The Vanleigh Vilano is one of Tiffin’s most popular fifth wheels. It has been in production since 2014, which is a long time in comparison to other RV manufacturers.

However, no RV is without flaws! When you take your RV out on the road, you may run into issues. As you use your RV more, you may notice more issues.

Vilano users mainly face Electrical problems, Fittings problems, Plumbing problems, Slide-out problems, Roof problems. There are also some quirky problems that vary from model to model.

Problems and Solutions at a glance

Vanleigh Vilano ProblemsSolutions
Control PanelFixing internal damage.
Wire ConnectionCheck if there is any connection that is loose.
Water PumpPrevent water pump leakage.
SewerageTightened all the pipe connections.
RefrigeratorUsing it carefully will fix the problem.
SlideCheck if all the screws are tightened enough.
ToiletEmbedded with sewerage system.

Vanleigh Vilano Problems and Solutions:

I’ve researched and gathered all the problems that might be your concern. In this part below, I’ll explain the problems of Vanleigh Vilano and their corresponding solutions.

1. Control Panel Non-Functioning:

The control panel is the touch screen remote control of your RV by which you can control your RV just sitting in a seat. But the control panel may not respond.

It may cause either a blown fuse or a wiring connection problem or the control panel may be broken.

The Fix:

At first check for internal damages and fuse, if these are ok then check the touch screen control panel.

2. Poor Wire Connections:

In Vilano, many users had faced wire connection problems. First of all, there is a wrong HDMI and RCA cable connection of the tv.

All entertainment systems that as the radio or tv may not wire correctly. For this sometimes the TV doesn’t even turn on.

The cables may dead-end and not be connected right to the onboard HD antenna.

The Fix:

You must check all these connections thoroughly to prevent any kind of short circuit issues. And if you do not want to ruin your weekend pleasure then recheck before your recreation even starts.

3. Worn Out Water Pump Impeller:

A water pump impeller is a disk of metal inside the pump. By spinning, it creates pressure and this is the way it works.

But Vilano users complained that after one or two trips they found the water pump worn out.

The Fix:

This may cause if the pump doesn’t get enough power supply and if there’s rust on the impeller which prevents it from spinning.

If the pump or the engine gets more heat it may be worn out. So, check your water pump and if it seems faulty then contact the service center.

4. Poor Sewerage Problem:

The silly problem with Vilano is the poor sewerage connection. Vilano users complained that this problem creates a bad sewer smell as the washer line is leaked.

Generally, all the sewer water goes to the black tank but users found that the manufacturer didn’t connect the line with the black tank! That’s why the water goes over the RV black tank.

The Fix:

The fix is described in the problem. You must check these connections before purchasing a Vanleigh Vilano. We recommend you buy from an authorized dealer for further clearance.

5. Refrigerator Problem:

Here the problem is with the fridge’s latch which prevents it from closing properly. So, when you drive, all the food and beers may fall on the floor.

The Fix: You can fix this problem by changing the latch and using a bracket that closes the door tightly and secure the food.

6. Slide Problem:

Most RVs’ common problem is the slide problem. Slides are something that increases the cabinet size and you can put your things there. Slides problems can arise due to the following issues-

  • There may be a shorted electricity problem.
  • Wires may be cut off.
  • Anything can obstacle the sliding channel.
  • If the RV isn’t balanced or leveled correctly.

The Fix:

If your slides don’t come out or got stuck first check for the connection out or the cut-off wires.

Then check if anything like a screw or something like this obstacle the sliding rail or not.

7. Poor Toilet Lining:

Because of a leaking washer line, you may notice a sewage odor when you turn on the bathroom fan.

The pipe connecting to the washer in the Vanleigh Vilano toilet has not been attached by the manufacturer.

So, when you use your RV toilet, it flushes into the black tank, but the toilet was not connected to the black tank by the manufacturer.

As a result, every time the owner flushes the toilet, the water from the toilet overflows into the RV’s black tank.

The Fix:

To fix this issue, you must contact your dealer. If you are not getting any help. Then you must contact the Vanleigh support center to deduce extra cost.

What majority of the Users Feel about?

Not all of the users liked Vanleigh Vilano. But most of them talked about its bright side.

In my research, I’ve found the maximum number of people have enjoyed the Vilano. Though not everyone’s choice is the same.

Vilano is a luxurious RV. Who wants to enjoy a bed of coffee lying in his aristocratic RV bed with a beautiful wildwood views actually Vilano is appropriate for them!

So, most of the customers are happy with the Vanleigh Vilano although it has several problems. But they want a new upgraded non-faulty version of Vilano.

Final Thought

Vanleigh Vilano’s main attraction is its luxurious decoration and privileges. Beautiful interiors with Franklin furniture may be found in these opulent models. With solid hardwood cabinetry and an automatic 6-point hydraulic leveling mechanism, set-up is a breeze.

Lippert Road Armour suspension is included for smooth towing wherever the road takes you. But as I’ve mentioned above nothing in this world is flawless. I’ve explained all the possible Vanleigh Vilano problems you may face.

So, I think, a little bit of precaution will not hamper your weekend happiness. Cheers!

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