If you’re searching for an RV, the Forest River Cedar Creek Cottage is a fantastic choice. If you possess one or are considering purchasing one, you should be aware of several issues with it.

Bad smell for water heater, furnace fan issue, dining table blocking the windows, and broken slider arm are some common issues with the Cedar Creek Cottages.

Let’s take a closer look at these issues. I’ve also included several easy-to-implement solutions.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Cedar Creek Cottages ProblemsSolution
Smelly Heater WaterUse vinegar or replace the anode rod
Faulty Furnace FanClean any clogs and examine the covering
Dining Table Too Close to the WindowChange table position or install a smaller table
Broken Slide ArmFix or replace the slide arms

Common Cedar Creek Cottages RV Problems and the Solutions:

The issues listed below are the most prevalent with the Cedar Creek Cottages.

1. Smelly Heater Water:

The electric water heater is a must for cold weather. But if the water from the heaters has a bad odor, you cannot go near it let alone drink or use it.

The smell of rotten eggs from the heater is a result of anaerobic bacteria. The anode rod inside the water heater tank is made of magnesium. So, when the component reacts with the anode rod, it produces bacteria.

The anode rod will be mounted on the top portion of the heater. It may be linked to the hot water discharge line on top of the heater. 

The Fix:

To get rid of the smell of rotten eggs, you can either clean the water heater or change the whole anode rod.

Filling the tank with vinegar is an easy temporary fix if you cannot replace the anode. You should drain all the water first. Then, fill the tank with a mixture of water and vinegar. After that, drain the water using all the water sources.

Replacing the anode will fix this issue right away. This is an easy process. You can buy one online. You should open up the tank and unscrew the old anode and replace it with a new one. You can also watch this video for guidance.

2. Faulty Furnace Fan:

When it’s cold outside, the furnace keeps the RV warm. But the furnace will not operate if the furnace fan abruptly stops working. The furnace will not operate if the furnace fan abruptly stops working.

By flashing, the indicator can sometimes indicate that there is a problem. However, it is possible that it will not light up. There are times when the fan is working well yet the RV is still not heating up.

The fan may also spin slowly. As a result, airflow through the vents that offer a route for ventilation will be limited. A loud noise is also produced by the fan.

The Fix:

You should check the fuel if there is no heat even while the fan is operating. Also, ensure that the battery has sufficient juice.

The air intake may be clogged if the airflow is less than usual. Remove any leaves or clogs that are causing the air intake to slow down.

The blades may be in touch with the cover if the fan makes a noise while spinning. When this happens, be careful to examine the cables and coverings.

3. Dining Table Too Close to the Window:

This issue has been bugging many users. The dining table is almost touching the sides of the RV.

As a result, you cannot pull the window shades down to the edge. So, a wide gap remains at the bottom of the window. This is a very bad design flaw.

Also, sitting on chairs is difficult. You have to move the recliner to make space for sitting.

The Fix:

There are only two possible fixes for this issue. You can buy a table which is smaller than the old one. Then, unscrew the table from the ground and replace it with the new smaller one.

The other solution is to uproot it from the floor; you can then place the table as you wish. You should keep a little more space from the window side of the RV and screw the table on the floor.

You can also get rid of the table if you do not have any use for it.

4. Broken Slide Arm:

The slide on your Cedar Creek Cottage might get stuck, bent, or even broken. When you slide out the slider, it may get stuck indefinitely and refuse to get back in.

This can happen when the arms of the slider are bent or broken due to heavy pressure. Also, if the welding on the hangers is done poorly, they can easily be bent or broken.

The Fix:

You can try to fix the arms if they are bent slightly. You should unload any heavy objects from the slider first. Then, you should try to fix the bend by yourself. You can also get professional help.

If the arms get broken, you have to replace them. It can cost you from $100 to $500 to get a replacement for slider arms depending on the damage done. 

What Majority of the Users Feel About Cedar Creek Cottage RV?

The Cedar Creek Cottage is a popular series of RVs. Most of the customers praise the vehicle. But as time goes on, some issues occur. So, there are also many negative reviews on several forums.

One user from the RV Insiders stated that he had plumbing issues in the very first week. The gutter was installed reversely in the bathroom sink. As a result, the sink had leaks.

Also, another customer was very happy with his Cedar Creek. He said that the RV had enough room and storage areas. Also, the interiors and exteriors were better than his expectations.

So, there are both good and bad reviews on the Cedar Creek RVs. But, with 4 stars out of 5 on the forum, you can see that most of them are positive.

Final Thoughts

The Forest River company is known for listening to its customers. They take customer feedback and try to improve their product.

But still, some problems occur after a while. Be sure to follow this guide if you face any of the problems that I have stated.

The RV is very well built. I hope you will have a safe and fun journey with your Cedar Creek Cottage.

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