The Coachmen Mirada Class A motorhome is designed to feel more like a home than a vehicle. It’s a great place to unwind, relax, and be comfortable.

Of course, it has some problems too. But what are they? How do you repair them? What do the users feel about it?

A few Coachmen Mirada problems include rattling slides, suspension issues, leaks, and many component failures.

The more you learn about the RV after reading this, the better you’ll be able to make decisions on your own future travels.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Coachmen Mirada ProblemsSolutions
Rattling SlidesFix the screws properly. 
Suspension IssuesTake the coach to the dealership; install stabilizers or sway bars (Safe-T-plus steering stabilizer).
LeaksTroubleshooting for different leaks according to this article.
Many Component Failures and IssuesTroubleshoot and take it to the dealer.

Coachmen Mirada Problems and the Solutions

Apparently, there are many Coachmen Mirada problems that users complain about. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Rattling Slides:

When sliding in and out of the living room, the slide produces a terrible noise.

Inside the walls next to the slide, there is a type of vertical bars that work with the slide mechanism. But they are not screwed in. I bet that the company forgot to do it. 

So they are just rattling around inside the walls. Users report that to fix it, the dealership had to rip the walls open. This left them with an ugly patch.

Under the front slide, there is a wire loom that may fall out while driving. There have been reports of this causing a large dent in the floor.

The Fix:

Fix the screws with the help of the dealership.

2. Suspension Issues:

There’s a tendency of the coachmen to go wobbly when going around a bend. You may find that one of the bolts securing the bushing on the rear sway bar bracket is missing.

This bolt is usually welded in place. But when the welding itself breaks, this problem arises. This happens because no locktite is sealed in that place.

This apparently is very common. Especially with F53 chassis rear anti-sway bars.

To keep the vehicle centered is a hassle. And this is regardless of the towing. It would feel like the front end is floating sometimes.

The Fix:

Taking it to the dealership would be the solution to the bolt problem. For the sway, however, installing sway bars may help. For example, Safe-T-plus steering stabilizers make a huge difference. Another suggestion is the Roadmaster Reflex stabilizer.

3. Blocked Fuel Filter:

Leaking around the grey tank area is the worst. You may see leaking where the wet bay compartment is. This happens especially when the grey tank is full.

Usually, a pipe snaps off at the top of the tank. This is extremely difficult to identify.

Then there’s a shower drain leak that usually begins slowly. The small plastic pan beneath the trap fills up within a few days of showers. The first plastic threaded connection leaks water and its impossible to tighten it any further.

Another problem may be a leaking roof. It happens as the roof caulking isn’t sealed to the roof at the seam above the drivers door. Water may be trapped beneath the membrane and leaking outside through the strip on the underside.

There may be leaks from the slide-out, especially around the lower forward section. There may be leaking on the kitchen wall which suggests water seeping through ceiling slides.

The main reason is usually the top seal being folded over. And the screws on the slide-out have no sealant. The slide-out closet will have the same issue.

The Fix:

To fix the grey tank pipe, a hole has to be dug next to the bed near the shower wall. To alleviate the pressure on the tank joint, rework the piping with a flexible slip joint.

For the shower leaks, you may have to sponge the water out now and then. A temporary solution till you take it to the dealer or find the leak and fix it.

Caulk the roof properly. For the membrane water, one option is to cut the membrane open and let it dry before taping it back up.

For the slideout leaking, darkness treatment should be done to find out the leak. When it’s dark outside, turn off all the lights in the rig and close the slide. Have someone on the outside move a flashlight around the slide’s outer parts, looking for the light within. Where you see the light, is where the leak is.

4. Many Component Failures and Issues:

The most prominent thing to fail first is the water pump. It does not get fixed after multiple repairs. It creates a problem to the point you have to stay around the water hookup sites only.

Then the shore power gets disconnected after each move due to fuse failures. Something related to fuse failures may be the loss of heat from the furnace.

Along with electrical components like the cabin light on the slide failing, mechanical problems like windows not opening for more than 4 inches also occur.

The furnace is not the only thing that fails to heat. But the water heater also fails to heat the water properly. Most of the time it heats to a lukewarm temperature.

Prepare yourself for major delaminations with this truck. The tire gets delaminated. The second sliding roller rips the laminate flooring by popping through the fiberglass.

Some more issues are: The TVs not being properly wired, the windshield leaking due to a missing bolt, the driveshaft drooping, the fiberglass roof having cracks all over, and many more!

These things seem to happen due to the movement of the truck. Which is insane considering that’s the purpose you buy a truck!

The Fix:

Your RV will end up remaining in the shop for months for these issues. It is wise to troubleshoot and take it to the shop.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Many online surveys have deemed this RV to be in the top ones to not purchase. From the day the users purchase it, many issues surface. Particularly the ones I mentioned.

There have been a lot of unreliable fixes. Moreover, the customer service is really bad. There have been reports of the workers being rude to the customers.

Other than the common issues I mentioned, fuel pump failures, AC breaking down, and frequent leaks from unexpected places were common.

Final Thoughts

From this research, I have discovered that it is better to purchase other RVs than this one. Not just because of the Coachmen Mirada problems. But because of the hidden costs too that come with the vehicle.

Therefore, my advice is to steer clear of this RV.

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