Coachmen Freelander Problems

Since 1964, Coachmen has been a tremendously successful corporation manufacturing RVs, campers, and trailers. Coachmen campers remain to be a preferred option for travellers thanks to their large range of models.

However, there are quite a few issues that the users have to deal with. They are poor build quality, leaking issues, wiring issues etc.

The problems with the coachman Freelander have been looked into in this section, along with potential solutions. So, persevere and discover solutions to this and other problems.

Common Coachman Freelander Problems and Solutions

Poor build qualityChange the equipment or reupholster those items.
The slide-out issueChange the damaged switches or clean all the debris
Power lossSwitch off any devices that are connected.
Engines will not startVerify that the starter motor’s battery circuit is receiving 12 volts
Coachmen Freelander Problems
Coachmen Freelander

1. Poor Build Quality

Coachmen’s upholstery is made of stitched leather. Within a year or two, this artificial material has a reputation for peeling and flaking, which creates an unsightly mess.

Even though Coachmen campers have a plethora of storage, the cabinets are built on fragile sliders that quickly break under heavy loads. Worrying over what you are able and cannot keep in your drawers may be a genuine pain.

Many Coachmen clients have complained about loose screws that weren’t tightened enough at the plant.  Some users have even reported side walls detaching after all the bolts had fallen out, in addition to windows that are loose in their frames.

There are several reports of unpleasant furniture that is simply too easily ruined.  In addition, the trim utilized across the camper is of bad quality and frequently hasn’t been fastened securely.

Every device inside the camper, both electrical and non-electrical, is also low-cost and of low quality. The long list of items that break differs from client to customer.

The Fix

Unfortunately, there is no true solution for this kind of peeling upholstery. The only option, which can be extremely pricey, is to get the cushions reupholstered.

And, you can add stronger bolts in place of lost screws for additional security, but it could be a nuisance you don’t want.

If you require RV-specific furniture in that space, reupholstering a couch or sofa is significantly less expensive than replacing it.

You could also wish to rearrange the furniture while you’re replacing it and the room is beautiful and empty.

2. The Slideout Issue

The front slide of the coachman has problems. Once the switch is pushed in, it appears to come in, and when it comes in following a manual bypass switch, everything functions as expected; but, whenever the switch is pulled out, nothing happens.

Two wires, one orange and the other white that protrude from the control box underneath the refrigerator are discovered to be disconnected.

The Fix

Start looking at the motor whenever the slide-out is locked and not functioning at all. Either the motor has burned out or the filth inside is keeping it from working correctly.

Before you inspect it, make sure the switch is off so that no electricity is running through the cable and motor. Start cleaning up all the debris and dirt at this time. Check the motor’s internal components if it is not too old.

The slideout issue should be resolved by replacing any damaged switches. Replace the damaged switches with new ones if you discover that they slip out or otherwise become damaged.

This action might not be done by you alone. So, you can seek assistance from a professional or service facility.

3. Power Loss

Damaged circuits and electricity breakers may cause a power outage. In addition, having too many linked electrical or electronic gadgets could cause a power outage.

Items such as hair dryers, air conditioners, electric heaters, and microwave ovens. Electrical connections in your RV risk being overloaded if you power all of these gadgets at once.

The Fix

Shut off or disconnect any devices or equipment you may have plugged in, including heaters, coolers, microwaves, coffee machines, hair dryers, electric stoves, and induction plates.

Inside your RV, find the circuit breaker panel. Turn the “Main” breaker back on and off to reset it. Additionally, examine each circuit breaker separately and reset it if necessary.

Verify the campsite’s power pedestal. First, make sure the power cord is properly connected. Reset your 30A or 50A service’s circuit breaker after that. Just shut it down and then turn it back on.

4. Engines Will Not Start

When old, worn-out wiring develops an impedance over time and can’t supply the starter with a clean, sufficient quantity of electricity to start your car, hot starting problems occur.

An RV engine frequently cranks but won’t start due to a spark valve or wire failure. The engine’s spark plugs are what ignite the fuel-air mixture that the fuel system delivers. You won’t get far without that spark since there won’t be any combustion.

The Fix

First, test the battery. This multimeter test is straightforward. Verify that the starter motor’s battery circuit is receiving 12 volts. Verify that the ignition switch is sending the starting signal to the starter motor.

The starting cell and Ground circuits are tested using voltage drop. Both of these tests are quite simple. I’ll go over them in detail. Supply 12V to the initiation signal line using a jumper wire or the proper equipment. 

Manually turning the engine to dislodge a stuck engine or stuck AC compressor. Bench testing the starter motor, if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Is Coachmen a reliable RV?

When compared to other RV producers like Keystone, Grand Design, and Heartland, Coachmen comes out on top.

Which motor does a Coachmen RV have?

Mercedes 3.0L turbo V6 diesel engine.

Does Coachman make brands?

Yes. They are Catalina Summit Series 7, Catalina Summit Series 8, and Northern Spirit XTR.


The Coachmen Freelander has all the “Good Stuff” that seasoned RVers desire and new RVers immediately enjoy.

The Freelander brand’s mission is to offer more standard features than any other vehicle, unbeatable value, and dependable design and craftsmanship at a competitive price.

With the ideal blend of beauty, functionality, and value in a high-end product which has dominated the market in sales for more than ten years, the Freelander RV will steal your heart.

Therefore, the Coachmen Freelander should be on your list of potential RVs if you’re considering travelling the country in one.

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