Winnebago Ekko Problems

Winnebago Ekko is a class C coach which is known for its efficiency similar to a camper van. It has a pass-through garage for parking any small vehicles such as a cycle or a lawnmower.

Burned inverter, interior problems, damaged balmar controller, temperature problems in exterior compartment, sealant coming off, and solar panel problem are the most common problems with this RV that you should know.

In this article, I will discuss each of these problems in detail with the solutions. So, let’s take a quick look at a problem and solutions table.

Common Winnebago Ekko Problems and Solutions

Problems with Winnebago EkkoSolutions
Burned InverterReplace the inverter.
Interior ProblemBuy necessary replacement tools.
Damaged Balmar ControllerRepair or replace the balmar controller.
Temperature Problems in Exterior CompartmentKeep running the fans and electric heater.
Sealant Coming OffApply new sealant.
Solar Panel ProblemFix the solar panel.
Winnebago Ekko Problems
Winnebago Ekko

1. Burned Inverter

The inverter is a very important part of an RV. The inverter converts the power from the generator to 110V, which can be usable for the RV.

This is a manufacturing fault. When they power wash it during the dealer preparation, the water speeded without their concern. And this causes a burned inverter.

Without the inverter, the whole RV will not get power.

The Fix

Changing the inverter is the only solution. The burned inverter cannot be fixed. As it can not be repaired, simply replace it with a new one.

Call the seller or dealer when you find the burned inverter. They will give you a proper solution.

2. Interior Problem

There are several potential problems with the Winnebago Ekko’s interior. Over time, the plywood rack can be broken, the refrigerator can be damaged. The carpet may have tenacious stains.

Additionally, check the countertops for mildew. The dings and dents can damage the cabinets and walls.

The Fix

If this problem arises, You have to find the solution as soon as possible. Or it will be a bigger problem later.

You’ll need to visit your neighborhood auto markets to obtain replacement parts for your RV.

3. Damaged Balmar Controller

Balmar Controller is a very important device for Winnebago Ekko. The Balmar controller manages the power produced by the engine.

If the balmar controller is damaged, the battery will not charge from the engine. So the RV will not get the power. Because it is the main power source.

The Fix

Replace the balmar controller. The Balmar controller is the main part that controls and supplies the power to the battery.

So fixing the balmar controller is a must, and should be as soon as possible.

4. Temperature Problems in Exterior Compartment

The exterior is the outside part of Winnebago Ekko. Exterior protects RV from external dust or thrust. Winnebago Ekko’s exterior has some issues that can be visible easily.

Especially in the winter season the cold or snow can be a problem for the exterior of Winnebago Ekko.

Even though Winnebago Ekko is specially made for cold weather, it can harm the exterior.

The Fix   

It’s difficult to stay with temperature problems in the external compartments. You ought to have the electric heater set to 74 when the outdoor temperature dropped below freezing.

Turn on at least three fans. Everything will work out just fine. Repair the heater if it drops to 50.

5. Sealant Coming Off

Seals coming off from the windows and doors are the most common issue. The seals no longer work correctly after years of use.

And as a result, cold or rainwater can readily enter the house and quickly drown everything.

Leaks can be a serious issue for Winnebago Ekko owners. Leaks may exist in a few possible locations. But the damage is bad. Re-sealing the roof or any window or door seals may be necessary.

The Fix

You can repair the seal for the windows, doors, or roofs if it has changed shape or peeled off by applying a little heat.

Because of the heat, the seals will soften and become more malleable, allowing you to move them.

You must take out the old, broken sealant and replace it with a new one to effectively resolve the problem.

Make sure the seals on the windows as well as the roof have been upgraded. Using waterproof seals with a long lifespan is the greatest solution to this issue.

6. Solar Panel Problem

Winnebago Ekko has an extra power source rather than a generator and engine power. The solar panel is attached to it for giving more confidence and comfort to its owner.

On the surface of solar panel glass cells, microscopic fractures, hot spots, and cracks can develop, enlarge with time, and reduce the efficiency of solar cells.

The solar panel is the backup power of Winnebago Ekko. The solar panel can get broken or damaged. Loose wiring, PID effect, and inner module damage are some solar panel damages.

The Fix

Clean the solar panel on a regular basis. Try to move the solar panel less. If the solar panel is cracked, change the specific block if possible.

Repairing the solar panel needs a skilled technician. So contact the seller or any reliable repair company who can repair this for you.

User Feedback on Winnebago Ekko

The Winnebago Ekko is a great RV for long drives and trips. It has received both positive and negative reviews from many forums and blogs.

In a review on a forum, people praised Winnebago Ekko by saying that Winnebago Ekko is a perfect fitted RV for the winter season. It can control the temperature and is enough durable.

If you look at this forum, you’ll see some negative sides of the Winnebago Ekko. A user has said that he had a problem with the toilet dump.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Class is the Winnebago Ekko?

Class B.

What is Winnebago Ekko’s starting price?


What is the fuel capacity of Winnebago Ekko?

31 gal.

What is Winnebago Ekko’s Awning Length?

13 foot.

What is Winnebago Ekko’s warranty duration?

12-month/15,000-mile limited warranty.


I have mentioned Winnebago Ekko’s drawbacks. These problems are solvable, but it has too many small problems to address them all. Make sure you follow my recommendations if any of these issues come up.

Even though some of these issues are frequent, you can avoid them by being careful and taking good care of your RV. The major factor in making an RV last throughout time is proper maintenance.

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