Wolf creek campers made by Northwood are known for great value for money. They have been able to do so because of cutting corners here and there. And, these are the places where most of the wolf creek camper problems occur.

Some common problem of this camper is weak anchor bolt, lack of space in the bathroom, leaky roof, exposed plywood, etc. But, don’t get worried as you can fix most of them by yourself.

In this post, I’ll be going over these common problems faced by most users. Let’s take a deep dive and see how they can be solved. Stay with me till the end of this post if you are planning to buy one.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Wolf Creek Camper ProblemsSolutions
Weak anchor boltInstall custom made anchor bolts
Leaking roofYou can improvise depending on the situation
Lack of vertical space in the bathroomInstall custom Skyview panel
Wardrobe equipment requires reinforcementTightening the nuts and bolts would work
Exposed plywood at the bottom of the fridgeUse a sealer
Subpar After-sale serviceHope for the best

Wolf Creek Camper Problems and the Solutions

Here is a detailed list of the most common problem a new user is likely to face. In later sections, I will go deep into each problem and discuss the probable solutions.

1. Weak anchor bolt:

The anchor bolts which attach the trailer to the truck seem to be reported weak. There are a few instances where the anchors were broken causing major hampers on a trip.

Although these anchors are strong enough to support the trailer on even the road. But, rough driving on uneven roads could invite disaster.

This sort of incident happens because the trailer was not made to handle this type of rough situation. If you have any to drive rough on a rough road or not, it is best to strengthen the bolts.

The Fix:

You can weld the bolts with some more metals to strengthen the base. Or, there is an option to pull them out altogether, then attach the bolts you want from the scratch.

Although the latter one would be the best idea it would be resource extensive too. Also, you might need professional help for that.

2. Leaking Roof:

Leaking roof is nothing new when it comes to budget campers. Many users have to go through it once they hit the road. This is one of the most common problems too.

Leaky roofs can be caused by several reasons. For example, due to lack of sealant, lack of finishing, having an open joint, etc.

This is one hideous problem you might not even know exist before you see the symptoms. So, always do a thorough check before you hit the road.

The Fix:

The fix could be as simple as applying some sealant to redoing the roof again. It depends on the degree of how much repairing your roof needs.

Most of the time, applying sealer would do the work. But, in the worst case, you might have to do some surgery on the roof.

3. Lack of Vertical Space in Bathroom:

Given the compact design of the trailer, it is hard to complain about the bathroom space. It is a designed and well-lit bathroom.

But if you are over 5 feet 10 then you are likely to face some problems. There is a lack of space for people taller than this limit. Because of the lack of headspace, it is natural to feel uncomfortable.

Also, when sitting on the commode, people with large physiques might have to lean a little to the side.

The Fix:

There is a fix when it comes to headspace. There is a Skyview panel on top of your head where you will stand to take a shower.

If you can replace the panel with some other ones that can accommodate more space, then the problem would be solved.

4. Wardrobe Equipment Requires Reinforcement:

Parts of a wardrobe like a slider door, hangers, and shelves might feel flimsy from time to time. That is because Northwood cut corners with these parts to keep the price low.

You will have to be very gentle when using the wardrobe. Any application of excessive force can break certain parts. Or, they can get loose, bent, or broken.

For this reason, parts of the wardrobe require reinforcement.

The Fix:

The best solution is to change the nut and bolts and other parts. Another solution could be to tighten the parts accordingly.

As most reports suggested, the use of excessive force like slamming the slider door, pulling the hanger with force or this type of behavior usually causes the problem. So, try to prevent these occurrences and then find a cure afterward.

5. Exposed Plywood at The Bottom of The Fridge:

If the plywood gets in touch with water it can lose shape and swell. In the end, the layers could split apart.

As the plywood under the fridge is exposed, water can easily get into it. If something like this happens, it would severely reduce the lifespan of the plywood.

The exposed plywood at the bottom of the fridge can start to rot in the worst case.

The Fix:

The solution is a very easy one. Just remove the fridge, and apply sealer on the surface. Make sure to cover all the exposed areas. Then put the fridge in its place again.

6. Subpar After-Sale Service:

There have been many claims that reaching Northwood customer service is hard in the hour of need.

Even when connects to the service, it feels like handling slow bureaucracy. Many customers expressed their disappointment over the customer service.

From observing different threads from the internet forums, it feels like their after-sale service is a hit or miss.

The Fix:

Given the reputation, it would not be wise to deal directly with the manufacturer. If possible, try to do it through the dealer. So, you won’t have to go through the hassle.

If there is an emergency, then you can think about trying to contact them directly.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Wolf creek camper is a budget friendly, compact trailer that you can take anywhere, anytime.

Just like any other budget-friendly stuff, it has some major and minor issues too. These issues come into life when the maker tries to cut corners to save cost.

You can mend most major and minor issues with little effort and money. Once you have addressed these, then you can take the trailer almost anywhere and it won’t interfere with the tour camping experience.

To reach a verdict, it can be confidently said that wolf creek campers are one the best budget campers that offer the best value for money.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of buying a wolf creek then you are probably aware of its deficits by now. Each RV trailer has different problems as there is no perfect RV trailer.

This trailer is recommended because the Wolf creek camper problems you will face are relatively easier to solve. If you choose to buy something else, still you will have to face different problems.

So, in case you are looking for a budget RV, you can pick a wolf creek camper to get the best of your money.

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