7 Most Common Problems With Sabre 36bhq RV and Solutions

Sabre 36bhq was supposed to be a work of art but somehow the makers missed the mark. There have been plenty of complaints made about it. Most of them involved poor interior equipment. You might wonder what these complaints are? Are they justified? 

Most people found the water leaking from the bathroom, plumbing not hooked up properly, the curtain fall apart, only 50 watts solar panel, leaky polar package, etc. It is just bad workmanship on their part. There have been plenty of complaints about many minor issues. 

It seems like the manufacturer cut many corners with Sabre 36bhq.  In this post, we will discover what problems you might experience if you decide to buy one. 

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Sabre 36bhq ProblemsSolutions
Only 20lb propane tanksYou can keep extra on cached space
Water leaks from the bathroomUsing sealer is most likely to work
Bad bathroom setupSome interiors might need replacing
50 watts solar panelYou will have to get extra panels by yourself
Faulty leveling systemThere is an option to level it manually
Faulty plumbingIt would need fixing and tightening here and there
Not so a good polar packageYou will have to install a better insulation system

Common Sabre 36bhq Problems:

When it comes to Sabre 36bhq, it is the minor faults that take up all the limelight. There isn’t anything major wrong with it. But you will have to take action to solve these minor problems.

1. 20lb propane tank:

Compared to other motorhomes, this Sabre unit falls short of propane capacity. Even in the best case, you will be carrying less propane gas compared to its peers.

In the propane chamber, there is room for only two 20lb cylinders. So, when outing on a long trip, you might fall short if you don’t keep a tab on your gas usage.

If there were space for three 20 lbs or two 30 lbs cylinders, that would have been perfect. 

The Fix:

Comparing the price point of its counterparts, you will see it costs a bit less. So, it is normal to assume the manufacturer tried to cut the cost here.

You can carry an extra cylinder in the storage space. The storage space is large enough to hold the extra cylinder comfortably.

However, it would be mandatory to make sure that the cylinder does not flip when you hit an uneven road. 

2. Bathroom water leak:

There have been a few reports that the bath area is not sealed properly. The water often leaks from the bathroom floor. 

It could be a slow leak or something that flushes the interior instantly. How fast the water flows vary from unit to unit.

This is a common problem in most budget RV trailers. So, you will have to check it and if required, then fix it before you head out.

The Fix:

The most common solution is to seal the floor with sealant. This solution works in most cases. Although, it is not a guarantee.

If the sealant fails to seal the water, then you will have to take out the floor and redo it all over. It is better to take it to the professionals instead of trying it yourself.

3. Bad bathroom setup:

The bathroom tub might feel flimsy to many. Alongside the possibility of leaking, a bath in a flimsy tub would not feel ideal.

The bar where the blind hangs is prone to breakage. Applying pressure anyhow would risk breaking it. 

In the bathroom, you will always have to be on your guard until you have everything sorted.

The Fix:

The only possible permanent fix is to change everything you doubt. If the tub feels flimsy, change it. If the blind seems breakable, then change it. 

On the other hand, you will have to be on your guard every time you go to the bathroom. This might work in an emergency, but it is in no way a permanent solution.

4. Only 50 watts solar panel:

Although there are quite a few minor issues that can be fixed with little effort. There are a few unforgivable major issues too. 

This 50-watt solar panel can do only a few things well and that includes trickle charging the 12-volt battery. For other equipment like fridge, oven, etc. it is not powerful enough.

Unless you are stationed under the perfect weather in the right spot, it would be very hard to utilize this panel for heavy equipment.

The Fix:

The best solution would be to install additional panels. You can harness more solar power once you have extra panels. With those panels working together, you might be able to run power-hungry machines. 

Another useful practice would be to try to park under the sun as much as possible under the right condition.

5. Faulty leveling system:

There is a saying that things of high-quality cost higher. With Sabre 36bhq, the company tried to cram the trailer with features while trying to minimize the selling cost. This is one of the reasons for the low-quality finish. 

Many users reported that the leveling system often does not work properly. As a result, you will have to resort to manually leveling the trailer. 

The Fix:

If you notice any fault in the leveling components you should immediately claim a warranty.

You can also take it to the dealer to handle the rest. In case the warranty has expired, the best option is to seek help from professionals.

Whatever you do, do not try to fix the system yourself if you don’t have the expertise.

6. Faulty Plumbing:

If you an unlucky you might find the lower storage soaked in water after you have taken a bath. This sort of incident happens due to the loose joints in the plumbing system.

The Fix:

You will have to manually tighten the plumbing nut and bolts. Otherwise, the lower storage might get soaked by water. 

Even though this problem has not been reported so frequently, you can easily tighten the joints yourself and avoid a probable disaster.

7. Not so good polar package:

The insulation of this trailer is not so good. Even though the term polar package sounds sweet to the ear, it is more of a marketing gimmick.

Camping with this trailer in cold weather might give you a bitter experience. A user reported her kitchen froze already when there was 22F on the outside.

Due to poor insulation, you will have to use more power to keep the inside cold when it is hot outside.

The Fix:

One way is to change the whole insulation system from the mechanical store. Although you will have to spend a few bucks it will be worth it.

Otherwise, you will have to take weather conditions on your upcoming trip very seriously.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Sabre 36bhq RV?

To be honest, the Sabre 36bhq is riddled with minor issues, there is no denying that. After the purchase, many users had to spend more on this and those issues alike. Once you have sorted to minor ones, you are set for a long time.  

Final Thoughts

The makers of Sabre 36bhq tried to cram everything in the mid-budget trailer and failed. Now, besides paying for the trailer the user has to handle many minor issues. 

Although, which problem may occur or when it will occur depends from person to person. But once these problems are sorted you will get a premium feel from this budget trailer.

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