XLR Toy Hauler Problems

XLR Toy Hauler is a series of RVs owned by the Forest River company. These are XLR Thunderbolt, XLR Viper, XLR Hyper Lite, and XLR Nitro. These RVs are known for being inexpensive and lightweight.

The 6 most common problems with the XLR Toy Haulers are a broken faucet, ramp door issues, hard to pull the tank valve, leaking windows, water leaks around the slide-out region, and problems with the roof.

You should know how to fix these issues because they can occur in your XLR Toy Hauler at any time. Let’s look at the best solutions to these problems.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with XLR Toy HaulerSolutions
Broken FaucetOften inspect and clean the faucet.
Ramp Door IssuesInsert screw on the door.
Hard to Pull the Tank ValvePeriodically clean the valve.
Leaking Issue of WindowsSecure the screws.
Water Leak around the Slide Out AreaInstall sealant and butyl tape around the screw.
Issues with the RoofUtilize your warranty and look beneath the damaged region.

6 Common XLR Toy Hauler Problems and Solutions

1. Broken Faucet

By falling into the bathroom floor, the damaged faucet may cause extensive harm. The design flaw may be the primary cause of this problem.

The mineral buildup in the faucets inside components might do the most damage.

In addition, a blocked aerator might be the cause. When the seal or gasket deteriorates, leaks might occur around the faucet’s base or beneath the knobs or handle.

The Fix

Switching the type of faucet can sometimes alleviate the problem because it is simple to use.

Check whether the aerator is obstructed by a mineral deposit. New cartridges can be installed with the assistance of a licensed plumber. Frequent checks can reduce the probability of encountering these issues.

2. Ramp Door Issue

The top layer of anti-slip material on the ramp door or deck might separate from whatever is beneath it, is wavy, and has a bad appearance. It is tough to walk on because of this problem.

Weather variations might be the cause of this problem. Cracks may occasionally be visible. Any unexpected collision or a rocky route might cause these fissures.

The Fix

With the use of a screw, the ramp door’s damage may be repaired. If the damage is not too severe, inserting a screw may be of assistance. The anti-skid material behind the screw will catch on to it.

The wisest course of action would be to use the warranty and report it to the appropriate authorities.

3. Hard to Pull the Tank Valve

This problem might be caused by a lack of lubrication. This problem could also occur if it isn’t opened for a while.

Overuse of oil can occasionally lead to these problems. A rise in this problem is caused by excess lubrication, which attracts dirt and creates blocked conditions.

The Fix

Put Dawn dish detergent and water in the tank, drive around, and it should help the RV tank valve unstick. It may even reach the valve and dislodge any buildup there.

In this situation, routine cleaning may always be used as a preventive precaution and correct lubrication application may also aid in minimizing these problems.

4. Leaking Issue of Windows

The carpet or floor may become wet from rain if the window frame is leaky or sufficiently flimsy.

The window’s deteriorated frame probably is to blame for these problems. The leaking issue might potentially be caused by any type of loose screw.

The Fix

The first step is to determine the origin of the leak. If a loose screw is to blame, find it and tighten it. The screw could be worn out; if so, use a new screw instead.

If you have the right gasket, it’s fairly simple to fix a leaky window on your own. You may ask the dealers for a gasket if you don’t have one. Your local RV repair company may also be able to fix the leaky window.

5. Water Leak Around the Slide out Area

With this RV, water leakage around the slide-out section is a very typical problem. The less-than-perfectly formed slides cause the water to leak. In rare cases, a shortage of sealant may be the cause of this problem.

Additionally, the lack of butyl tape around the screw may be to blame for the leak coming from the slide-out.

The Fix

It is advisable to add sealant there for extended usage. This will protect the interior of your RV from water damage in inclement weather.

You may remove all the screws, replace any that are broken, and then apply butyl tape around them. This will fill up all the gaps and prevent water from entering the RVs.

6. Issues with the Roof

The structural flaw might lead to the rubber membrane popping out at some point (Fig 1). It’s possible that the problem won’t surface right away.

The manufacturers’ error is one potential cause. Additionally, some concealed internal timber deterioration might be the cause of this problem.

Roof Popping Out
Roof Popping Out

The Fix

You can examine to see if any unexpected events have occurred beneath the damaged area. Check to see whether the wood has been swollen; if so, try to claim your warranty.

If you are unable to determine the cause of this, contact your dealer immediately.

User Feedback on XLR Toy Hauler

A popular RV for travel is the XLR Toy Hauler. Although many consumers own it and are pleased with its performance, there are occasionally unfavorable evaluations of this RV.

You can read a thorough evaluation of the XLR Toy Hauler on RV Travel, which claims that it is constructed from high-quality materials and has a highly livable and pleasurable interior.

You’ll see that some individuals have left negative evaluations on the RV Insider forum. One user has a negative customer service experience with this RV’s authority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many types of XLR Toy Haulers are available?

3 types.

What is the awning size of the XLR Boost Toy Hauler?

12, 15, or 21 inches.

What is the fresh water tank size of the XLR Hyperlite Toy Hauler?

50 or 102 gallons.

How much is the hitch weight of the XLR Nitro Toy Hauler?

2385, 2585, 2995, 3080, 2675, 3410, 3695, or 2785 lb.


Even if these problems are solvable, there are just too many minor ones to handle during a vacation.

Keep my recommendations in mind and be cautious if any of these issues occur. You may avoid them by being responsible and taking excellent care of your RV.

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