The Cherokee Grey Wolf Bunkhouse 26DBH Travel Trailer’s perfect craftsmanship, innovative features, exceptional quality of the inside, and remarkable pricing is truly pleasing. Regardless you plan for solo trips or family outings!

It’s true, though, that no car is completely free of fault. Cherokee Grey Wolfs aren’t either. Are you familiar with the problems the RV has? What can you do about them? What do the people who use it think?

Slide problems, metal shavings, problematic door latches, paint peeling off, and water leaking are some common Cherokee Grey Wolf problems.

Here, I’ve done all the legwork for you, so all you have to do is read. You’ll have a better understanding of this RV after reading this. Therefore, you can make a proper decision on buying this RV.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Cherokee Grey Wolf ProblemsSolutions
Slide ProblemsMechanical adjustments at the dealership or repair shop.
Metal ShavingsNo proper solution. Consider refund.
Problematic Door LatchesReplace latches. Lubricate latches.
Paint Peeling OffSand down the paint with the aluminum body.
Water LeakingAdjust the shower molding into a corner before caulking.

Cherokee Grey Wolf Problems and the Solutions

You may experience a few Cherokee Grey Wolf problems when using it for an extended time. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Slide Problems:

Slide-out problems can start no longer than 6 months after purchase. Slides with one side traveling faster than the other will make it to stop short of getting all the way out. The siding on the left side is prone to blowing off more. It may also rip the linoleum flooring.

Other times you will find the slide out with the sofa and dinette sagging. The linoleum floor would be cracked due to this. When retracting the slide-out, it can catch the camper’s frame and push it in a few inches.

The slide water leak is another notorious problem. A flaw on the top of the slide could allow water to leak into the bilge. The wiper seal is stapled to the outside of the trailer through the siding in several spots.

It features a T-shaped channel and the bulb seal that pops onto the wiper seal. No sealant is applied in these places that may avoid a leak.

The roof slide leaks too. The slide continues to take in water every time it rains more than a sprinkle. It happens mainly when the slide cannot be level with the ground.

The Fix:

There is a passive and active slide tube if your trailer has a Lippert electrical slideout. Syncing them will solve your problem. But it needs to be done in the dealership.

2. Metal Shavings:

Metal and wood shavings usually exist due to improper cleaning up during assembling the RV. Almost every cabinet, entrance, and drawer have shavings.

You may need to replace your entire floor as they can get damaged/scraped due to these shavings. Undoubtedly they also pose great health risks.

The Fix:

Taking it to the dealer is the only option. But I prefer getting a refund as this is a risky issue. Heavy metals can be carcinogenic to health and cause neural diseases.

3. Problematic Door Latches:

The entry door may refuse to properly close. It will hit the door frame but not close properly. The weak latches are the reason, here’s where the craftsmanship fails.

The problem is extreme with the front door. The latches eventually get replaced as the door comes off. And the rear door stats to follow too.

The door may also be difficult to open sometimes. When you open the door, both bolts turn, but it only opens 1/4″ before jamming. You have to attempt opening this multiple times.

The Fix:

Use silicone or silicone oil to lubricate the latching mechanism and latch plate. When you bought the unit, the door was shut. You will eventually end up replacing the latches anyway.

4. Paint Peeling Off:

When kept parked for the winter a lot of paint can be coming off of it. It appears to be a poor adhesive of the paint, almost untreated before painting. The paint may be searing and bubbling.

The problem isn’t simply that the graphics peel. but the primer doesn’t stick, at least the stock one. The finish coat has troubles as well.

The Fix:

The paint will have to be sanded down to bare aluminum, properly prepared, primed, and painted to cure the problem permanently. This is an expensive affair. The customer service is not favorable for this issue either.

5. Water Leaking:

A leak is too difficult to locate in this RV. A major leak can be seen oozing from the wall after taking a shower. Depending on where the water is coming from, either your shower trap is leaking or your bathtub isn’t properly sealed against the wall.

You may find that the insulation beneath the RV has started to droop. It will be sagging with water. In this case, the source of the leak tends to be the freshwater tank.

If you’re connected to a water source, the water pump may be leaking into the freshwater tank if the seal isn’t working properly.

The Fix:

The glass shower enclosure is held in place by a very thin piece of rubber molding. Instead of a sharp turn, the molding would produce a small radius.

With a flat screwdriver where the 90-degree corner is, Adjust this molding into the corner before caulking. This may solve the issue.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

The RV receives mixed reviews on RVinsider. It’s simple to carry, simple to put up, and has a quality build. Not to mention it is spacious. But some inherent craftsmanship issues are quite prominent.

Their “road assistance” fails to work often though. On the bright side, the A/C and heating are good enough. There are plenty of USB outlets to be found all over.

The updated stairs are also a nice addition. The only thing worth complaining about is the lack of a simple winterizing option of the water pipes. So it is safe to say that the owners have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the RV.

Final Thoughts

Despite these common Cherokee Grey Wolf problems, you can still consider Cherokee Grey Wolf as a viable choice. In case of a second-hand purchase, make sure to check all previous repairs from the owner.

This will give you an idea of what you are signing up for. Good luck with the purchase!

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