If you’re shopping for an RV, the Bighorn Fifth Wheel is a great choice. Although these recreational vehicles have beautiful exteriors and interiors, some troubles are also present.

Most of the users face tire and wheel problems, leaking ice maker issues, water leakings, electrical issues, and propane leaking from pipes in their Bighorn RV.

But don’t worry. These problems are easy to fix if you know what you are doing. Today, I will teach you the easiest solutions to these problems.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Bighorn RV ProblemsSolution
Tire and Wheel ProblemsInspect the tire pressure and don’t go over the tire speed limit
Leaking Ice MakerCheck for pinholes and water valve damage
Water LeaksExamine the pipes regularly and seal all leaks
Electrical IssuesInspect the breaker for faulty signs
Propane Leaking from PipesInspect the pipes with soapy water and replace them if broken or leaking

5 Common Bighorn RV Problems:

These are some of the most common problems among users of Bighorn RV:

1. Tire and Wheel Problems:

Some Bighorn RVs may have this issue, while others may not. Nonetheless, this is a significant concern for travelers. After a few months of use, the wheel bearings in the RV may fail.

Furthermore, too much heat might harm the tires. This problem happens when you drive with your tires pumped too high or too low.

Going faster over the tire’s speed limit might also cause them to overheat. The Bighorn RV’s rear disc brakes have also been known to cause problems for certain operators.

The Fix:

You will need to replace the wheel bearings if they become damaged. The expense of having them repaired is around $350 per wheel.

Make sure to check the tire pressure before heading for a ride to minimize tire overheating. You can save a lot of money just by making sure that your tires have the right amount of pressure.

You should also consider the Bighorn RV tires’ speed rating. These are frequently in the 80-100 miles per hour range.

2. Leaking Ice Maker:

On extended journeys through hot climates, the ice maker is a lifesaver. Pinholes within the ice maker might cause it to malfunction.

This is a very common problem of Bighorn RV. It may be right behind the freezer. It’s located beneath the fridge unit, beneath the flooring.

Your ice maker will also not operate correctly if the water valve is defective or if there is an electrical problem.

The Fix:

If pinholes are the issue, you’ll need to remove the bottom vent. Then, you have to detach the main access panel. You should also look for problems with the water valve.

You will notice a blue water valve in the storage chamber. Check for water supply after disassembling the hose.

Change the water valve if it does not have a water supply. Also, use a multi-meter to check the ice maker outlet for any electrical faults.

3. Water Leaks:

The Bighorn RV’s drainpipe has a reputation for leaking. This has the potential to be a tremendous disaster.

Your carpet might be completely saturated with water. If you don’t discover the leak, water will pour into the trunk storage space.

It’s also possible that the back toilet line will burst. This will also cause the bathroom floor to flood. This problem can also occur in the bathroom’s entrance area.

Any leaks will cause a lot of damage to the RV’s floor. Moldy flooring can also be seen. It’s also possible that the surface beneath the floor will deteriorate.

Every RV has a problem with the toilet. So don’t be shocked if the toilet is leaking.

The Fix:

Always check for leaks in the water lines. If you detect any, don’t waste time and tighten the pipes right away.

It may be quite dangerous to your health if the floor becomes moldy. For maximum air movement, open all of your windows and doors. Mold killers can also be used to get rid of them as fast as feasible.

Here are some of the best solutions for cleaning mold from your Bighorn RV and making it smell nicer.

You will need to replace the toilet system if it is leaking. Depending on the quality, it will cost anywhere from $150 to over $1,000.

4. Electrical Issues:

The majority of the lights in your Bighorn RV are LEDs, which can fail at any time. The fuse may blow if there is an issue with the wiring.

The furnace will cease operating if the connections are loose or if a fuse is blown. The stove burner might also go out from time to time.

When the air conditioner’s wiring is broken while cleaning, it becomes a nightmare in hot locations. These are the most prevalent Bighorn RV electrical problems.

The Fix:

You should examine and take readings on the electricity you are consuming if your fuses blow out. It will display the blown fuse.

Inspect the plastic ports if the stove burners suddenly stop operating. You should be able to see copper metal after cleaning the ports with a screwdriver.

Examine the breaker in the converter and look for any signs of faults if your RV’s air conditioning stops working. If you connect to an external power source, be sure the breakers are switched on.

5. Propane Leaking from Pipes:

Leaking propane can be hazardous. Cracks in the propane pipe cause this issue in the Bighorn RV. If the interior of your Bighorn smells like someone broke a rotten egg, you have a gas leak.

The propane is very flammable. It is also harmful to your lungs if you inhale too much of it. You can also detect if the propane leak sensor is activated.

The Fix:

Keep your nose open and check for the odor of rotting eggs. This is an obvious sign of propane leakage. You should also examine your Bighorn RV’s propane tank and re-qualify if the date has passed.

The pipelines used to transfer propane may get damaged owing to temperature or deterioration. Examine the pipes for any fractures or damage. Furthermore, these pipelines have the potential to leak. To identify any leaks in the pipes, use soapy water.

If you discover a leaking or damaged pipes, switch off the propane supply system and replace the pipes.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Bighorn RVs?

Most of the users on the forums are happy about their Bighorn RVs. If any user comes up with an issue, you can always find an answer in the forums.

One user from the I RV 2 has said that he had faced problems with leaking. The rear window, water pump, shower, inlet water, and kitchen sinks had some leaking problems.

If you look at some reviews at RV Insider, you can see that mostly all of the reviews are positive. But one particular user had said that he had faced many problems with the exterior and the interior of the RV.

Although you can see some issues popping up relevant to the Bighorn RV here and there, does not mean that you should not buy it. The RV has scored 3.8 out of 5 on the RV Insider forum based on customer reviews.

Final Thoughts

The upkeep of your RV determines the troubles that arise. If you properly maintain your recreational vehicle, you will have fewer issues.

The Bighorn RVs aren’t without flaws. You’ll run into issues now and again, and they’ll get worse with time.

If you encounter any of the issues I’ve described, I recommend that you take the measures I’ve outlined.

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