7 Winnebago Aspect 30J Problems You Should Know

The Winnebago Aspect 30J is similar to the Aspect 27K with a few variations. The Aspect 30J features three slide outs with a dinette, sofa, and wardrobe.

Electrical issues, drive seat issues, roof popping out, sink leakage, doors and windows problems, burning out ITC LED, and fractured roofs are some common problems with the Winnebago Aspect 30J.

I will go into detail about each of these issues and offer solutions in this article. So, let’s quickly review the problem and solution table below.

Common Winnebago Aspect 30J Problems and Solutions

Problems with Winnebago Aspect 30JSolutions
Roof Pops OutChange the roof materials.
Driver Seat IssuesFollow the user manual and a specific process.
Electrical IssuesChange electrical components or call for an expert.
Sink LeakageReplace or repair the sink.
Doors and Windows ProblemsApply heat and reshape the sealing.
Burning Out ITC LEDReplace the LEDs.
Fractured RoofReplace the complete roof.
Winnebago Aspect 30J Problems
Winnebago Aspect 30J

1. Roof Pops Out

To prevent the radius from expanding once more, a bead of sealant is applied to the side rails and it is bonded down.

For adhesive fails or extreme sun heat, the roof pops out and the whole thing gets ripped off. As a result, when the roof is damaged, water gets to hold everywhere which might lead to roof damage or roof leaking.

The Fix

The solution to this problem is to change the whole roof material, roof decking, and the corresponding standard vent. It is very costly.

More importantly, on the roof radius where it meets that gutter, the awning rail on the side should be a not-cracked seam. So you shouldn’t be able to see between the aluminum and the fiberglass of that radius.

2. Driver Seat Issue

Some Winnebago Aspect 30J RV has an issue with the driver seat. The passenger seat may be turned without issue.

However, the driver’s seat bumps into the steering wheel and is inoperable in any position. The reason behind this is maybe the seat mount was backward.

The Fix

It is solvable. Consult your user manual. It’s a somewhat complicated procedure. But it fits snugly.

To fix the issue you have to follow several steps. Stay calm and patient as you raise the recliner, lift the armrest, pull the lever to release it, turn a little, move forward or backward as necessary, turn more, and repeat.

By doing the process continues the problem will be gone permanently.

3. Electrical Issue

Winnebago Aspect 30J has some electrical issues such as faulty outlets, older components, frayed wires, voltage issues, fault indicators, etc.

These problems are solvable. They may cost a little, but fixing these problems is a must.

The Fix

The damaged electrical components can be readily hung up. At the same time, repair the broken or damaged cables. The most prevalent parts that can be simply replaced include indicators, fuses, breakers, etc.

However, call for an expert for issues with the voltage system and the power supply.

4. Sink Leakage

A leaking sink can harm the Winnebago Aspect 30J badly. A sink can leak suddenly or by thrust. There could be several reasons behind this.

The leakage could pose a significant problem for the RV. Internal materials could be harmed by the water leak.

The Fix

The sink issue needs to be solved as soon as possible. Or it will be the cause of greater harm. Replacing the sink with a new one is the best solution.

There is also a cheaper way. You can also apply a ceramic coating on the leaking area of the sink.

You only need to tighten the connectors or pipes to fix the problem properly.

5. Doors and Windows Problems

Problems with the doors and windows are frequent with the Winnebago Aspect 30J. The glass can be broken or there might be leaks visible.

The window or door seal may be harmed. The sealant may break or disappear after a while.

Another undesirable and upsetting issue is noise coming from the entrance or window.

The Fix

Use Lubricants or oil on the joints of doors or windows. This may decrease the sound or noise.

To repair the sealant of the window, you can apply heat to it. For the heat, the seal may soften. Then you can place it accordingly. Also, you can change the sealant as well.

Replacing the door or window will solve any permanent issue with them.

6. Burning Out ITC LED

The ITC LEDs in the ceiling have a recognized problem. They are rapidly exhausting themselves. They are aware of the issue, and it appears that ITC is as well.

The Fix

Change all the faulty LEDs and replace them with new ones. Hire good and experienced technicians.

You can also claim a warranty, or call the seller to advise or suggest.

7. Fractured Roof

The Winnebago Aspect 30J has a roof made with glass fiber. Glass fiber is extremely hard but has less elongation ability.

Harsh weather, cold, and extreme sunlight can be the cause of fractured roof surfaces.

The Fix

This issue cannot be effectively solved. You can just discard the broken carbon glass cheaply and determine whether the damage is merely aesthetic.

The roof repair tape can be used to temporarily address this as well. Although it won’t address your issue, this can lessen the harm.

It may be necessary to replace the complete roof or repair the entire insulation system to fix the roof permanently.

User Feedback on Winnebago Aspect 30J

The Winnebago Aspect 30J is a well-known RV. Many of its owners are pleased with how well it performs.

In a review on RV Insider, people have praised Winnebago Aspect 30J by saying that Winnebago does the details well, and they found the RV to be generally sturdy all around.

If you look at this forum, you’ll see that some users have left negative ratings as well. A Winnebago Aspect 30J with AC that belongs to one user is in poor shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Class is the Winnebago Aspect 30J?

Class C.

What is the length of the Winnebago Aspect 30J?

30 to 32 feet.

What is Winnebago Aspect 30J fuel capacity?

55 gallons.

How many exterior options does the Winnebago Aspect 30J have?

4 options


I have given solutions for some problems of the Winnebago Aspect 30J. Even though these problems are solvable, there are still some which need regular maintenance.

If any of these problems arise, bear in mind my suggestions and proceed with caution.

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