This Winnebago Rialta is sometimes referred to as a Class C motorhome. Other times its called a B-Plus motorhome. Its aerodynamic design and a length of 20 feet 8 inches make it extremely easy to control.

But do you know what the most common Winnebago Rialta problems are? How do you fix them? What do the users feel about it?

Failing air conditioner, generator, refrigerator and transmission problems are some common problems of Rialta.

I have done all the legwork for you in this article. Reading this, you will be equipped with a better opinion to help you decide on this one.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Winnebago Rialta ProblemsSolutions
Air ConditionerChange compressor.
GeneratorChange damaged components; troubleshoot.
RefrigeratorChange faulty parts; Replace refrigerator.
TransmissionCheck faulty parts; clean connectors.
Electrical IssuesChange faulty sensors.

Winnebago Rialta Problems and the Solutions

You may experience a few Winnebago Rialta problems when using it for an extended time. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Air Conditioner:

The VW air conditioner system is a nightmare including two main dash issues. Adding overhead AC outlets behind the driver and overfilling the systems with 48 ounces of Freon rather than 39 ounces was a mistake by Winnebago.

The problems are identified with frequent compressor failures. Issues arise due to the failure of certain fuses as well.

EuroVan chassis powered by the 201 HP engine built in 2001 and later were inflicted with another issue. This concerned the failure of a new compressor design. This occurred due to the low-quality materials of the compressors.

Of course, the suppliers were to blame for this problem. These redesigned compressors have proved to be inadequate for the job. And all of them are susceptible to early breakdowns.

The Fix:

The solution includes changing the compressor. In fact, Rialta had to pay a lot of money to fix their designs. Moreover, the instructed amount of fluid is not marked as 39 ounces. This had been done as a part of the recall by mentioning it in a sticker. 

2. Generator:

Rialta uses ONAN Micro-Lite Generators. It is the most commonly complained about piece of equipment. The Rialta’s generator set is the manufacturer’s smallest and most affordable model.

A common symptom is when started, it runs for about about 5 seconds before shutting off completely. This may occur specifically under load.

This problem can also occur due to a fuel delivery issue, possibly a bad fuel pump. It is also more likely to be from a gummed carburetor.

The quality of its design and parts is the lowest in the complete line of products from this company. This seems to be true regardless of whether the brand is Generac or Onan.

The coach’s low battery is another regular issue with the generator. The generator will not start if the coach battery is very low in charge.

The Fix:

In case of starting when the battery is low: start the engine of the Rialta, and then turn on the generator while the engine is running. The generator issue is not usually covered by a warranty. Because manufacturers try to blame the issue on a certain varnish of the generator.

Otherwise, a change of battery, fuel pump, etc may fix the problem of not starting.

3. Refrigerator:

The Norcold refrigerator ranks right up there with the generator as an annoying piece of equipment. The propane is usually always the source of the issues. The problem that happens is the refrigerator fails to stay lit on propane.

There’s also the carbon buildup on or around the burner box or a defective thermocouple.

The Fix:

The refrigerator is a 3-way refrigerator model. To fix the issue, the Thermocouple, Burner Orifice, Thermostat, Gas Safety Valve, and Interrupter may all be changed.

Make sure there is no problem with the Selector Switch. Check the fridge shut down valve and the flu. Make sure there are no obstructions.

Also, check to see if the water column was between 11″ and 14″. Make a static test for this – meaning all appliances turned off and just under the actual gas pressure. Use Manometers here for the test.

If nothing works, replace the refrigerator.

4. Transmission:

VW tranny’s in these things have a nasty rep for breaking down. The Rialta appears to be stuck in first gear, except for reverse. And will not shift into any other gear.

In normal reverse, the gearbox uses two gears. Nevertheless, one gear operates. It’s possible that the valves in tranny get been jammed as a result of being unused for long.

The Fix:

Check the transmission fluid for a burnt odor. If this is the case, take it to a transmission shop. The liquid should be red.

Add some if the level is low, but don’t overfill. The directions for inspection should be written on the dipstick, which should be kept near the firewall.

Next, check underneath the car for any evident fluid leaks at the driveshaft and pan seals. Run the bus for a while and then place some cardboard under the transmission in the morning to see if any fluid has leaked.

If you have the opportunity, drive about with the transmission in D until the temperature gauge reaches normal operating temperature. Stop and back up every now and then to see whether the tranny would shift from 1 to 2 and then 3 gears by shifting the gear selector to 2 or 3.

If you can get beneath, search for any sensors that have loose or disconnected wiring. If this is the case, it may be worthwhile to detach and clean any connectors.

5. Electrical Issues:

The front doors of the VW EuroVan are equipped with electric locking. The main reason for this is that the system that allows electric wires to travel from the door jamb and wall area into the door itself is poorly designed. Winnebago only changed the design in 2002.

Other common problems include the emergency brake warning light and audible alert coming on, the wipers and dash AC not working.

When the headlight switch is turned on, the tail and brake lights turn on, but the headlights do not. When the headlight is turned off, the right brake light does not work.

Dash lights may go out, window auto-up switch goes out for a few hours, then comes back on. When automatic transmission shifting fails and alternate transmission control circuits kick in, holding the engine in third gear, the engine check light illuminates. It disappears after restarting the engine.

The Fix:

These issues can be fixed by checking and replacing individual problems. Most of the time it’s due to a faulty sensor. Often it may be due to faulty pipelines.

Taking to the repair shop is your best bet if you are facing multiple issues at once.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

The majority of users have a good opinion about Rialta. It has stopped production but its fans are everywhere. Most problems with Rialta occur with the less-used components.

So it may not cost a huge sum for repair works. Moreover, it has features that are worth it! For example, most people say it has an amazing front AC system. Therefore Rialta gets above average reviews from people.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Winnebago Rialta problems seem to be manageable. The repair is not too complex or costly. Therefore, you may go for buying a used one soon!

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