7 Sandstorm Toy Hauler Problems That You Should Know

The sandstorm toy hauler is a popular RV that comes with various sets of problems. Combining the budget with perks makes it a popular choice.

If you choose to get one, there are some problems you should have knowledge of beforehand. This way, you will have a better idea of what you are getting into.

The common problems include generator overheating, thin floor, loose doors and windows, issues with water heater, sub-optimal layout, etc. These are the problem you are most likely to face after making the purchase.

Keep in mind there is no perfect RV. Each one comes with a set of problems of its own. Some of them you will be able to solve by yourself, and some will need an expert helping hand. And, this is what we will go through in this post.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Sandstorm toy hauler ProblemsSolutions
Generator overheatsMake venting ducts on the compartment
Thin floorRedo the flooring
Part of the kitchen is on a slideBe attentive while working in the kitchen
Black tank leakCan be solved with a few tools
Loose door & windowsTightening would work
Lack of universal propane hose connectorInstall universal connector
Water heater issueMight require professional help

Sandstorm Toy Hauler Problems and The Solutions

Here is the list of problems you should know before you hit the road with the Sandstorm toy hauler. I will be discussing the probable problems you might face according to user reports.

1. Generator Overheats:

The generator compartment is not well ventilated. As a result, the generated heat has a hard time passing around. This heat raises the temperature of the whole compartment. As the end result the generator overheats.

Although this is not a common problem, it is a major problem nonetheless. Imagine when outing, the generator gives out due to overheating.

The Fix:

If the generator overheats, one option is to take it out of the compartment when using it. This solution is applicable when camping.

When you are on the road, you will have to make other arrangements. Making some venting duct for the heat to pass would work.

2. Thin Floor:

There have been a few reports of the floor breaking due to heavy impact. As the floor is made of cheap and thin material it cannot withstand heavy impact. Also, there is no support along the edge contributed to the factor.

If something heavy falls on the floor that would really damage the floor. In the worst case, it can even make a hole in the or render it unusable.

The Fix:

The best solution is to take the floor apart and install a floor made of better materials. So that the floor can handle heavy impact with ease.

Although it will be an expensive operation it is a permanent solution.

3. Part of The Kitchen Is on Slide:

In the design of the layout, some part of the kitchen and couch occupies the slide area. Normally, areas that see less action are placed on the slide.

On top of that, the floor in this camper is already deemed weak, so the flood on the slide area is even weaker.

The Fix:

You have two options in this regard. One is to redo the whole floor as stated above. Or you can redesign the layout. Redesigning might require some effort but is it much less expensive than doing the whole floor.

4. Black Tank Leak:

On several platforms, users reported that the black tank tends to leak. Not to mention, a leaking black tank is a nightmare for most RV owners.

Black tanks are usually made with different types of plastics. As plastics don’t have reputation for withstanding heavy hits, these tanks leak easily if somehow, they get hit.

The Fix:

There are a lot of sealers when it comes to a leaking black tank. Some even can be applied underwater. These sealers are can be a good temporary fix.

The best bet to fix the tank is to do plastic welding repair at the leaked spot.

5. Loose Door & Windows:

Screws and parts that hold the doors and windows feel flimsy in this camper. For this reason, you will notice that the door and windows really don’t fit tightly when kept closed.

This situation could be a security concern when camping outdoor in an unknown area. They could also be put in harm’s way during extreme weather conditions.

The Fix:

Correcting this situation is quite easy. Pick some tools like a screwdriver, wrench, and drills. Then carefully observe the parts that need your attention.

Using the tools, fit them correctly and tighten them as needed. Once you are done then you won’t have to worry about loose doors and windows.

6. Lack Of Universal Propane Hose Connector:

The propane hose does not come with a universal connector. So, you might have to keep an eye on the propane tank each time you buy one.

Not having a universal connector limits your ability and freedom to install a propane tank.

The Fix:

The fix is quite simple as you will have to buy a converter. But I would suggest a universal propane hose connector. Attaching it might be a little tricky, but the freedom you would enjoy will make it worth it.

7. Water Heater Issue:

There has been quite a claim that the water heater would not heat the water. Even if it does, then it would take hours for the water to heat up.

To find the root of these problems, the whole setup needs a diagnosis. As in an electrical system, the fault could hide anywhere.

The Fix:

So, the best option is to take the trailer to the professionals. Because they have the expertise to properly diagnose the RV and pinpoint the fault. After the exact reason has been deducted, you can take action to fix it.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Despite having littered with problems, the sandstorm toy hauler is still a popular choice. Because it offers perks like self-adjusting brake, ducted furnace, and ac, a lot of amenities at an affordable price.

Also, there is no guarantee you will have to face all the problems stated above. These are the problems many users faced in the past, and you are likely to experience them. But there is no hundred percent guarantee on any of those.

When you combine the perks with the problems, the final decision comes down to each individual. Only after calculating all the aspects, one can make the decision to go forward or not.

Final Thoughts

Each RV trailer is crafted for different segments of the audience. Also, you will find a list of the problem with most trailers. I would be lying if I say there is a perfect trailer out there that can accommodate all the needs.

So, you will have to determine the pros and cons, then balance them to see if that suits you.

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