North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel has more exquisite interior details than ever with aluminum framed and vacuums bond laminated gel-coated fiberglass exterior walls

However, there are always going to be problems with a vehicle. Jayco North Points aren’t exceptional. Do you know what Jayco North Point problems occur? What is the solution? What are the majority of users feel about this RV?

Bad flooring, water leaks, bad doors, decals falling off, slide issues, bad engineering, and bad electric components are some common Jayco North Point problems.

I’ve already done all the legwork for you in this article. To help you make an informed decision about whether or not an RV is for you, read this article.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Jayco North Point ProblemsSolutions
Bad FlooringTake it to the dealership/repair shop.
Water LeaksTake it to the dealership/repair shop.
Bad DoorsReplace hinges.
Decals Falling OffReplace decals.
Slide IssuesTake it to the dealership/repair shop.
Bad EngineeringTake it to the dealership/repair shop.
Bad Electric ComponentsTake it to the dealership/repair shop.

Jayco North Point Problems and the Solutions

You may experience a few Jayco North Point problems when using it for an extended time. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Bad Flooring:

The floor squeaks between the end of the counter island and the fireplace in the main living space. The kitchen and living area seem to be the most prominent with this problem. The squeaking generates from the main entrance.

The temperature and humidity may be to blame. In the summer, this isn’t a big deal, but in the winter, it becomes more apparent.

There are flooring damage issues too. Couches have dented the linoleum around the fireplace, and a cut may appear between the island and the hearth. In the bunkhouse, nails may be poking through the flooring.

The Fix:

You can only take it to the dealership to get this fixed.

2. Water Leaks:

Using the shower for an extended time causes water to leak under the camper. It slowly begins to fill frame rail trim, then begins to drip under the left side of the water heater.

Two places seem to have a lot of leaking. One is located exactly beneath one of the A/C units. While the other is located in the corner above the window. A steady leak of water also comes out from the A/C vents.

Slideouts cause gallons of water leaks but I am keeping that discussion for below.

Another issue is that when the pump is running on tank water, it sucks air and does not pressurize the system. On city water pressure, the system works perfectly. The water pump will not be pressurized by the system. But the freshwater tank valve leaks due to a lack of pressure.

The Fix:

The dealership can fix these issues. Very little troubleshooting can be done including changing valves but that rarely works.

3. Bad Doors:

The kitchen door seal is prone to deterioration on top of the frame. The front camper door is too close to the adjustable awning arm at the front. If you retract the awning when the door is secured, (with the Jayco supplied latch, in the open position) the door and door frame will be twisted.

The cargo compartment door on the outer kitchen side begins to roll up in the same way as the exterior kitchen door. Additionally, two upper frame sill plates on internal doors appear to be cut too short. This causes excessive gaps in joints.

The bottom edge of the rear bathroom sliding door can get damaged. It’s most likely due to the plastic slide guide. Warped bathroom cabinet doors are a common occurrence.

The latch screw on the back access door gets twisted off. The door would not close until you pushed on the center of the door as you closed it as a result of this.

The Fix:

Replace the hinges. Take it to the dealership if you can’t fix the problem.

4. Decals Falling Off:

There may be a lot of bubbles on the lower graphic decal on the outside bunkhouse door. Two exit decals on windows may come loose.

The Fix:

Change the decals that fall off.

5. Slide Issues:

The main issue with the slides is that they won’t go out. Especially the bathroom and kitchen ones. The slides’ misalignment also causes heavy water leaks after a storm or heavy rain. 

The Fix:

Slide issues can be fixed by the dealership.

6. Bad Engineering/Architecture:

The wooden grill on the steps going to the bathroom can be shattered. The booth drawers are thin, and they can snag on the drawer opening with very little weight in them. The slide-out switch in the master bedroom may keep popping out of its wall mount.

The lower inner wall of the main bathroom sink does not appear to be adequately coated and smooth like the rear sink. The wire guide arm on the left bunk slide may slip off. On the motor side, the awning arm could be bent.

On a few occasions, the plastic end cap for the awning main tube can come off. Awning flex guard seam separating towards the front of the awning.

The sewer hose and other filthy items would be stored behind the storage door just above the black water drain. This compartment is not completely sealed off from the rest of the camper.

The garage is also not completely closed off from the rest of the motorhome. Any odors or fumes from the garage can make their way into the living areas.

The Fix:

You cannot fix any design issues. You may troubleshoot any problems.

7. Bad Electric Components:

Some issues include when the shore connection is unplugged, the 110-volt inverter may not turn on. Moreover, the strip lighting on the front door awing is prone to falling out.

Towing with kitchen drawers not fully closed left horseshoe rub marks on the refrigerator door panel. Additionally, the air conditioner may leak water.

The Fix:

You can try and troubleshoot (replacing fuses, fixing wiring) but chances are a dealership can only fix the issues.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

This RV’s reputation has been tarnished primarily by its users. Jayco has no redeeming qualities. Even if a dealer’s tech finds a manufacturer’s issue, they will not honor their guarantee.

Jayco hasn’t done a good job at anything, from service to response time. So the verdict from the majority of the users is that no Jayco product should be purchased.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the article, most Jayco North Point problems require taking it to the dealership. And some problems have no solutions. This is why it is better to steer clear of this RV and I hope this article makes that clear.

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