5 Most Common Problems with Gulfstream BT Cruiser

When it comes to your travels, this Gulfstream BT Cruiser Class B touring coach has you covered! You’ll be able to travel in luxury and comfort with everything you need right at your fingertips!

But what are the most prevalent issues with the Gulfstream BT Cruiser? Are there any solutions? What do the people who use it think?

Bad engineering, slideout breaking often, generator problems, squeaks and leaks and battery failures are some common Gulfstream BT Cruiser problems.

To save you time and effort, I’ve done all the research for you right here. You’ll have a better understanding of this RV after reading this, so you can make an informed decision.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Gulfstream BT Cruiser ProblemsSolutions
Bad EngineeringTroubleshoot various problems.
Slideout Breaks OftenCleaning, troubleshooting, taking to repair shop.
Generator ProblemFix relay.
Squeaks and LeaksTake to repair shop.
Battery FailureFix ATS connection

Gulfstream BT Cruiser Problems and the Solutions

The longer you use your Gulfstream BT Cruiser, the more likely you are to have issues. I have compiled a list of some common Gulfstream BT Cruiser problems and how to fix them.

1. Bad Engineering:

Loose screws, nuts, and bolts are the most common complaints. This is because the construction of the RV is done with low-quality materials that will not last long.

Wood screws into 1/8th-inch fiberglass or 1/16th-inch paneling are done on the RV. Due to the amount of stress that an RV is subjected to, this is a bad idea.

Slideout floor sinking is a problem. The slide’s rails could come out in three different locations. Water can leak underneath the flooring if the top-outside gaskets are installed incorrectly.

In addition to plumbing issues, many residents have also complained about roof leaks. Sometimes, the drawers are misaligned, and the doors wouldn’t close properly. There’s also the issue of missing auto headlights and seatbelts getting off centered.

The solar circuit fuses are inadequate. Mattress gets torn because of rough plywood beneath and nails in a bad arrangement around. The dinette table may sometimes fall apart causing accidents.

Other issues include body damage to the drain’s frame. The pleated shade on the coach door would not go up. Moreover, the chipboard may get ripped out of the dinette seat when the drawer under the seat is opened.

The Fix:

Other than the inherent design issues, you can replace cheap stock parts. You can add some modifications to the RV by yourself. But be careful of changing important architecture as that poses the risk of breakdown.

Each corner of the house should be examined to check if the subfloor is wet or moldy. Incorrectly installed gasket engineering should be filled and sealed.

This mattress won’t snag on the rough edges of the board under it if you sand it out. Countersink the screw heads on the bottom to avoid ripping.

2. Slideout Breaks Often:

The Gulfstream BT slideout has a poor quality finishing. As discussed before, the sagging floors may occur and the slideout may not close fully. In other cases, it may just leak badly.

It so happens that the slide-out may break down. It also may occur that the slideout will not come out from one side. The slide sticking in the out position is also a problem.

The plywood used in the flooring can be damaged. Because the slide underbelly waterproofing plastic layer does not allow water to escape.

The Fix:

The slide mechanism can be cleaned and lubricated to improve performance. You must open a valve on the pump’s back and insert a lever handle into the lever. You need to insert it on the pump’s back to manually supply pump action when the pump’s power is stopped. If the slide is actually stuck, this may not help.

Another thing to determine is the slide’s operation. Is it hydraulics or just electric power? Regardless, verify that the pump or electric actuator is receiving electricity. It’s a good idea to get in touch with the manufacturer to double-check the location of the proper circuit breaker.

If nothing works, you may need to take the BT cruiser to the repair shop.

3. Generator Problem:

The BT cruiser has a Guardian generator by Generac power system. The common problems include the coach’s generator not supplying power.

Again, it may be running OK, but the A/C and microwave or similar appliances may not get any power. The generator may seem to have no voltage or lack of it too.

The Fix:

Inspect the transfer relay. It changes the power source from the external cable source to the generator when a fault occurs. Simply replace it. On a 2007 model, it’s usually under the bathroom sink.

4. Squeaks and Leaks:

People have complained about their new BT cruiser leaking like a sieve. The cruiser will end up spending more time in the shop than on the highway. The leaks are attributed to cheap materials (such as, the gutter material, causing leaks).

Make sure the slide-out seals are free of leaks. The major problems like this happen there.  There were many complaints about the factory’s failure to honor warranty claims.

The BT’s overhead compartment squeaked against the cab roof for a few years. This was redesigned in the later models.

The Fix:

Taking to the repair shop would be the wise fix. Troubleshooting without enough skill can cause other problems.

5. Battery Failure:

This is another common problem. It mainly happens due to a converter failure. But other reasons are also responsible.

When the shoreline is connected, the cabin battery gradually drains. The battery doesn’t charge. Even though all of the 110AC outlets are working. The battery doesn’t take charge when the shoreline is in use but works perfectly for an onboard generator or the truck’s engine.  

The Fix:

The bathroom sink should be equipped with an ATS (automatic transfer switch). After it has stabilized, this switches the AC source to the generator. When both the shore and the generator are operational, the generator must take the lead.

A fuse/distribution panel is located near the kitchen sink’s side or base. The converter may not operate if you have shore power connected and the ATS is wired up to the generator side of the ATS. The AC side of the fuse/distribution panel is where it should be connected.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

The users rate this RV on the overall quality, a 3.5 out of a 5. They thought certain parts were installed nicely and certain things were not.

It’s a snap to get everything up and running. The 12′ slide out adds a ton of living space to the already spacious floorplan. It’s very easy to get out of the vehicle and turn around at little lakes with this length unit.

On the other hand, the products are flimsy and the service is poor. There exists a love/hate relationship with the users. They love that it’s just the right size and design for a small family (maybe with dogs too!)

Sadly, they can’t often recommend this product due to the poor quality.

Final Thoughts

Chances are, Gulfstream BT Cruiser problems will strip you more money than the actual purchase. The quality is a hassle on top of that. Some are risky as well. So, I hope this article served you well in making a decision.

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