chuck from South California is very with his 2017 Dynamax DX3 37RB. He expressed his thoughts:

“The ride, the comfort, the quality, and the Dynamax people including the GM are very approachable and supportive. The floor plan is great.”

The coach has also received some bad reviews on some forums. A user from the Forest River Forums has said:

“Things seemed to work okay. Xantrex unit failed after one week. 3 boards burned up in it. Dynamax was not a lot of help.”

Although most of the users are happy with their motorhome, some are disturbed by the minor flaws. The slide-out fault code is one of the most common ones.

Final Thoughts

That summarizes the most typical issues that you may encounter with the Dynamax DX3. Following my guidance will assist you in preventing and resolving the majority of the difficulties.

Maintain your RV regularly if you want fewer troubles. Have a safe journey!

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