5 Most Common Problems with Cedar Creek Hathaway RV

Vacationing in recreational vehicles is a lot of fun. Some of the most important considerations that thrill-seekers consider when selecting these are the common issues. 

The Cedar Creek Hathaway is one of the most popular low-cost RVs on the market. But have you ever wondered what issues they could have?

Problems with the battery, AC, toilet, brakes, and leaking roof are most common.

In this article, I’ll go through the five most common Cedar Creek Hathaway problems and how to fix them.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Cedar Creek Hathaway ProblemsSolution
Battery IssuesMonitor the battery regularly
Air Conditioner ProblemsInspect the power panel breaker
Toilet TroublesPour boiling water
Leaking RoofUse top graded sealant
Braking IssuesExamine the caliper piston

5 Common Cedar Creek Hathaway RV Problems

Let’s go through each of these issues and their associated solutions individually.

1. Battery Issues:

When traveling and setting up your campground, running on battery power is a must. Customers of Cedar Creek Hathaway RVs frequently discover that nothing works off the battery. Therefore, they must fix the problem.

A dead or damaged battery is the most likely cause of this problem. When the RV is not used, many users forget to unplug the batteries.

The battery is then depleted and harmed. Another thing that people forget to check is battery care and keeping it fully charged with distilled water.

The Fix:

If the battery is merely dead or low, recharging it should solve the problem. Connect to power and let the battery recharge completely.

After replacing the battery, make sure to properly monitor it so that the fresh one will not suffer harm.

If you want to detach the battery when it’s not in use, consider adding a battery fast remove. You can get a disconnection kit that can assist you to avoid damaging your battery.

2. Air Conditioner Problems:

In hotter areas, most users can’t live without an air conditioner in their Cedar Creek Hathaway. There are a few difficulties that might cause the air conditioner to stop working.

These are not problems that should be fixed on your own unless you are well-versed in electrical knowledge. If you’ve ruled out the obvious explanations, it’s time to get your gear checked up by an expert.

Some RV parks have more stable electricity than others. The breaker trips at campsites are not unusual. A faulty thermostat is another issue that might cause the air conditioner to cease working.

The Fix:

Inspect the breakers first and make sure the air condition breaker isn’t tripped. If that’s the case, simply recharge the circuit breaker. Then the machine should begin to settle again.

Also, double-check that your power panel’s breaker hasn’t tripped. A faulty thermostat should be handled by a professional. But you can generally change it for a few hundred dollars.

The AC may also be defective which will require replacement. This is the worst-case scenario, with a replacement unit and installation costing more than $1,000 on average.

3. Toilet Troubles:

Toilets in RVs work slightly differently than toilets in homes. The failure of Cedar Creek Hathaway toilets to retain water is a regular problem.

A faulty gasket is most likely to blame for your RV toilets not holding water. The moving back and forth when the toilet is emptied wears down these gaskets over time.

A stench emanating from the toilet is yet another indicator of a faulty gasket. If this gasket no longer provides a good seal, the stench might enter the bathroom via the toilet.

The Fix:

Repairing a gasket is not expensive, particularly if you do it yourself. The seal will set you back about $15.

Pouring hot water through the toilet opening is the most popular to solve clogging. This entails clearing the valve and letting the water flow during the night, enabling the water to settle.

Choose toilet paper that dissolves quickly in particular. Eliminate applying bleach to clean your RV’s drainage system. Certain substances can harm the seals. This reduces the effectiveness of toilet flushing.

4. Leaking Roof:

A leaky roof is one of the most unnerving things you can experience. Tree branches can harm the Cedar Creek Hathaway’s rooftop.

As a result, the roofing material begins to disintegrate. They seem to break a lot. The RV has to work on enhancing its stress-absorbing qualities in the low-cost variants.

If you can do maintenance, the chances of your Cedar Creek Hathaway’s roof leaking may considerably be reduced.

The Fix:

You can reach the roof once a month to inspect for symptoms of degradation. Most leaky roofs are caused by water entering failed sealants.

Also, be sure to apply an excellent sealant to your shower dome and skylight. You should perform this every six months. This greatly aids in the prevention of leaks.

5. Braking Issues:

Several Cedar Creek Hathaway customers claim that their brakes wear out too quickly. The brakes fail most often when the RV is not utilized in the proper conditions.

If you keep your RV on wet ground for too long, it will eventually fail. This hastens rotor corrosion. As a result, the rotor area might deform and stop working.

If you operate your RV regularly, the heating prevents moisture from the caliper piston.

The Fix:

There is no heating to get rid of the dampness when your RV is left standing for a long time. This happens frequently when the RV is on wet ground. To prevent this issue, drive the RV frequently.

As the brake pads wear down, the caliper piston becomes more uncovered. This increases the risk of your brakes malfunctioning. So, always inspect the caliper piston of your brakes.

You must also have a regular schedule for replacing the brake fluid.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Cedar Creek Hathaway RV?

Most of the reviews about Cedar Creek Hathaway RVs on the internet are positive. Despite this, a few customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the RV’s inadequacies.

On the Forest River Forums, a customer complained about toilet drainage concerns with his Cedar Creek Hathaway. One IRV2 user claimed that his TV, audio, and nightlights were malfunctioning.

The majority of users, however, choose Cedar Creek Hathaway RVs. They are known for their dependability.

Final Thoughts

Recreational vehicles are getting increasingly complicated. With an increasing number of amenities, they are still vulnerable to a range of problems.

I do believe that after studying the piece, you will be capable of understanding the many aspects. You can also identify and solve the most typical Cedar Creek Hathaway issues at home.

In conclusion, frequent maintenance is the key to keeping your Cedar Creek Hathaway in top form. If you are in extreme danger, get expert assistance immediately. I hope you found these suggestions to be beneficial.

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