Trails West Trailer Problems

The Trails West trailers come in 5 of the most unique designs. These are the Horse Trailers, Living Quarters Trailers, Stock Combo Trailers, Snowmobile Trailers, and RPM Freeride Trailers.

The most common problems with the Trails West Trailers are breakage of the cross member, water heater damage, generator overheating, cracked gooseneck, LP gas problems, and bad customer service.

In their experience traveling in an RV, the majority of Trails West Trailer customers deal with many of these problems. So, let’s discover more about the issues and their solutions in this article.

Common Trails West Trailer Problems and Solutions

Problems with Trails West TrailerSolutions
Breakage of Cross MemberWeld or replace the cross member.
Water Heater DamageUse a hose manufactured for portable water.
Generator OverheatChange oil and filter, repair hoses.
Cracked GooseneckRepair or change the gooseneck.
LP Gas IssueMaintain properly and troubleshoot if needed.
Bad Customer ServiceSpeak to the dealer.
Trails West Trailer Problems
Trails West Trailer

1. Breakage of Cross Member

If the screws under the insulation of the trailer are not predrilled or drilled too close to the flange, it will create small fractures to the cross member. This fracture can turn into the breakage of a cross member.

Extra heat, cold weather, and harsh road can lead this fracture to bigger breakage. By that time, the breakage gets bigger and bigger which is a major problem for a horse trailer.

The Fix

Welding can fix the problem although it is a cheap way but not a 100% proper way to fix it. A horse trailer is very heavy weight. By the time the fracture comes apart very soon.

So, fixing with welding is not the proper solution. The only way to repair properly is to replace the cross member.

2. Water Heater Damage

When a city water connection is needed, the city water hookup will automatically pressurize the freshwater system. Sometimes, particularly in hilly areas, this pressure can be extremely intense.

High pressure might harm the water heater and result in leaks in the freshwater system.

The Fix

As the problem can cause major harm to the trailer, we need to prevent it. A hose manufactured can be a solution. Water pressure regulators can be attached to protect the freshwater system.

Furthermore, to ensure that the hose won’t impart any flavor to the water when you connect to a city water hookup, choose a hose designed for portable water.

3. Generator Overheat

The generator is an optional power source for Trails West trailers. The generator does flow the power to several appliances as required.

But we should not use more than two major appliances at a time. This makes the generator give 110-volt service. As a result, the generator overheats and shut down.

The Fix

Frequently change the batteries when it’s needed. Check the circuit breakers and main breakers.

There are various ways that the generator can be overheated. So the solution is in different ways as well. Change oil and filters regularly, repair broken hoses, do not block the exhaust area, and clean the exterior.

4. Cracked Gooseneck

A structural crack of the gooseneck is a common problem for trailers. It can happen suddenly by any accident or after several years when it is older.

Gooseneck length is also an issue. Taking overweight can be a cause of gooseneck crack too.

The longer the gooseneck is the more possibility to have a cracked gooseneck because it is more difficult to carry and handle than a longer gooseneck. A broken axle is also a bad issue and is almost similar to the gooseneck crack.

The Fix

Find someone who can scoop it up and do some cheap repair by welding or other methods. You can go over the trailer with a fine tooth comb too. Changing the whole gooseneck can be a permanent solution.

Also, the longer the trailer the more experienced the driver should be.

5. LP Gas Issue

The problem is LP gas under pressure can be dangerous. When burned, it does release moisture into the air and can lead to condensation on windows when used as open heating in small spaces.

It also uses up oxygen during combustion. The majority of contemporary appliances contain low oxygen sensors that put out the flame before it becomes unsafe.

Also, the appliance that consumes LP gas can stop working.

The Fix

Turn off the main gas valve when the appliances are not in use. Keep open flame and spark-producing material away from any area where LP gas is used.

To reduce the risk of pilot lights igniting fuel fumes, turn off the appliance pilot lights when filling or venting LP tanks and when refueling your tow vehicle.

Do not transport or store LP tanks, gasoline, or other flammable liquids inside your trailer.

6. Bad Customer Service

The customer service of Trails Wests is sometimes not satisfactory. Some customers claimed that they didn’t get a proper warranty when it was needed.

Also, some customers appealed that the owner’s manual of Trails West doesn’t give proper solutions.

The Fix

Trails West’s customer service department isn’t extremely attentive to its customers. You should speak with your dealer about your problem; they will help you to resolve the matter.

You can also purchase from other companies and get in touch with the manufacturer of the exact damaged product if you require any warranty service.

User Feedback on Trails West Trailer

Trails West Trailer is a well-known trailer for keeping and traveling with your horses. Many users own it and they are satisfied with its service.

In this post on the Facebook group review, people have praised the Trails West Trailer. One person has also said that their service is kind, attentive, and genuine.

If you look at this post from Hardcoresledder forums, you will notice some users have given bad reviews as well. Most of them claimed warranty service issues and some breakage problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Trails West trailer’s horse capacity?

From 1 to 6 number o1f horses.

What is a Trails West trailer’s horse chamber floor made of?

Wooden floor.

How many years has the Trails West trailer been giving service?

30 years.

How do I get replacement parts for my trailer?

From any authorized Trails West dealer or directly from the factory.

Which kind of RV is the Trails West?

Horse trailer.


I have mentioned the Trails West Trailer problems and remedies. Make sure that you follow my recommendations if any of these issues come up.

Even though some of these issues are frequent, you can avoid them by being responsible and taking good care of your trailer.

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