The Arctic Fox 22G, produced by Northwood and independently certified, features a completely welded, thick-wall aluminium frame and an off-road chassis for years of wonderful journeys!

This Arctic Fox 22G is the smallest of the family, at only 23′ 10″ tall. Despite its size, it still has many of the brand’s most important features. You may also experience some of the most common problems with this RV.

USB port failure, microwave magnetron failure, shower leak, water heater failure, furnace refusing to work, and unprotected switches are some of the most common issues.

I’ll go over the symptoms and treatments for these conditions. Continue reading to find more about the challenges and concerns with the arctic fox 22G RV.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Problems with Arctic Fox 22GSolutions
USB Port FailureClean up the dirt and replace the wires
Microwave Magnetron FailureCheck the power supply or replace it
Shower LeakTight the connections and apply sealant
Water Heater FailureRepair the power switch and the thermostat
Furnace MalfunctioningCheck the voltage and replenish the propane tank regularly
Unprotected SwitchesPurchase and install cabinet switch protectors

Common Problems with Arctic Fox 22G and the Solutions

Take a closer look at the issues I outlined initially:

1. USB Port Failure

It’s most likely a faulty USB portal or a loose connection. Over time, crimped or older wires tend to break down, causing your outlets to stop working as efficiently as they once did.

If your USB outlets suddenly cease working in the middle of a journey, your electrical circuits may have been damaged or failed.

It is not operating due to several factors, the most common of which is a loose connection and faulty wiring. If not, the problem might be with the fuse panel.

The Fix:

If it doesn’t appear that debris or dirt has rendered your RV USB outlet unusable, consult an expert to determine the extent of the damage.

You should first reset your breaker, next repair the damage and replace your broken outlet, and then invest in new wiring.

It’s advisable to replace your USB port if it’s broken. If you’re doing the work yourself, make sure you disconnect your RV from all power sources.

2. Microwave Magnetron Failure

In this RV, the microwave does not always operate. The microwave will not work correctly in that outlet if the voltage is too low. However, this might be a problem with the pedestal outlet where your RV is hooked in.

Magnetron failure is the most common cause of this problem. To cook food, a magnetron employs high voltage to create microwave frequency. The magnetron will burn out if the microwave is switched on when it is empty.

This problem can also occur if your microwave is hooked into a malfunctioning socket that isn’t supplying enough electricity.

The Fix:

Try connecting your RV to another outlet if possible, since the problem might be there.

Because a burnt magnetron cannot be restored, it must be replaced. Malfunctioning diodes, capacitor burn, a faulty door switch, and transformer failure are all possible reasons for this problem.

Check the power source that the microwave is connected to. You have the option of purchasing an RV-specific appliance or a domestic microwave if you need to replace your RV microwave.

To avoid the problem, make sure you select the proper wattage.

3. Shower Leak

Some customers of the Arctic Fox 22G complained about the RV’s shower leaking.

The weight of an adult pushing down on the shower pan causes it to bend in most RV shower pans.

The bending between the drain and the shower pan will allow the water to spill if there is any looseness.

The Fix:

The simplest method to solve a shower leak is to start with the most basic issues.

It’s possible that all you have is a loose connection that has to be tightened, or that some caulk has a hole in it.

If your RV is still under warranty, simply take it to the nearest authorized dealer or repair shop and have the problem fixed by trained mechanics.

4. Water Heater Failing

If you don’t have enough hot water or have problems with water temperature fluctuations, it’s possible that your water heater is not working.

You may notice a reduction in water flow and hear some alarming noises at times.

Due to the presence of an electric heater in this RV, the cause might be as simple as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

The Fix:

If the propane water heater of the Arctic Fox 22G isn’t operating, the first thing to search for is blown fuses.

Then, after diagnosing a defective water heater thermostat, replace the thermostat switch. You may either investigate and fix a defective power switch yourself or hire an expert.

5. Furnace Malfunctioning

Due to a problem with the sail switch, it’s not unusual for an RV furnace fan to operate but generate no heat.

Whether your furnace won’t come on, first check to see if the filter is clean. Filters that are dirty result in inadequate airflow, which might prevent the furnace from starting.

A damaged flame sensor might be the cause of your furnace’s failure to ignite. Low battery voltage is one of the issues that might arise.

The battery power is insufficient or the furnace fuse being blown are both probable causes of ignition failure. If your propane or gas furnace won’t light, it might be because you don’t have enough propane or your gas valve won’t open.

The Fix:

First, make sure your RV’s house batteries are in good condition or not. Also, make sure the voltage is sufficient.

Make sure your filter is clean and free of debris if the damage is too much then replace it.

Examine the propane level and, if necessary, refill it. It’s recommended to have an RV propane regulator assist you to adjust the pressure in your propane tank.

6. Unprotected Switches

Customers were irritated by the exposed switches, which is the manufacturer’s fault.

The switches in the cabinet were unsecured, allowing moving items to hit them and turn them on and off at random.

The Fix:

You may call the dealer and request that they take action, and if the results are unfavorable, you can fix it yourself.

A cabinet switch protector can be purchased at any local hardware shop. The outlet cover is also available on Amazon for between $8 and $13.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

This Arctic Fox 22G RV has a lot of excellent features, although there are some mixed reviews about it in multiple forums.

On the RV Insider website, a client from Georgia gave the Arctic Fox 22G a 4.6 rating and pleasantly commented:

“Great camper for weekends as a couple, easy to pull, quality build. It has a wide body, all-season, 200W solar panel with 1000W true-sine inverter.”

In the I RV 2 forum, another client reported on this RV:

“I have a 2017 Arctic Fox 22G. We found only 1 installation defect. The fire extinguisher bracket was screwed into just the surface laminate, not the underlying framing.”

In the forums, the users have complained the most about the microwave issue. Many customers had to replace the burn magnetron.

Final Thoughts

The Arctic Fox 22G RV is a compact recreational vehicle with a unique function. If you’re looking for a small RV without a slide, this RV might be a great option.

Certain difficulties do, however, occur with time. If you run into any of the problems I’ve listed, remember to follow the instructions.

I wish you a pleasant and safe journey with your Arctic Fox 22G recreational vehicle.

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