FR3 30ds is a wonderful RV model from Forest River Company. It comes with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom that make your journey very comfortable. But do you know what the most common FR3 30ds problems are? How do you fix them? What do the users feel about it?

Leaked Roof and Windows, Toilet and Plumbing Problems, Slide Out Problems – are some of the major problems. 

Problems will occur with time, and you will have to fix them. That’s why you should know the common problems with FR3 30ds. I will help you in that regard. I have compiled the problems that most users faced and their solutions in this article. 

A Quick Look at The Problems and The Solutions

Forest River FR3 30ds ProblemsSolutions
Leaked Roof Or WindowsApplying a new coat of sealant.
Electrical  IssuesReplacing the components, taking professional help
Toilet And Plumbing ProblemsRepairing or replacing components, avoiding user errors. 
Water Line ProblemsUsing anti-freezer
Slide Out Problems Lubricating the slide out arms, regular maintenance 

5 Common FR3 30ds RV Problems

You may encounter some common problems if you are using this FR3 30ds RV for a while. Here are the problems that you are likely to face most commonly. 

1. Leaked Roof and Windows

After using this RV for a while, you may have faced the leakage issue. With FR3 30ds or any other RV, water leakage is inevitable. 

FR3 30ds uses silicon or other elements as sealants in the roof to stop water or any dirt from entrenching into the RV. But no matter how good the finishes are, they will crack over time due to the pressure of different elements. 

And whenever this happens, it needs an immediate fix. Otherwise, water will enter your RV and eventually will damage the inside components. 

For instance, water will cause damage to the electrical components and rust to metal components, etc. 

The inside is made of wood in this RV. So, once the wood is damaged, your motorhome will never feel like before.

The Fix 

The fix to this problem is fairly easy. As soon as you notice the leakage, you can simply take the leaked layer off and apply a new coat of sealant. 

You can face problems with aligning the sealant. In that case, using a heat gun or blow dryer will help. If only the rubber has come out, you can get it into place by applying some gentle pressure. 

Again, performing certain maintenance will help you to prevent these leakages for a long time. You can change the coat of sealant once a year even if they are not leaked yet as a preventive measure. 

Check your RV for possible leakage or any other damage after every trip. It will help stop any leakage before it wreaks havoc on your RV and cost you a fortune.

2. Electrical Issues

It’s very common that different electrical issues will pop up at times in your RV. Sometimes, the battery doesn’t work and you cannot run anything off with its power. Usually, it happens when the battery is dead or damaged. 

Occasionally, the switches or push buttons in the circuit breaker panel can go wrong. 

Other than this, outlets and other minor electrical problems can also appear.

The Fix

The solution to these minor problems is replacing the respective components. If the battery is low, charging it will fix the problem. 

However, don’t neglect battery maintenance. Make sure it is filled with distilled water for longer battery life.

Buy these are not the only problems with electrical elements. Generator taking excessive time to start and running inappropriately, AC not cooling the RV properly or Ac leaking water, etc. problems can also be encountered.

I suggest consulting a professional to solve these problems if you are not very good at doing electrical fixes. Otherwise, you will only end up causing damage to your rig or even to yourself.

3. Toilet or Plumbing Problems

Numerous users have faced toilet problems with their FR3 30ds RV. Most times, they occur due to user errors. 

For instance, too much toilet paper can cause the flush not to stop working or not working properly. 

The Fix

For solving any toilet-related problems, you should look into the whole device. It helps to find the root cause and take steps accordingly. 

The model of the toilet can be different in different RVs. So, you should go through the manual and check the components one by one. 

Once you find the faulty component, take it out and replace or repair it. Always empty the water tank before you start with any replacement. 

Otherwise, removing certain components can cause the water to leak and give you a bad experience in addition to causing damage to the RV. 

Sometimes, you will have to take professional help no matter how skilled you are at managing these plumbing issues.

4. Water Line Problems

Sometimes, the water line will not work. It happens when you are riding in a cold temperature. You should know that when the temperature falls to a certain limit, the water can freeze and cause problems.

The Fix

To prevent freezing of water, use an anti-freezer especially when you are tripping in a cold climate. Remember to change the water after the trip.

5. Slide Out Problems

Slide-outs give you extra space in your RV. However, they come with their own drawbacks. The parts are vulnerable to rust, leakage, and corrosion. 

The Fix

When it comes to sliding out problems, regular maintenance is the key. Lubricate the slide-out arms on regular basis to avoid the cracking of sealant. 

You can use affordable lubricators like WD 40. A few drops of UV resistant 303 will also help provide the slide-out with a long lifespan.

What Majority Feels About FR3 30ds RV?

You will find mixed reviews about this RV from the owners. Some users have had a very good experience and said it is durable and less prone to problems. 

People like the walk-through split shower/bathroom, double door refrigerator, king bed, washer/dryer combo, theater seating, easy turning 190” wheelbase and many other features. 

Some had the very opposite opinion. They faced problems with steering stabilizer, and water line issues. However, their overall rating is good and you can go with this one.

Final Thoughts 

Although some problems can appear occasionally, FR3 30 ds is a very good RV for any trip. The problems are also easily solvable if you know the basic troubleshooting. 

This article will help you to get all basic knowledge about solving these problems. Being familiar with these problems and knowing how to troubleshoot them will come in real handy at times.

Apart from these, if you want to prevent rusting you can cover the RV with a UV protective cover. The cover may be a bit expensive, but it will save you a lot of money.

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