National RV has a strong reputation in the industry for developing cutting-edge recreational vehicles. They have been in this industry since 1964. In their long journey, the RVs faced some problems.

Incorrect fuel filler pipe angle, broken slide shaft pin, unreadable odometer, broken mirror, brake failure due to poor wiring, burning smell from the transmission, and clogged pressure regulator are some of the most common problems with these RVs.

So, let’s take a look at how to solve these issues. You can look at the table below to get a quick idea about the solutions.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

National RV Dolphin ProblemsSolution
Incorrect Fuel Filler Pipe AngleReinstall the pipe and change the hose
Broken Slide Shaft PinReplace the pins and change the control switch
Unreadable OdometerInspect and change the wiring and odometer
Broken MirrorRemove the broken mirror and install a new one
Brake Failure Due to Poor WiringChange or solder loose wiring
Burning Smell from the TransmissionRefill or change the transmission fluid
Clogged Pressure RegulatorInspect the regulator and replace it if needed

National Dolphin RV Problems and the Solutions:

Now that we know the problems and the quick solutions, let’s dive into it further.

1. Incorrect Fuel Filler Pipe Angle:

This is present with many models of the National RV Dolphins. The pipe of the fuel filter is sometimes installed poorly. As a result, the angle is not perfect for fuel flow.

So, it might be difficult for you to fill the fuel tank. It is rather slow if you do not fix it by yourself. Also, the small hose connected to the pipe may become bent due to poor installation.

You might also notice fuel dripping through the joints of the pipe. This is very dangerous for your RV and yourself as the fuel is flammable. If you notice that your RV has this problem, fix the filler pipe as quickly as you can.

The Fix:

Disconnect the pipe carefully if it is improperly inclined. Clean it out before reinstalling it. Then, install it at a proper angle.

The hose may be bent due to its length. You may re-insert the hose by cutting it into a smaller form. A shorter hose is also available from any local auto shop, or you may get one online.

Identify the metal tube the pipe is fitting over if you still detect any leaking fuel after restoring the pipe. Then, using the filler tube, gently jack the side of it. If the leak continues, seek expert assistance.

2. Broken Slide Shaft Pin:

The slide is moved in and out by a motor. The gear to shaft pins may be harmed if the motor or gear has a problem with the arrangement. The pins may shatter if the damage is sufficiently severe.

The brass gear teeth may also snap off. The motor will spin smoothly as a consequence, but the slide will not budge. This occurs when the motor’s high torque destroys the gear and fractures the pins.

Holding the sliding control button down for an extended period may cause the gear teeth to break.

The Fix:

The gears and pins must take a lot of strain since the motor does not stop working while the slide is controlled. To avoid this problem, you must immediately quit pushing the button.

If the pins break, you should replace them immediately since the slide may become trapped in an inconvenient position.

Position micro buttons can also be installed. It can be adjusted so that the motor will stop spinning after the sliding action has been completed.

3. Unreadable Odometer:

The odometer or speedometer of the National RV Dolphin is known to go bad sometimes. As you use the vehicle for a couple of years, the odometer readings will become more and more unreadable.

The LEDs of the odometer will dim out slightly the more you use the RV. Even if you replace it, it may sometime go dim even faster than before.

There have been reports on some parts of the odometer refusing to light up when other areas worked perfectly.

The Fix:

You should inspect the wiring connections of the odometer if you notice dim or no light. The wires might be damaged, corroded, or snapped. Replace the wires if this happens.

Also, you can replace the lights that refuse to light up. Another solution is to replace the whole odometer. You should contact your dealer or the company for this procedure.

4. Broken Mirror:

Some National RV Dolphin models have a lot of mirrors. These are put to give the RV a beautiful aesthetic and make it appear roomier, but they can shatter if the route is bumpy.

The glasses might be exceedingly harmful if any of the mirrors shatter. Because the RV has such a small interior, the mirrors may occasionally break due to moving in the tight space.

The Fix:

It is never a good idea to drive with any type of broken glass. If they haven’t already, they can shatter at any time. If your National RV Dolphin’s mirrors are partially broken, you must replace them right away.

First and foremost, you must take down the broken mirror from the wall. Cover the entire mirror with any form of tape to avoid future damage. The glass will not break this way.

Carefully lay the mirror outside the RV after it has been removed. After that, you may set up a new mirror. You may also hire a professional to install the new mirror for you.

5. Brake Failure Due to Poor Wiring:

Your National RV Dolphin’s brakes may fail from time to time. This problem happens in this model mostly due to a faulty wiring connection.

After a while, the connection may become loose. As a result, the brake might fail in the middle of a trip. This can potentially lead to major catastrophes.

The Fix:

At least once a month, examine the wire connection of your National Dolphin’s brakes. Check that the cables are connected to the correct position.

The connections must not be loose. Tighten or solder any loose connections that you find. Additionally, ensure that the connection is grounded.

6. Burning Smell from the Transmission:

A burning odor is never good for your National RV Dolphin. If you notice a foul odor, it might be coming from the transmission.

This problem happens when the transmission fluid runs low or hasn’t been replaced in years. If you use the fluid for an extended time, the color may shift to black.

The Fix:

The first step should be to inspect the transmission fluid. If the color has changed from the usual or becomes black, replace the fluid immediately. If you don’t replace it, it might lead to further problems.

Add extra fluid if you see the fluid level is low. You may also completely replace it with a new transmission fluid. If none of these signs appear, take your RV to a mechanic.

7. Clogged Pressure Regulator:

When you purchased your National Dolphin RV, it may have had a pressure regulator fitted. It controls the flow of water via the plumbing system.

The regulator deteriorates with time. It can also prevent the flow of water even when the pressure is set to extremely low.

The Fix:

Inspect the pressure regulator for any evident damage if you detect less water flow than normal. If you see any damage, you should replace the regulator.

You may also check the water flow by unplugging the regulator. Connect the water supply hose without using the regulator. If you see that the water flow has returned to normal, change the pressure regulator.

What Majority of the Users Feel About National Dolphin RV?

The RVs from this company have satisfied most of the customers. The newer products have fixed the issues that the older ones had. Still, you can see some bad reviews here and there.

One user from the FMCA Forums has said that they have purchased a 19-year-old used National Dolphin RV. They are in love with the second-class RV even after traveling for a whole year.

Another customer from the RV Insider forum said that his furnace had gone bad. He also had a bad experience with the customer service.

Final Thoughts

National RV Dolphins are trustworthy and easy to keep up with. Follow the instructions if you run into any of the problems I’ve mentioned.

If you have any additional problems with your vehicle, get expert assistance from your dealer or a local auto shop.

Hopefully, you will find this material useful on your long journey with your beloved National RV Dolphin.

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