The Isata 5 Series Class C Motorhome features a luxurious interior, a strong 6.7L I6 Cummins diesel engine, and best-in-class towing. You’ll love being in this comfortable truck cab, and you’ll find yourself making up excuses to take more journeys.

But do you know what the most frequently encountered Dynamax Isata 5 problems are? What is the best way to fix them? What are the opinions of the users on the matter?

Slide-out issues, HVAC problems, brake problems, sway problems, engine issues and electrical issues are some common Dynamax Isata 5 problems.

In this article, I have taken care of all of the research for you. After reading this, you will have a better understanding of the RV and will be able to gain further insight.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Dynamax Isata 5 ProblemsSolutions
Slide Out IssuesReplace blown fuses.
AC ProblemsClose the quick dump, take to repair shop.
Brake ProblemsInstall cable tighteners, and release tension off the cable.
Sway ProblemsInstall sway bars.
Electrical IssuesTroubleshoot. Take it to dealer for extreme issues.

Dynamax Isata 5 Problems and the Solutions

You may experience a few Dynamax Isata 5 problems when using it for an extended time. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Slide Out Issues:

Sometimes one of the slides would remain a little tilted to one side than the other. On Isata 5, the main slide may not come in evenly.

The slide rails on both slides are snug and straight (except for the one on the back bottom of the main slide). When the slide comes in, it is bowed out.

However, it’s a common occurrence and nothing to be concerned about. It might be as little as a 1/4″ difference in making that rail bow. In reality, most of the time when pressure is applied to the slide chamber, they all bow (in or out).

The Fix:

Check to see if any fuses have blown or if any wire has become disconnected or loose. Replace the blown ones. If you suspect battery issues, make sure the house batteries are fully charged, or plug your RV into shore power if available.

There’s a potential that the shear pins on the motor are broken. Check and replace them if so. 

2. AC Problems:

Users reported that they couldn’t get their front area to cool down enough. Despite the AC continuously running.

For example, the AC runs at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the AC unit will begin operating when the inside temperature is 80 degrees. After two hours of operation, however, it will show a temperature reading of 90 degrees Fahrenheit on the control panel.

Both of the kitchen’s air vents may not be supplying any air. Rear-AC failure is also a possibility. The Isata 5 30FW is notorious for this issue.

The Fix:

Instead of the AC itself, there could be a problem with the ducts. If the dump panels were open, very little air would be passing through the ducts. Close the quick dump and the bedroom outlets, then check.

Look for a blockage or loosening of the divider between the return air and the cold air. Pull out the grill and check for it. Otherwise, take it to the repair shop. You may also check for fuse damages.

3. Brake Problems:

A common issue is the emergency brake lights turning up. Upon releasing the brake, the Emergency Brake light will not turn off. There may be too much slack in the emergency brake line.

This may happen due to the cable adjustment. The RAM may refuse to work on the brake cable if the adjustment can’t be tightened any further.

The Fix:

Brake cable tighteners are a Dorman specialty. Almost any car parts store should have them. Your cable will be relieved of some of its tension, making this a straightforward solution to your problem.

If the adjuster is tangled in the wire coil, shift the wiring around a little. This will clear the wire. Add a space of washers or a short length of tubing under the nut if you’re sure the cable isn’t moving at all.

4. Sway Problems:

Sway problems occur when you are going too fast on the road. It manifests as the vehicle moving a little out of control. The main culprit behind this issue is the stabilizer.

This can be accompanied by noises. Particularly while you drive the car down. Additionally, the truck may feel like it’s hard to steer, and you keep having to change the steering to go straight.

The Fix:

Install some sway bars to minimize the swaying.

5. Electrical Issues:

These are a long list of common issues in Isata 5. The GFCI breaker on the far right breaker panel keeps tripping. A reset may be necessary regularly to fix it, only temporarily.

The GFI feeds any outlet that is near water. The bathroom, the counter in the kitchen, and the outdoors are all options.

However, microwaves are not necessarily put on a GFI always. Anyways, due to this connectivity, two appliances cannot be running at the same time. No need to have your coffee machine and toaster on at the same time anymore!

The rear tires go disconnected occasionally due to a problem with the TPMS system. Moreover, Isata 5’s DEF level indicator doesn’t work properly often. Several sensors fail when the DEF tank is overfilled.

Another notable electrical issue is the generator backfiring. The Onan 3600LP generator tends to do this after startup. This becomes an electrical issue if it’s not due to running lean. If nothing else works, take it to the dealer for identifying and repairing the issue.

The Fix:

To see whether the breaker still trips, unplug everything from the outlets (including the microwave). If it still does, you have a problem with the receptacle or wiring.

If it doesn’t trip, try plugging each item back into the outlets one at a time until it does. The TPMS sensors, including other damaged sensors, should be changed.

Even though a spark plug appears to be in good condition, it may be going bad. Change it to see if the generator situation improves.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Some say it’s ten times better than the Winnebago Sightseer 36Z. Others claim the worst purchase they ever made.

The users give credit to the RV for its withstanding qualities. It comes with a good build and can tolerate varying weather and temperatures.

But almost everyone complained about the slide-out issues. The vehicle was recalled due to this issue as well.

Final Thoughts

In general, the Dynamax Isata 5 problems appear to be controllable. Except for the design issues which you can get an idea about from this article. The fix is not overly complicated or expensive. As a result, you may want to consider purchasing one.

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