The Tiffin Allegro RED (Rear Engine Diesel) 33AA delivers optimum power with a quiet ride. It can tow up to 10,000 pounds. And available in powers, the popular 340HP and 360HP. However, Tiffin Allegro RED 33AA problems can put you in difficulty.

Some of the most common problems with Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA are water tank/pump issues, upholstery wearing out, HWH hydraulic system problems and many more. 

But why do the problems happen? How long does the RV last without these problems? Can you solve these problems? In this article, I will collectively answer all these questions. Stay tuned till the end! 

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Problems with Tiffin Allegro Red 33AASolutions
Water Tank/Pump IssuesTake to the dealer, replace AAV
Seats Wearing OutGet upgrades from Red Bay
HWH Hydraulic SystemFix solenoid and check voltage.
Sway ProblemUse MCU, fix tire pressure and weight of the RV.
Storage Switch IssuesTurn the switch on. 

Common Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA RV Problems

You may experience Tiffin Allegro RED 33AA problems due to many reasons. Here are some of the reasons and how to solve them.

1. Water Tank/Pump Issues:

This is a common problem that starts merely a few months after purchase. Water pumps may turn on by themselves and will not go off. You will need to take some wires out of the tank to stop the water flow. 

Sometimes water drips from the freshwater tank valve when it is half-filled. Check valves may be broken in this case. It causes city water to go slowly to the freshwater tank.

Moreover, galley sink and bathroom sinks may become slow when the grey tank is full. Or if there are any blockages near it. Moreover, Tiffin Allergro uses cheap plastic AAV, prone to damage.

The Fix:

You can try changing the AAV under the bathroom sink. This may fix the galley sink. In the case of a water tank or pump, you can check the piping. But the problem with tanks begs to be checked by the dealer.

2. Seats Wearing Out:

This is a problem seen in the upholstery in general. The captain’s chair and table benches crack and the upholstery wears out. This happens within a few months of purchase. 

This happens because Tiffin has started using cheaper materials. They justify it by trying to hide it under ‘a makeover’ tag. But the newly fashioned furniture does not match. Imagine having one gold chair with one brown chair!

The Fix:

You can use Red Bay to repair this within the first six months. They will probably send you new upholstery.

Moreover, the issue persists with a few models only. Especially the RVs made back in 2014-15. Avoid these models.

3. HWH Hydraulic System:

The most common problem of tiffin allegro red 33AA is no response when you try to bring in the hydraulic front hydraulic slides. Nothing, let alone the hydraulic pump seems to run. After some time with the motor idling, the slides may finally work.

When attempting to extend the stabilizers, the pump would run and cycle off and on without lowering the stabilizers. The master power solenoid on the pump is the main culprit here. 

The master/main solenoid is on the left, and the motor solenoid is on the right. It receives its trigger power at the time the brake is applied during the engine is running.

The contacts in the master solenoid are frequently burned or rusted. This results in inconsistent contact. 

The Fix:

Check the voltage on both large terminals. They should be the same if it’s operating and passing power. It can start working with a light tap on the housing. 

The fluid is not temperature sensitive. So you do not have to keep that in mind. But when it is cold, the jacks may take longer to retract.

The master solenoid should be repaired or replaced as advised by the HWH manual. 

4. Sway Problem:

Bad swaying problem is also fairly common in tiffin allegro. You may think it goes away with a good T steer stabilizer. But in fact, it doesn’t improve much.

You face the problem more on uneven roads. You may catch grooves too. A lot of swaying on the road will happen if your front tires are too filled (inflated).

The Fix:

Weight is a major factor if you want to reduce the swaying. Weight the front and rear of the tiffin allegro red 33AA RV on the cat scales. 

According to the Michelin chart, the front tires should weigh 70 pounds and the rear tires 80 pounds. Add an extra 10 pounds to each one, just to be safe. Check and fix the tire pressure.

Springs and safety steer also change the game. Make sure that your rear sway bar is set accurately.

Motion Control Units (MCU’s) are very good at cutting down on sway. It also functions in porpoising, and body roll on air suspension-equipped coaches. Those who drive RVs don’t feel as if they are rocking and rolling as much. 

They also improve the air spring compression and rebound characteristics. Ideal for Class A motorhomes and even pickup trucks if they have airbags that can be filled with a compressor or a single line that can be used to fill them.

5. Storage Switch Issues:

This happens most frequently when your RV has been in storage for a couple of weeks. The tiffin allegro red 33AA doesn’t start when you turn the engine on. 

The engine is on but the generator doesn’t turn on. This happens while the voltage of the generator drops from 12 volts but not the batteries’. This might happen due to having the inverter on during storage.

The main issue is a design problem. You may have the switch turned off several times mistakenly. 

The Fix:

The storage switch goes by several names. When it is turned off, most battery-powered things in the RV are turned off.

You should look for the battery cut-off switches in one of the basements of your tiffin allegro red 33AA. You will find two of them. There is one for the chassis and one for the house.

You should also look at the “salesman” button on the switch panel next to the front door. In the case it is turned off, there would be no 12 volt power to the coach.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Allegro Red 33AA RV?

Most users deem the Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA as a spacious, quiet RV. But a deeper dive reveals its many faults.

Problems start to surface quite early after purchasing. This starts with electricity, water, heating and cooling system issues. Of course, they do have to withstand the rough ride they get on America’s most ‘dangerous’ roads.

But hydraulic system failure, electrical components malfunctioning, passenger seat retractor problems etc. persist. This makes you visit the repair shop too often. 

For more information, read this thread.

Final Thoughts

After research, I found many Tiffin Allegro RED 33AA problems. The money you spend on repairing can be better invested in a good RV.

Although the Allegro RED RV is spacious, fast, and quiet. But it is not friendly to your pocket, be it at the time of buying or during maintenance.

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