7 Aliner Camper Problems That You Should Know

Aliner campers are most popular for their drivability. You can tow them almost anywhere. This feature makes them the first choice of many adventurous campers.

But as with many A-frame campers, this one too comes with different problems. Some of these are poor ventilation, no doorstop, lack of space, short bed, etc.

As the saying goes, every problem is an opportunity in disguise. There are fixes for these problems too. In this post, we will discuss these problems at length and look at their probable solution.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Aliner Camper ProblemsSolutions
Short BedMake short height bunk bed
Poor ventilationKeep the windows open
The roof does not sealApply sealer
No door-stopsBuy aftermarket door-stops
Difficult shelving and storingTry to think out of the box and be creative
Noisy water pumpReplace with an aftermarket water pump
Lack of spaceSave some space by cooking outside the cabin

Aliner Camper Problems and the Solutions

You may experience a few troubles if you use the John Deere Z930M for an extended time. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Short Bed:

Because of the limited capacity, the vehicle features a short bed. As a result, the maker rearranged the bed into a tiny space to make room for other items. Because of the tiny bed, many individuals choose other cars.

Only the small size bed may be adjusted in it; otherwise, there would be no room for walking. The little bed is great for them, but it can only accommodate one person.

The Fix:

It is preferable to adapt the trailer’s little bed or replace it entirely with a mattress. Make a short-height bunk bed by placing the mattress on the floor.

2. Poor Ventilation:

Because the roof of this camper is shaped like a triangle, there isn’t enough area for ventilation. It is narrower on the upper side and slightly wider on the bottom side.

It also decreases condensation, which would otherwise harm the interior, including the mattress, sofas, upholstery, and other delicate materials.

Moisture condensation and other factors might cause a stench when the trailer is closed for an extended period of time.

The Fix:

To keep the inside dry, proper ventilation is required. When going on a trip in the winter, you should open the windows throughout the day.

It controls the temperature of the indoor and external environments. The interior environment of the car will be more pleasant as a result.

3. Roof Does Not Seal:

The seal on several Aliner models have started to come free, according to reviewers. They say that there is a space between their vehicle’s roof and the sidewalls. This allows any water, dirt, or pests to enter the car through this gap.

The Fix:

Annual maintenance in these places is required to keep an Aliner’s seals in good operating order. If an Aliner isn’t leveled correctly, the walls and ceilings won’t match up properly, resulting in a poor seal.

Also, apply a sealer if you see the previous sealant is coming off.

4. No Doorstop:

The majority of Aliner models do not come with a doorstop. This is inconvenient when you need the door to stay open.

The doors will also rub against the aluminum on the outside of your vehicle, which is an issue. Every time you open the door, it will hit the outside of your vehicle, bending and damaging the exterior molding.

The Fix:

Buying some doorstops from a nearby store is the best method to solve this problem.

You may also order them from the comfort of your own home. Install these on your device to make it easier to keep the door open when required.

5. Difficult Shelving and Storing:

Most A-frame campers, particularly Aliners, make shelving and storage difficult, causing several problems.

Because their roofs fold down, overhead storage is not possible in these campers, forcing people to find creative ways to keep items near the floor.

The Fix:

The only solution is to think out of the box. You are free to apply your creative ideas to fix the storage problem.

6. Noisy Water Pump:

To some ears, the water pump might feel noisy. The makers installed a cheap water pump to cut costs.

When you are out camping in a pristine environment the constant noise of the water pump would get annoying.

The Fix:

You can install an aftermarket water pump of your liking. This way not only you are getting better performance on the pump but also getting rid of the noise.

7. Lack of Space:

Its compact size restricts the items and appliances that may be stored within. You can’t put a fan on the sidewall or the roof, for example, because the car lacks electrical equipment and ornamental objects.

Many individuals find it difficult to transport their camping gear on holidays. Furthermore, you will have restricted room to go from one side to the other after outfitting and maintaining the fewer objects in it.

The Fix:

Cooking meals in an open space is preferable since it takes pressure to contain everything inside the cabin. Remove anything that isn’t needed from the shelves and drawers.

Also, camping in winter would allow you to get rid of the AC, which will grant you some additional space.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

This is not a camper that fits the need of the general mass. A-frame campers are designed for a different type of audience.

This segment of customers is adventurous. They are not afraid to venture into the unknown. And most of all, comfort is not their number one priority. Because this pop-up vehicle can go comfortably where most the traditional RVs struggle.

Most campers who have utilized this vehicle have had a good time. However, the Aliner camper still has several issues that consumers may find tedious and irritating to cope with.

This camper has got better ratings from adventure-loving customers. The general mass has mixed feelings when it comes to A-frame. I have stated the reason earlier already.

Final Thoughts

This is a trailer you can take from off-road to uphill. It can venture where the regular trailer cannot go. So, with this Aliner you will enjoy the next level of freedom.

But to enjoy this freedom you will have to face Aliner camper problems too. Most of these are easy fixes, some require extra attention. So, if you want adventure and are okay with fixing some issues by yourself then this is the camper for you.

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